Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 2, 2019

Daily missive for Wednesday the 2nd of October.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 2nd of October.

The walls are bare
Paintings remain
In well travelled boxes
Out of sight
When they should be hung
Too many for the room
A decision in need of taking
Each one too precious
To ignore
So none are chosen
There is sadness
In the leaving
All have a story to tell
About their beginning
The truth of meaning
Not always explicitly seen
Hidden within texture
Enlivened by technique
More than artwork
A life story
In oil and acrylic
A powerful exposition
Of life and love
There is no escaping
The sense of impermanence
A sorry stack
Of cardboard boxes
Leant up against a wall
The imposition
Of their confinement
Emphasising the beauty
Of their rendition
With every secret
Furtive glimpse
They must be shown
Take their place
Once again
Appraised as of more than
Monetary value
Their worth
Is in the definition
They will give
To the fragility
Of life
The uncertainty of future

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