Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 18, 2020

M&M Or Viagra~by rldubour



M&M Or Viagra

Image result for blue M&M Or Viagra


It was brought to my attention about the blue M&M.
And if this gets out the super markets will be lined from end to end.
It’s the perfect aphrodisiac can be but your best friend.
Works better than viagra this sweet little M&M.
Both male and female can take this just melt it in your mouth.
Just have to watch the side effects if you both lay on the couch!
I wonder why no person has discovered this before?
Don’t really care I bought them all, just emptied out the store.
Now I offer M&M’s to the ladies passing by.
And the lucky ones that take them will know the reason why.
They will get this strange sensation and feel all warm inside.
And I will be right behind them with a grin a mile wide.
I make sure I always have my pack of M&M’s.
Now I am just so popular the ladies want to be my friend.
I pass them out at parties I think it’s really neat.
Just make sure that I’m not tired, I don’t intend to sleep!
Not sharing this information with any of the guys.
Just me and my bag of blue M&M’s know the reason why


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