Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2019

LIFE SHADOWLESS~by Dr.Satinder Parkash Nanda




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My better half,my love,
Love your shadow and
enjoy euphoria,ecstasy,
Eureka of mysterious life,
Life is shadowless
Like our soul invisible
Illusive,hypothesis of mind,hypnotic,mystical
Seducing veins nerves
Controlling all shades
Colours,shape, senses
Of mind,heart,body
Alluring to love beauty.
Running pulse of wrist
Pumping in heart beats
Restless from beginning
Till the end of earthly life
Flourishing with passion
desire,dream, faiths,myth
Optimistic physical rare
universal lovely voyage
Dictating our lively positivity,
life’s destiny floating
pleasing lovers sensitivity,over
sensual emotional pleasures
My loving social liability.
Life is ever shadowless,my love.
Dr. Satinder Nanda ‘Aas’

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