Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 27, 2021

Bubble Gum

poetry///WITH TEETH-! 😀


Your life seems colorful Your bubbles are cheerful. Surely, everyone wants to be you. You've just been lucky all through. They envy your life. You probably never seen strife. Just a bubble gum. Your life must be so fun. They'll chew you. Suck the flavour out of you. And spit you out once they're through. But they think it's lucky to be chewed. Surely, you have no worries. Shielded from life's atrocities. An unburdened mind must feel light. That's why you can fly in bubbles, no fright. A bubble gum may seem wonderful and round. Wrapped in unrealistic fantasy until it touches the ground. At some point, the bubble will burst. Maybe that will quench their thirst. Pink and purple bubbles Like tender chocolate cuddles. Annoys the black and white. Joy of an ordinary gum troubles the uptight. Tempting to burst those bubbles. And convert them into trash puddles. So…

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