Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 26, 2021

People say a lot of things…



I just observe what they do.
That will never confuse you.
When in doubt, open your eyes.
Then sit to match their words and analyze.

Some people even do a lot of things.
But, before you place on them angel wings.
Don't put them on a pedestal.
Thinking they're all celestial.

In such a case, check their motives.
Stop to think about possible incentives.
And then you'll have your answer.
Could be sweet or more dreadful than cancer.

Don't ever leave your mind behind.
Don't ever willfully choose to be blind.
Hear, listen, watch and think.
Don't let emotions let you sink.

Don't call their bluff.
Wait for the full extent of their fluff.
Yeah sure, in hope someday it will all disappear.
Under the reflection of their mirror.

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.

This poem is purely literary. It was in my drafts for almost two…

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