Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 14, 2019

You are going through something bad~by Nalini Starr



You are going through something bad

You are going through something bad
And it hurts me to see
You are always so sad
And you cry silently

You are filled with anxiety
The future is filled with fear
You don’t want to confide in me
And you don’t want me near

You keep pushing me away
When I try to talk to you
Why don’t you want me to stay
I want to help, I really do

I want to know your problems
And share your pain too
Tell me all of them
And I will try to understand you

You can push me again and again
But I am not going anywhere
I know you’re in pain
So I am staying right here

So don’t shut me out please
I know you really don’t want to
You are scared of this disease
But baby, I’m always here for you

We are in this together
And by your side I’ll always be
You’re stuck with me forever
Honey, you can always count on me

You are the love of my life
You know that is true
You’re my dear sweet wife
And I will keep on loving you

The future may seem bleak and blue
You’ll want to lose hope
But I will be here for you
And together we will cope

So let me kiss away your tears
Everything will be okay
Together we’ll have many more years
Come what may.

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