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THE LAST WORD~by Saroj K Padhi




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A big claim about ‘love’ they made-
that the last word about it
had already been said,
when you bumped into a dawn
like a new glow on the face of morn
that seeks to reclaim and redeem life,
after Night’s endless dark sojourn;
you came like the shiver of Spring
in body of a youthful sprig
when under a mid-Winter Sun,
by a wind it’s ever so gently blown
to smack of the wildest flowers
in crevices of hills and vales newly born;
like a mad rainbow descending
to the crest of rising tides
that hunger for milk from udders of clouds
near to the sea, swiftly borne;

they said the last word
about love had been said
when with crack of another dawn
my heart too burst like a balloon
with air of emotions overblown
and softly in silence, to new light to turn
after consuming the dark in isolation
and then initiate the epic of a new born
to the rhythm of eternal symphony in wind
albeit occasional refrains of heart burn
and witness in new light the glory of creation
as orioles draped in nascent yellow of marigold
sang out their soul in jubilation
and hosts of birds
along with koels rested not while singing
of the beauty of Love’s supreme creation !


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Absolutely Changed~by Hansraj Sharma‎



Absolutely Changed

Trodden and familiar ways…
Common to each individual…
Yet, with different-different package
Same footpath same bushy-thorns
Same winter-winds and snow-falls
Variety of flowers along the way
Climate and weather all the same
Nothing new, but I’m absolutely changed!
-Copyright ©hrsharma®2019
Ludhiana Punjab India.

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“THINGAMAJIG” ~by Martin Gedge‎



POEM “THINGAMAJIG” by martin gedge

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Locked up in the frozen tundra
a million miles from home
there creeps a form unkind to man
that chills you to the bone
It gets into the heart of things
you don’t know who to trust
you thought that he was mans best friend
well get a load of us
It starts to intersect the brain
and eats away the skin
all the organs start to fail
and bodies sunken in
one by one they change the tune
you have to kill them dead
they lurk inside a demon seed
and come out of your head
it’s hard to tell them all apart
they’re like a human clone
to imitate the perfect mate
in through the frozen zone
they buried here the growing fear
this creature of design
and locked in place another race
to kill the human kind
I don’t know what to make of this
or what may come to pass
but alive and well this living hell
is gonna kick your ass…..

by martin gedge©

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Sleek, elite and born to fly~by Fred Tunks



Sleek, elite and born to fly

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Sleek, elite and born to fly
A dancing girl honed from
all those days gone by
An introvert by nature
And a preformer by heart
Definitely a master
of an eloquent art that
allowed her to unveil herself
while not giving away all
of her innermost secrets

© frederickgtunks


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Early Morning~by Lopamudra Mishra



Early Morning

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Early Morning
I woke up in early morning
Before the early sun could drench me
Thoroughly with its glow
the dream of yours
Made me pink.
In the virgin dawn
The soothing thoughts produces
Ceaseless music ..
The morning stars are playing hide and seek
From the folder of memories
I drown deep to deeper.
Lopamudra Mishra.

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A trail of clouds uncertain about rain
hangs around neck of belief in pain.

Standing silent at the back of the temple we see
how wishes transpire from body of offerings ,
miles stretch out from the tongues of desire ;
in the stubborn bodies of ancient stones ,
and from fragile limbs of mire in mute prayer ;

doors of our temple are not open yet ;
with wait for fire from high spirits
dormant like layers of sands wet
they look heavenward for heights .

Are we ready for the front door?

It’s a terrible question that continues to haunt,
so often as we try to a false appearance flaunt
in our misplaced love’s wild, wild hunt ,
for some peace that lies at the root of mind
but not at the edge of our faith grown so blunt .

Copy right: @ Saroj K. Padhi

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Daily missive for Tuesday the 15th of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 15th of January.

