Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2019

Daily missive for Thursday the 31st of October.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 31st of October.

There is so much snobbery
Whether to rhyme
Or not to rhyme
For some people
Is an appropriate question to ask
No matter how trite
The answer might be
It is never easy
To write freely
If you believe rhyme is
A shorthand to cliche
Unless that is just hearsay
See what I did there?
What of Bukowski
Whomever he may be
If you haven’t an English degree
Or a classical education
With letters after your name
There will never be fame
Like a Plath
But perhaps you should never
Go down that kind of path
As Ted was a poet too
Walk a mile in his shoes
There is no perfect fit
Wherever you sit
On the Shakespeare debate
Some people hate
To believe a low born son
Could be the one
To write so well
As far as I can tell
We are back on top
Where snobbery rules
When pompous fools
And literary poseurs
Look down their noses
At folk ordinaire
And declare
There is no poetry
Worth a damn
Without Sturm und Drang
And nothing worse
At the end of a verse
Than a pretentious rejection
Of a neoclassical
Literary norm
But then again,
Is still elitism
In a different form

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