Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2020

Lunch Box~by rldubour



Lunch Box

Image result for Dick Tracy lunch box filled with spiders

I am six and a half and starting school this year.
Off to the mall to buy some things with my mommy dear.
I have to get new sneakers, pants and underwear.
Mom says I can’t have any gum but I don’t really care.
But the most important thing I want and want it quite a lot
My best friend went yesterday and that is what he got.
Mom says I can get one! So off for one we sought.
I am off to get my very first, my very first lunch box.
This has to be the best ever the best day of my life!
I am going to get a lunch box all new and shining bright.
But when I saw them all, wow so many, just how do I choose.
There is Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse just to name a few.
Peter Pan, Superman, and Batman in there too.
I thought I wanted Spiderman but I just can’t decide.
When mom said I have to pick just one I thought I was going to cry.
So I stood there a little longer and I thought and I thought.
I finally picked out Dick Tracey I liked that one a lot.
It’s pretty neat and even has a thermos there inside.
Gee, I can put almost anything that I want to hide.
Bugs and spiders, frogs and snakes whatever I decide.
Just hope mom don’t open it she will surely die.

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