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Just 20 years old
He began one of the greatest
Military campaigns in history

And won many victories

He was king of Macedon over all Greece
And never lost in battle

Few men like Alexander
Have had a massive impact
In the course of history

In 334 BC,
He’s heroic battles began
Against the Persian empire

He’s fearless and brilliant leadership
Won him every battle
Against the

Superpower of the aga;
The Persian empire

He’s an iconic symbol
Of tactical war play
In the coming generations
A hero to his nation

He’s like a lion
And fights against the storm

He carved out one of the largest
Empires the earth has ever known
And die at age 33

He’s known to the Persians,
As Alexander the accursed

But to the west,
He’s immortalized,
As Alexander the great

Any one who’s against him falls
Any one who won’t submit to him
As the Persians and the people of Tyre

Admire him for he’s bravery
Not for he’s fury of death
Against he’s friends and enemies

You too can be brilliant
Fearless in the long run

You just have to learn,
Believe and trust you can.

Young Francis.

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