Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 6, 2019

” THE MAN IN BLACK “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THE MAN IN BLACK ” by martin gedge

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I’ve lost in love and lived in pain
I’ve paid the cost that shall remain
to rule myself outside the game
and have it pass me by
for all I seek has played my mind
to cut so deep that every time
a foolish soul who cannot find
the willingness to try
for hard of hearts you made me so
this thick of skin that I now know
to ever let my feelings show
would surely be a chore
for here inside a vacant lot
you took the everything I got
and left the rest to spoil and rot
this shipwreck on the shore
and in this light that I have found
two steps to walk on solid ground
no ties or lies to wrap around
the lessens that I learn
I have the fuel to feed the fire
and if the need a strong desire
to dip the wick and clip the wire
and watch the buildings burn
not once but down and driven out
I think of what it’s all about
to clear my way from all this clout
a heart that’s made of stone
I face the crowd and dare not hide
of all the fear I feel inside
to never bend or break my stride
this man that walks alone…

by martin gedge©

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