Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2019

What I want for Christmas~by rldubour

Holiday Greetings!!  (lyrics)


What I want for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas
Is you, the girl I love.
You are my Christmas star
My angel from above. (REFRAIN)

All I want for Christmas
Is you right by my side.
To hold on to you tight
My heart is open wide.

To give you all my love
As I have always done.
Not just on Christmas day
But, every single one.

Everyday is Christmas
We celebrate our life.
Knowing you’re beside me
Could have no better wife.


I’ll wait up Christmas eve
To tell dear old St. Nick.
There’s nothing that he can leave
And this is not a trick.

I’ll leave a note on the roof
Please come through the door.
It’s unlocked just come in
There’s drinks and food galore.

We’ve everything we want
We’ve everything we need.
We’ll always have each other
It’s sealed and guaranteed.

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