Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 29, 2019

MONEY AND CHRIST~by Young Francis




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Money is useful
And Christ is there

When you pray for it
He gives it to you
To share with the poor
In a very loving way

Love money less
And love Christ more

For money is for fun
While Christ is for real
Money fades soon
But Christ is eternal

And if you’re rich
Don’t be fully proud
To share it’s produce

Christ is money
But if you want it first
You must be ready to share
And have it more

People who are rich
Spend it more and more
And they stay rich
In the abundance of Christ

You don’t save to spend
We spend to save
For money is tricky
And you must learn

Learn it’s life in Christ
And spend it wisely
Love it first
And you’ll soon see your end

Love money first
And you’ll become confused
Stay focus with it
And Christ will teach you
The abundance of life

Money and Christ
Is only rich if you’re wise

Money isn’t rich
If the weak aren’t blessed.

Young Francis


  1. Beautiful, my favorite line “money isn’t rich if the weak aren’t blessed”

    so true

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