Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 30, 2019

” PUMPKIN LANE”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” PUMPKIN LANE” by martin gedge

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Night below in dark shadow the moon in all it’s bloom
with winds of gust to gather us to ride the witches broom
all dressed in nines and tell tale signs as critters line the street
a gloomy scene this Halloween for those who trick or treat
on pumpkin lane each porch lit flame and knock of every door
while from the homes the howls and moans will creep across the floor
and deep in walls and down the halls the figments of it’s host
will occupy the portrait eye to rise forbidden ghosts
and scowls of cats and vampire bats will screech into air
and from the bog as dense as fog you sense them everywhere
as dead they spawn this gravely lawn the dig and deeply plot
each hole to fill a fresh new kill of flesh and zombie rot
and creepy crawls down spider walls like webs to seal the womb
will now in case of every face that lies into it’s tomb
so please beware there is a scare that haunts the dark of wood
and shall part take like serpent snake to cruise the neighborhood
and be it said just keep your head and stay the chosen course
for certain fear will deadly dear in kind show no remorse
on hallows eve we do believe each toe deserves a tag
there’s more than just the candy when your handy with the bag….

by martin gedge©

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