Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2020

Purple Pearl~by rldubour



Purple Pearl

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Unlike gemstones produced deep inside the earth.
Pearls are created by living creatures from their start of birth.
These creatures are called mollusks you can harvest with a pail
The common names are clams, oysters, scallops, mussels and snails.
They all have soft, fleshy bodies protected by their shell.
They live in marine and freshwater and on land as well.
Any mollusk that produces a shell can potentially produce a pearl.
With its luster and its beauty known around the world.
There are over one hundred thousand kinds of mollusks found upon the earth.
And usually only those with two shells can produce a pearl of worth.
Contrary to belief pearls are not formed from a grain of sand.
This was always to be thought of the common man.
A wayward piece of food in what is called the mantle of the mollusk.
A stone if formed we call a pearl to find one it’s just luck.
Pearls they come in colors they are not just all white.
They range from pink to purple and shine just like a star at night.
You’ll be surprised in where they are found.
Only in fresh water near a Texas town.
San Angelo and the Concho Pearls
Are of most valued in the world.
The giant purple concho pearl has been there over four hundred years.
Formed from the Tampico Pearlymussel that no one has to fear.
The Spanish crown jewels made of this pearl.
Are the rarest pearl found in the world.
Although colonial days have ended in the town of San Angelo.
Until this day these valued pearls are raised to sell and show.

R.L. DuBour


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