Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 14, 2019

A Squirrel Ran Up My Leg~by rldubour



A Squirrel Ran Up My Leg
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Was standing at the grill when the dog came up to beg.
When all of a sudden a squirrel ran right up my leg!
He stood upon my shoulder and I dared not move.
I hoped this strangest squirrel was just looking for some food.
With tail a twitching and mouth just chattering in my ear.
I did not move a muscle just stood there like in fear.
My best friend and protector he just ran and hid.
Even he could not believe what this squirrel just did.
I reached over for some peanuts as he took it in his paw.
He just sat and cracked it open and I look at him in awe.
And since that time I have seen him and now see him every day.
He just comes a running he thinks it’s time to play.
But what he wants is peanuts so that will be his name.
And over time this wild squirrel has become very tame.
Now he lies right on the porch with his legs spread open wide.
With my best friend and protector lying by his side.
Then one day he was gone not even a good-bye
I searched outside everywhere, as I looked high and wide.
So if you’re outside cooking and your dog comes up to beg.
Just don’t be too surprised if a squirrel runs up your leg.

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