Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 16, 2020

” ARTIFICIAL HEART “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” ARTIFICIAL HEART ” by martin gedge

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I’m in love with your artificial heart

a breakdown of emotions that never seems to start

it’s like I’m looking through a camera for a shadow in the dark

when everything is nothing that you think

for a face with no expression or a smile that is real

is just another reason when you fail at what you feel

when your living just a lie just to compliment a meal

and you choke on every word you try to drink

for a dealers spots a fool when your a joker in the deck

your cheap on your appeal when it comes to self-respect

showing like a ghost for all of those that you neglect

and hiding on your shelf and pity seat

for there is not a key that could open up the mind

a watch in the Oasis that could turn you back in time

giving answers to the questions or some clearly lighted sign

you live inside a shell without a beat

a coming to the senses where the eyes are vision blue

raining on your city on some shitty avenue

not aware of your surroundings and frankly not a clue

It’s quick the think we’re sinking in the dirt

for all that I have tried just to shine upon the soul

to show of all the love with the presence and the bow

and bloom of every flower in the face of your window

is falling in the certainty of hurt

I cannot understand or find the meaning for your pain

an able minded talker when your a walker with a cane

when your left here standing still life is passing like a train

and all the thoughts concerning now are gone

a little bit of confidence and the truth to being self

could go for you the distance and solidify the heath

enriched in the preserving and deserving of the wealth

if you could only tell me what is wrong…

by martin gedge©.

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