Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 8, 2019

Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 7th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 7th of December.

He is nothing
Not really
Days of importance
Are long gone
His children grew up
As they should
Have families of their own
When once
He took centre stage
He now looks proudly on
From the wings
Trying to be invisible
Worried he is a burden
Hoping not to be
He was once loved
For himself
His every breath
As together
They touched lips
A tantalising tingle
The tenderest of kisses
The look in her eyes
Seeking his
The smile
When he entered a room
A reflection of devotion
The stirring of emotion
Even now,
Whenever he thinks of her
Which is more often
Than not
He has heeded advice
Some words spoken
Were difficult
To hear
And has moved on
As far as he can go
How can he forget the pain
Of her loss
It would be a betrayal
Of all they were
It would be as if
He was forgetting her
How could that ever be
When she was
So damnably unforgettable
He raises a glass
Gazing out across the bay
And remembers
How good it felt
To be loved
He also knows
How lucky he was
To have discovered
Something magical
A love so truly lyrical
The music of it will play
For an eternity
If only he could
Share all he had learned
It might mean something
To somebody

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