Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 3, 2020



By the Mighty Mumford


JON, JONNY JONATHAN–bah-rum-pah-pah-pah-pah!

An all-around useful gent,

That’s how the story went…

Had his song

With chorus along,

In joy his life was spent!

I needed some good,

Reached back to Bollywood…

Note my respelling

Of names I’m telling,

Closer to how I would!

Jon, Jonny, Jonathan–BAH-RUM-PAH-PAH-PAH-PAH!

JON, JONNY, JONATHAN–bah-rump-pump-pah-pump-pah!

Locked into comparing,

Although he knows it’s wearing…

A good man down

In wearing a frown

And internal thoughts erring!

Stepped up his cheerful routine,

So no one sees his “demean(or)”…

Writing to you

His joy breaks through,

Glory to God he’s not meaner!

–Jonathan Caswell

*JOHN, JANI, JANADHAN”,  a 1984 Hindi remake of  an earlier film, is on You Tube,

including the title song, from which this limerick poem was developed.

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