Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 14, 2020

I pray my dreams come true~by rldubour



I pray my dreams come true

Forever Begins Here… | writingismysanity

Tell me it is not make believe
If you’re not real I’ll turn and leave.
And let my dreams still torture me
Don’t tell me that my eyes deceive.

Another vision this can’t be
I’ll search until eternity.
I know my dreams will come true
I will not stop ’till I find you.

When I find you I will know
Will hold you tight my love will flow.
I’ll never ever let you go
This will be real my love will show.

My eyes are open as I search
I pray my dreams are not a curse.
And that I never will find you
Each day my heart will break in two.

Can not believe my dreams came true
That moment when I looked at you.
With your blue eyes and golden hair
Please tell me that you’re really there.

I see you smile angelically
All my dreams are reality.
I feel your breath so close to me
I feel your touch so tenderly.

A love so fine once lost in time
My dreams fulfilled now you are mine.
And now, my love, that I’ve found you,
Together we’ll make our dreams come true.

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