Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 29, 2020

Daily missive for Wednesday the 29th of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 29th of January.

When will it finish
Is it time-limited
An interlude
Before the main event
A support act
To be endured
A second feature
In black and white
Made on a shoestring
Fronted by Hitchcock
To lend it gravitas
A preview
In full costume
More than a rehearsal
But not a first night
Will it have a sympathetic
Fit for a king
Or be a night of long knives
When every sleight
Is deeply felt
Below the skin
Where the heart lies
Is it over
Even as the curtain falls
On a last night
Will there be respite
In the shadows
When the light fades
Will there be a dresser
A kind word
Before the premier
To lift the spirits
Or is this a short run
The only performance
With no reprise
No brickbats
Bad reviews
Or booby prize
For taking part
It is life
Not art
Unless it is
Dear heart
It is.

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