Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2019

” JUST BREATHE “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” JUST BREATHE ” by martin gedge

Whenever I’m around you from my heart I must confess

the words don’t find onto my lips still pounding on my chest

there is no rhyme or reason for the crazy things I do

but in awe of all your beauty that is deep inside of you

the given of this circumstance for those you must compare

I may not be your charming prince or handsome debonair

but of all that I am given surely plays upon my mind

to try to show I’m driven just to be there every time

in light of all this madness is a measure that I share

through tears of certain sadness and the shoulders that I bare

there is a place for comfort in a home away from harm

the weight of understanding with the strength and open arm

a passion with a purpose to fulfill the gentle soul

the part of that is missing that will make the donut whole

I’m just a glimpse away in a distant photograph

a smile in your rear view with a chance to make you laugh

I wouldn’t sell a secret if it meant to be my fate

for good things come to those with love and you well worth the wait

a promise to my inner self to always do whats right

to burn a candle in my heart and to show of you the light

and find the true and center peace the core that I believe

to find the wind and take her in each moment that I breathe

I couldn’t settle for second best and the rest I guess won’t do

for in my time I couldn’t find another one like you…

by martin gedge©

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