Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2019

Another day has begun~by rldubour

Holiday Greetings!!


Another day has begun

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He stares out the window

in his chair he does sit.

In his home that is quiet

where once did transmit.


The joy and the laughter

a house full of love.

Memories rush forward

around and above.


Family is gone

and now all alone.

A tear from his eyes

he fears the unknown.


Those Christmas mornings

all was so bright

the unknown tomorrow

he waits for daylight.


The darkness is fading

the sun light does crack.

The church bells are ringing

he is now taken back.


Back to the time

when family and friends

the giving of Christmas

these were the trends.


What will today bring

as he sits all alone.

And stares out that window

He gives a soft moan.


The holiday lights

give way to the sun.

another day he’s alone

another day has begun.


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