Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 29, 2019

Dirt Road~by rldubour



Dirt Road

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For some the road of life is paved for others made of dirt.
Whatever road that you go down only you can make it work.
Some are born with silver spoons most of us are not.
Some just don’t appreciate or cherish what they got.
The little things in life are what they always miss.
Like just walking holding hands or just a simple kiss.
Like caring for each other to make this a special place.
And telling those you love them and show it in your face.
Money helps a lot and is truly what you need.
But for some the happiness is put aside for greed.
To show off to all others to show us what they have.
But are they really happy? I bet they are lonely and so sad.
It must be nice to walk that road that’s paved.
But I am satisfied for now with the dirt road that God gave.
Without the bumps and potholes and the obstacles ahead.
To achieve our goals through sacrifice and make sure our family’s fed.
To show them that not all is easy on this road of life.
To bring them up to respect all others this is only right.
To give them love and support in what they choose to do.
This is what the dirt road makes you want to do.
R.L. DuBour

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