Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2019

A miracle she prayed for~by rldubour

Holiday Greetings!!


A miracle she prayed for

Image result for log cabin xmas night


In the cabin on the mountain

twelve kids with mom and dad.

This family had each other

their love was ironclad.


They sat around the fireplace

the heat did warm their hearts.

Singing Christmas Carols

each one had their parts.


The Christmas tree was glowing

the lights all shining bright.

Not one gift beneath the tree

still, everything seemed right.


Hark the Herald, the First Noel

they sang this loud and clear.

While holding hands as family

with thoughts that Santa would appear.


Mom held back her tears of love

wanting so to give them gifts.

A miracle she prayed for

one gift for each was on her list.


Dad he played his fiddle

the kids all loved that so.

This night before Christmas

had such a special glow.


Cookies and hot chocolate

some for everyone.

Then it was off to bed

when all of them were done.


They said their prayers

and went to bed.

Looking forward

to the day ahead.


Christmas morning

everyone awake

could not believe

what has taken place.


Santa made a stop

and not one person knew.

Even Mom and Dad

they did not have a clue.


Tears of joy filled moms heart

as they did before

a look towards heaven and thanked the Lord

for the miracle she prayed for!

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