Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 29, 2019





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Rain from sadden eyes may fall and break a worried heart

but smile light when stars ignite may keep your soul in part

for once the bird has left the nest the best of what you do

is find the piece that makes you whole that bonds the very glue

and time will tell when feelings gel the road that you must keep

that ups and downs on every grounds walk both sides of the street

the value that you put to test will rest upon your eyes

and choose the view as clear as blue to make you realize

that hurt and hate don’t consummate the health of what you know

for flowers sent cannot repent the battles of each blow

you are the queen of self esteem and always keep in mind

don’t settle less but do invest to take the needed time

that lessens learned from pasts you burned may slip into the dust

for once you throw into the flow your very thought of trust

is what you hold like shining gold to never let it stray

you are the one that needs the sun to grow up everyday…

by martin gedge©

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