Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 5, 2020

No Pity~by rldubour



No Pity

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In the jungle of the city, the buildings touch the sky.
The darkened street there is no pity, when a young man dies.
The sounds of screams the shadows hide, another young mans plight.
The sounds of guns fill the sky; a young man dies that night.

In the streets of heartbreaks against the crumbling walls.
The blood and tears of sorrow face the man that falls.
Where day is life and night is death in the jungle of the city.
A young man gasps for his last breath and no one feels no pity.

The drug, the whores the way of life is their garden in the city.
The slashing rips of a young mans knife the switchblade shows no pity.
As it tore away another life and throws it to the side.
The blood stained bladed knife, another young man dies.

A baby cries of hunger, the sounds of broken glass.
The summer brings the thunder but not for greener grass.
The thunder and the lightning where all hope is gone.
The sound of death is frightening a day can seem so long.

The garbage fills the streets of salvation there is no sign.
Another day of life they seek, the circle don’t unwind.
The tears of life a mother cries in the jungle in the city.
Another helpless soul has died and no one shows no pity.


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