Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2021

Secret Agents~by rldubour

Secret Agent Rubber Stamp Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image.  Image 77858225.

I have to tell my friends 
What I have learned today.
It’s about my Mom and Dad 
And what I heard them say. 

I think they’re really spies 
They whisper when I’m near. 
Today they were talking
Could not believe my ears! 

Promise that you won’t tell 
I think all parents are 
Every day they watch me
They report to someone far. 

They know when I am good 
And even when I’m bad. 
Keep track when I am happy 
And again when I am sad. 

Mom will write in her book 
Everything I do.
She told me not to peek 
This is another clue!

When they go out shopping
They have someone watch me. 
These clues are adding up
Secret agents they must be.

I search around the house
They won’t be gone too long. 
I have to be real fast
To sneak I know is wrong.


Can’t wait to tell my friends 
Exactly what I found.
A suit that is all red 
The more I looked around. 

I found out their secret
Won’t tell them that I know. 
That they work for Santa 
They have his change of clothes.

Now I must be good 
He’ll know when I am bad. 
Santa has many spies 
My own Mom and Dad!

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