Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 29, 2020

Snow cones~by rldubour



Snow cones

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Have you ever eaten a snow cone made of lemon ice?
On a nice hot summer day to cool off it’s just right!
And they come in other flavors in a paper cup.
Whoever invented snow cones I thank them very much.
They are better than an ice cream and colder to the touch.
Just give one to any kid and watch them eat it up!
How I love a snow cone on a real hot summer day.
Just hold the ice there in my mouth and let it melt away.
The flavors there are many as you can plainly see.
Lemon, lime and root beer and even strawberry.
Cherry, grape and orange, “What am I to choose?”
I just love a snow cone and know that you will too.
So next time that you’re out shopping stop in at the store.
And buy yourself a snow cone and you’ll go back for more.
You can try all the flavors and see which you like best.
Than on those hot summer days you can eat one while you rest.
It will cool your inside off and make you feel real nice.
I tell you this, take my advice get a snow cone with flavored ice.

R.L. DuBour


  1. This is excellent

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