Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 13, 2021

Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Massachusetts - Wikipedia

The state motto is: “By the sword we
Seek peace, but peace only under liberty!”
Nicknamed “The Bay State” or “Massachusetts
Bay”, the site of the Puritan’s colony.

Most likely the origin of the state name
Came from the Algonquin village.
In honor of their leader, Chief Massassoit.
For his friendship and peace he would encourage.

The state insect is the ladybug
The state bird is the chickadee.
The flower is the mayflower
And the American elm is the tree.

The residents are called “Bay Staters”
The state fruit is the cranberry.
The gem is called the rhodonite
And in Plymouth is Ocean Spray cannery.

In sixteen-twenty-one in Plymouth
The Puritans are settling in their ways.
As they put aside a day of thanks
Will be known forever as “Thanksgiving Day!”

At the Peabody Essex Museum
Preserved and still stored to view.
Five-hundred and fifty-two documents
To the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

The first college in America
In 1636 is Harvard University.
And the Mather school in 1639
America’s first public school was free.

James Naismith invented basketball
In Springfield, the year was 1891.
The first U.S. Postal Zip Code was
Issued to Agawam and is 01001.

Norfolk County is the birthplace

To four United States Presidents.

From Provincetown to Stockbridge

A state to visit is well spent.

Mann, Thoreau, Bush and John Quincy Adams

It is time for some famous names again.

Bernstein, Geisel, Kennedy and Samuel Adams

Dickinson, Davis, Revere and Ben Franklin.


Statehood February 6, 1788 the 6th state.

Capital is Boston

Boston common was the first public park in America in 1634. 
In Holyoke, William G Morgan created a new game called Mintonetee in 1895. 
The name was changed to Volleyball when played in Springfield nearby. 
Norfolk County is the birthplace of Four United States Presidents as you will see. 
John Adams, John Quincy Adams, George Walker Bush and John Fitzgerald Kennedy!
There is a house in Rockport built entirely out of newspaper.

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