Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2019

Can’t Stop My Loving You~by rldubour



Cant Stop My Loving You

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C is for that sweet Caress you seem to always give.

A is for that Affection you always have to give.

N is for your Nearness you seem to always be.

T is for Together and you for loving me.


S is for the Sincere thoughts you have throughout you life.

T is for that Terrific job your doing as a wife.

O is for Our home and family may we fill them both with love.

P is for your Patience dear, that you have so much of.


M is for My thoughts of you I have throughout the day.

Y is for my love for You, I have in every way.


L is for the Little things you seem to always do.

O is for the Only one, that I’ll be forever true.

V is for those Vanishing thoughts that I would go astray.

I is for my Inner best, to give you every day.

N is for None ending, I pray will always be.

G is for Giving, all your love to me


Y is for Your every day and thoughts your thinking of.

O is for Our precious gift, a word that they call love.

U is for Us always, whatever we may do.


That’s why the words that I just spelt means.

Can’t stop my loving you!

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