Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 12, 2019

Daily Missive for Monday the 11th of November.~by Peter Forster



Daily Missive for Monday the 11th of November.

Fair Australia
Where are the rainmakers
There is smoke
It hangs low across Moreton bay
A dense sea mist
The sky a haze of sooty residue
As dirty as a London smog
Drifting across the mountains
Filling this coastal hollow
A billowed stillness
It is windless
When will there be clouds
Bursting to shed themselves
Of their burden
Natures water carriers
Hydrodynamic miracles
Better by half they
Scud across the sea
Fully formed
Than shed themselves
Of their heavy load
In sodden England
Where they have
More than had their share
Why is it so unevenly spread
The wastefulness
Of the natural order
Is not to be questioned
Apparently there is more
To heaven and earth
Than my petty
Ramblings can unearth
In a few short lines
But for what it is worth
The environment
Is more complex
Than an isobar
On a weather chart
It will take more to fix
Than wishful thinking
And it is more than likely
We are all
On our way to hell
In a handcart
Without a seat
And no sunscreen
As protection
From the heat.

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