Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2021

America’s foundation, connecting rod by rl dubour

Thunderbolts and time travel: my journey to the cosmic heart of land art |  Art and design | The Guardian

From Delaware to Hawaii 
The first to last by date. 
Each one wrote their own Preamble 
The difference I’ll relate.

I don’t think it matters much 
Just how I do begin. 
Whether I start alphabetically 
Or the dates they joined in.

An introductory statement 
Of a Constitution 
Not just one but every state 
Words of their inclusion.

Three with proclamations 
Maryland and Pennsylvania 
Submit their declaration.

Exactly written for both states 
Grateful to Almighty God 
Our foundation now beginning 
This is the connecting rod.

Virginia one of three that year 
“We owe our Creator.” 
Forbearance, Love and Charity 
No-One else is greater!

A rapid pace our Country grew 
Words of faith they did choose 
Been down came back as good as new. 
In God we trust, cannot lose.

All fifty states they say the same
Thanking Almighty God. 
Making our foundation solid. 
This is the connecting rod.

God is our Supreme Ruler 
The point I’m trying to create. 
Stop and think why they all gave 
Thanks to God in every state.

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