Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 5, 2019

As Tomorrow Becomes Today~by rldubour



As Tomorrow Becomes Today

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Have you ever sat and thought, of all the days gone by.
And all the things that you would change as you took it all in stride.
If only we had a crystal ball and could see all the days ahead.
And could just change things on paper with just a pencil filled with lead.
Can you just imagine? What a wonderful life this would be.
If we could plan tomorrow for the entire world to see.
Tomorrow is filled with vision as it becomes today.
And we will know just what to do, know just what to say.
I know I have an angel always by my side.
And she will guide me up to heaven on the day I die.
She taught me how to love each day of my life.
To love another human being and make everything all right.
And with you the same, your angel is always there.
Always in your mind and heart to show you someone cares.
Listen to your angel for she will always guide your right.
Let her open up your heart as you hold her wings in flight.
I believe in all the angels and heaven high above.
I believe they are right beside us, to show us how to love.
Not to just love each other but every part of life.
Especially our families that help make the dark days bright.

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