Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 16, 2019

PLAGUES ON THE GIFTED (beaten down)~by Young Francis



(beaten down)

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I can’t still understand!

Why the gifted are shaken
With problems of less token

They understand
Every situation in a glance
God knows they know
Even in suffering,they rejoice

Yet I’m a victim too
And why plagues and not joy
The gifted has endured

Why does it happen
For someone like me?

Why dwell in plagues?
While the needful is ignored

Why being the victim?
While most men ruins the world
Why I’m I the fall with the poor?
When I’m weak to help them

And I don’t understand
Why it happens,
For someone like me

God knows I understand
The good the bad
But why did He make me victim
To insulted by many men?

And why I’m I cheap
When my gifts should be up there
Saving the lost from shame?

Perhaps the lord knows best
For time to waste on me
And not going afar
To help many lives in the run

Why does it happen
For someone like me?

I understand shame,love and fear
I know courage,
When to give thanks
And when to calm chaotic men

But why should I be less
Why not move me a little faster?
To show the world my skill

Why does it happen?
For someone like me

Why do we take the blame?
For the future’s sake

Why do we run slow
For people like us?

There’s rage when greed is seen
There’s rage in certain words
This and many more we know
But because we’re in low place

We can’t challenge that height
Because the lord makes us so
For people like us

I can’t understand,
Why we dwell among the less
While the vast needs to be save

I can’t understand,
Why it happens,
For someone like me?

But because I know God
I will accept my state
Even if it’s to 5 people
Instead of millions

I will accept it lord
Where you have place me

But I can’t understand,
Why does it happen
For someone like me

The day is quick
The night is quick
But I’ll be this less
Till I can reveal my truth self

To the entire world someday

Although, I can’t understand,
For someone like me
To take the blame and be the fool.

Young Francis.
My true self.

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