Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 7, 2019

Daily missive for Wednesday the 6th of November.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 6th of November.

What makes me believe
There is more
Than imagination
Holding my attention
Drawing my gaze
To the music box
You said belonged
To your grandma
When she was a girl
It has been with us
So long
An objet d’art
Now finds a home
Atop the Chinese cabinet
We bought on a whim
It seemed such a bargain
Displaced in a modern
Furniture store
Marked down in price
Stuck in a corner
Next to the fire door
As it did not suit
The demographic,
Favouring corner suites
Lazy boys
And mirrored glass dressing tables
For the boudoir
My favourite piece
It has pride of place
In the bedroom
With cherished
Photographs taken
When we were young
With most of our lives
Still before us
So much of the past
Resides in this room
As if nothing has changed
When it has
I close my eyes
Imagine you are here
And for one precious moment
You are.

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