Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2021

Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Mississippi - Wikipedia

The magnolia is the state flower
And the magnolia is the state tree!
The state bird is the mockingbird
And the insect is the honey bee.

The motto is, “By valor and arms.”
The residents are called “Mississippians.”
The animal is the white-tailed deer
And the mammals are the bottlenose dolphins.

Known as, “The Magnolia State.”
The river is the state’s name.
The biggest river in the nation
And the state was named the same.

Mrs. Mamie Thomas is the first female mail carrier
Edwards has the world’s largest Cactus Plantation.
The world’s largest pecan nursery is in Lumberton.
In Greenwood has the largest Bible-binding plant in the nation.

In Biloxi in 1898, Edward Adolf Barq Sr.
Invented root beer his most famous creation.
And the Vicksburg National Cemetery
Is the second largest in the nation.

Natchez is the oldest permanent settlement
That American history embraces.
Natchez has over 500 buildings in the
National Register of Historic places.

In 1902, President (Teddy) Roosevelt
Refused to shoot a gun because he cared.
This led to the creation of the
world’s famous “Teddy Bear.”

James Earl Jones and Oprah Winfrey
Tennessee Williams and B.B.King
William Faulkner and Elvis Presley
Some famous names a standard thing.
Statehood, December 10, 1817 the 20th state.
Capital is Jackson

The oldest game in America is stick ball Played by the Choctaw Indians. 
The rarest of cranes, the Mississippi Sandhill, Has an 8ft wingspan and stands 44 inches high. 
And Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo in 1935. 
The first female rural mail carrier in the United States was Mrs. Mamie Thomas. She delivered mail by buggy to the area southeast of Vicksburg in 1914.

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