Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2021

The most important things~by rldubour

The Most Important Things In Life…. (Printable) | It's a Lovely Life!

The measure of success 
Is not what money brings.
In life it’s what we are 
And not material things. 

Money a necessity
In order that we live.
The most important thing 
Is our love to God we give.

Sharing with our families 
Make sure they know we care.
It’s God’s Will we teach them
To grow and learn to share.

How we treat all others
And never looking down.
Treat strangers as a brother 
With a smile not a frown. 

Set a good example 
To family and our peers. 
Don’t be what we are not 
Keep moral values near.

Everyone has their faults
As us human’s often do. 
One by one face head on
Resolve and we won’t lose.  

You might surprise yourself 
The inner strength you hold.
To overcome the trials
No longer uncontrolled.

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