Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 13, 2020

Daily missive for Monday the 13th of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 13th of January.

What do you think
You know about me
About anything
The tip-tapping of a keyboard
The only clue
So many opinions
Become unglued at midnight
Too much trust placed
In messaging
Video chat lines
For the lonely heart
Reading too much into poetry
Clearly closer to doggerel
Than Whitman
Less spiritual than Blake
Complaints about language
A source of opprobrium
To the pedant
With delusions of grandeur
Creeping nearer
With every drink
Careless whispers
Scream loudest
In daylight
Paranoid responders
Shoot from the hip
At any hint of left field
Which slides closer
To socialism
To be acceptable
In mixed company
When religion
Is used as a measuring stick
To beat the humanist
Over the head
Until they drop away
Beaten out of sight
Some words shout
Louder than others
Even written down
Hate speech
Is no freedom to defend
Truth is never certain
Until it is
There is no honour
In quoting honesty
As a reason to offend
Would life end
If we stopped to think
Of the consequence
To any action
We might take
Whatever we do
There will always be
An equal and opposite
An interaction
Of opposing forces
Impacting blindly
And without purpose
According to the notion
Of e-motion
We will come to understand
All things are relative
Anchored by time, place
And relative dimensions
In space,
Tune in
Leave word
Sign out.

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