Rock me gently
The bamboo chair creaks
With the accumulation
Of memories
Age has split its sides
There is no laughter
In the bedroom
After the visiting angel
Has gone
Ministrations complete
In a trice
Miracles to perform
On the clock
Practiced at the art
Of governance
Nothing left to chance
A cup of tea
Is a life saver
Milk in first or after
Who cares
Nothing is worth the trouble
Of asking
Time is wasting away
For a moment of respite
Nothing seems fit
For purpose
Even skin hangs loose
Bruises are worn down
To the bone
Age spots bleed
There are no salad days
Memories run
In and between
Every thought a haunting
Was it in childhood
He contemplated a tattoo
Did his father
Bring the chair back from the war
What was the meaning
Of the lock
On the window, the door
Why put the stick out of reach
Ask the angel
When she returns
Rock me gently
Mother knows best
Pretty lace doilies
On the dressing table
In his parents bedroom
Did the chair really come
From Singapore
The medals,
Stuffed in a box
At the bottom
Of an old walnut wardrobe
Tell me again
What were they for?

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Don’t spank your kid~by rldubour



Don’t spank your kid

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When I was young and full of it my Dad had said to me.

“If you don’t mind your p’s and q’s you’re going on my knees!”

This lesson we learned very young, imbedded in our head.

That we dare not get in trouble, fear of Dad was there instead.

This is how we grew up, not like it is today.

Kids think they are untouchable, mom and dad they have no say.

Discipline? What is that?

Our courts took steps to end all that!

Our kids today have no fear

With cell phone in hand 911 is near.

I can see why the law is there, no child should be abused.

But, punishment is different if they won’t listen and refuse.

Back then we learned the difference our butt be black and blue.

That wrong is wrong we learned and knew what not to do.

A little fear does no harm we grew up nice and strong.

We were taught what’s right and wrong and did not take us long.

We have respect and morals and hold our values high.

Unlike today these lessons, all are pushed aside.

The laws today have changed too much our kids are missing these examples.

Bring back the days when kids behaved and a smack was just a sample.

To all you young parents please don’t spank your kids.

The spanking days are gone like our moms and dads did.

They all would turn in their graves

If they saw how kids behaved today.

Disrespect and attitudes always wanting their own way.

Before I end this writing I should apologize.

That not all kids are like this as I just described.

It’s our kids that have no teaching or parental guidance of being told.

Discipline is what they need then right and wrong can be controlled.

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” Silhouettes “~by Lia Angelica Tohmè



” Silhouettes “

Image may contain: tree, sky, night, outdoor and nature

The trees shadow exalts in the sunlight,
but also in the dark where the roots grow,
through the lightless mystery of the Earth…

Where luminous constellations are transient,
in the illusion of permanence and perpetuity.
There are dead stars that shine resplendent
because their light is still trapped in time..

In a suspended moment of living hope,
leading out into the ever expanding universe,
the dawn of time when nothing breathes;
the hour of silence where all is transfixed…

Surrounded by darkness yet enfolded with light,
in a phantom of dreams where time is obsolete
silhouettes dance in these lightless plains…
All our tommorows start here…

– Lia Angelica 💙

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Sublime Triviality*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CDLX ~> Sublime Triviality*

CDLX ~> Sublime Triviality*
(Opus460 ~> Sublime Triviality)
The aftertaste of every stolen kiss
Whether pre-planned or by inadvertence;
Lingers a piece like fragments of a tease
Mellowed with the pangs of sweet insolence,
You swallowed down in deafening silence:
The trivial nature of what is sublime
Had proven to endure in every clime!
Not all recurring dreams a nightmare make;
They all depend on schemes behind the door.
Nor all the subtleties of give and take
Redeem the goodwill of your creditor;
Whose umbrage you had chosen to ignore:
Platitudinous slurs on pabulum
Are hardly wont to swing the pendulum!
When promises were made to be broken,
You’d be spoiling for one twilight dawning;
You take stock of all you had forsaken
Cutting your loses before complaining
Of someone cheating from the beginning:
The trivial essence of most realms sublime
Filters its presence through the whims of time!
*Hook image (CosmosP16H460.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Cosmology cyber collection reached my email inbox by gratis subscription.

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