Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 14, 2019

Hello Darling~by rldubour



Hello Darling

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Hello darling, how have you been?
You haven’t changed at all still as lovely as back then.
Do you ever think about us? And how it used to be?
I do, and ask myself why? The changes I could not see.
I guess that I was just too blind; they say that’s what love is.
Too blind to see the pattern of the breaking of loves bridge.
Now we walk separate paths, hard not to think about the past.
How can I live with loneliness? I cannot bear to face the task.
No more holding hands or a sweet caress.
No more affection or tenderness, just left to face the bitterness.
Those approving smiles that were on your face.
Don’t think it’s possible to replace.
But, I will go on and face each day.
And confront my problems as they come my way.
Now I have to leave but one more thing, I want you to know.
That special spot inside my heart will forever have your glow.

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