Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 27, 2021

Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Michigan - Wikipedia

The origin of this state’s name
Came from one great lake.
The importance of the wolverine pelt
Inspired the nickname “The Wolverine State.”

The motto of this state is, “If you seek
A pleasant peninsula, look about you.”
And is the only place in the world with
A floating Post Office the J.S. Wescott Two.

Elsie is the home to the world’s largest
Registered Holstein Dairy herd.
The state’s flower is the apple blossom
And the robin is the official bird

The official tree is the White Pine and
The state rock is the Petoskey Stone.
The Detroit Zoo was the first in the world
With open exhibits for the animals to roam.

The state reptile is the painted turtle
The official animal is the white tail deer.
And when you walk on the sand in Grand
Haven, its whistling sounds you hear!

With over eleven-thousand lakes and more
And thirty-six-thousand miles of streams.
Michigan has one-hundred and sixteen lighthouses
And navigational lights that can be seen.

The city of Novi was named for its designation
Of Stage Coach stop number six.
And the cross of the woods in Indian River,
Is home to the world’s largest crucifix.

Michigan divided by upper and lower
Borders on four of the five great lakes
And Sault St. Marie was the first
Permanent settlement in 1668

Michigan has the largest commercial deposits
Of native copper that you will find
And the first radio system in the world is
With the Michigan State Police in 1929.

Sonny Bono, Diana Ross and Henry Ford
Ed McMahon, Danny Thomas and also Michael Moore.
Lindbergh and Madonna, Robert Wagner and Coppolo
Famous name from this state I thought you’d like to know.
Statehood, January 26, 1837 the 26th state
The capital is Lansing.

The J.S. Wescott has been delivering the U.S. Mail for over 125 years. 
Often called the Wolverine state, there are no wolverines in Michigan today. 
Colon is the home to the world's largest manufacturer of magic supplies. 
In Detroit the University of Michigan was originally called Cathelepistemian. 
Mackinac Bridge, at 5 miles long is the world's longest suspension bridge by far. 
The nation's first airline passenger service from Grand Rapids to Detroit in 1926.

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