Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 4, 2020

Never Say No To Tarzan~by rldubour

(viagra)~mature read



Never Say No To Tarzan

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I went to the city and bought this bag of pills.
Can’t believe that it’s so big and it’s growing still!
When I got home I showed Jane just what I had done.
Her eyes went wide as she replied now Tarzan, “I want some fun!”
So we had our fun all day long until we finally slept.
When people ask I just say why that’s my Janie’s pet.
Now when I leave our tree house she is always by my side.
Never again will she say no I see it in her eyes.
Now once a month I make my track to buy a big supply.
And Jane she waits impatiently trying not to cry.
She just can’t wait for my return almost as if in sin.
Because she knows when I get home I will want to go again.
I wonder what will happen if I should take more pills.
I will beat my chest and scream out loud the jungle will be still.
Now Jane is super happy as she swings from tree to tree.
All she wants is Tarzan to do with, as she will please.
And never again will she say no, this is what she said.
So now I do all my hunting in our king size bed.
She holds on tight and smiles, I give her what I can.
And when we are done she just says, “Never say no to Tarzan!

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