Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2020

” HEAVEN IS A PLAYGROUND “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” HEAVEN IS A PLAYGROUND ” by martin gedge


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Life is never easy but we take it all in stride

we live through certain hardships but we always take with pride

some things are never certain and we learn from our mistakes

to overcome our downfalls and take chances on our breaks

work hard for all that’s given and we know the total cost

we celebrate in winning and we pray for all we lost

make sacrifice and heartache when the will is brave and strong

to keep our eyes in focus always knowing we belong

and believe the inner sanctum and bring torches to the flame

to rise above the anguish and be the best of what is game

never thinking of the past with the future in our sights

onto the lips of thousands when your underneath the lights

and when the tickers ticking and the heart is full in rage

a millions times a minute that your mind is so engaged

with a team to press in effort when the logo sticks the chest

the cream will find the surface and will put you to the test

and all the glory burns into the etches of the wall

where seldom walk the riches in the fame that holds the hall

to hold up high the head where all oceans meet the sky

for every fallen angel watches rain invade the eye

and here to stand in hand is a man to hold his heart

as precious as a diamond father, daughter never part

for heaven is a playground and no matter what the sport

Kobe came to conquer and he left it on the court…

by martin gedge ©

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