Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 2, 2019

Don’t Come Any Closer~by rldubour



Dont Come Any Closer

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Don’t come any closer, I could lose my mind.
I feel that I could love you until the end of time.
Just knowing that you love me makes it harder to decide.
My eyes fill with teardrops, as my heart breaks deep inside.

I belong to another to her I must be true.
But it’s so hard to hide these feelings that I have for you.
I pray for guidance from above to tell me what to do.
Don’t come any closer; I might break down in two.

I see my life around me, the changing of the times.
When days are full with sunlight, yet most days it just won’t shine
My life has so much meaning; it’s hard for me to hide.
But the one thing I have missing, money just can’t buy.

Another day I wake, another day I see.
Another day of loneliness that waits ahead for me.
Tenderness and loving, this I have not felt.
Don’t come any closer, for at your touch I just might melt.

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