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Perpetual Victim~by rldubour



Perpetual Victim

Image result for victim of abuse

For many years I have seen this,
will never understand.
Why one would take such great abuse
by someone’s ugly hand?

Don’t take a rocket scientist
to view a face all swelled.
I ask why do they live like this?
Why are they compelled?

They live a life of hurt and pain
self pity in their mind.
The reason is low self esteem,
self-worth they can not find.

No other person has the right
to treat someone this way.
These victims of this daily plight
in fear they live each day.

Thinking they deserve this treatment,
abuse of any kind.
They live inside their lonely world,
happy days left behind.

There are some people in this life
that live for such abuse.
Forgiving all those incidents
with another lame excuse.

It seems a shame they live like this
they know no other way.
Abusers like to take control
a fear game they do play.

To any one that’s listening
and living life this way.
don’t tolerate abusiveness
call 911 today.

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Autumn Rain~by Paul F. Lenzi



Autumn Rain


“Aura of Autumn I” by Leonid Afremov

melancholia bathes
in a bracing cold rain
briskly tingling with
freshening ionized air
but the cleansing
won’t reach
underneath and within
well-bruised skin
can’t revivify
withered black bones
of too many necrotic
stilled summers



(originally posted October 2013)


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Discovery~by Paul F. Lenzi





“Beauty of Imperfection” by Blenda Tyvoll

what is perfection

but that moment

of exquisite peace

when you find

contentment with

your imperfection


(originally posted April 2013)

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2017

Tycho~by Paul F. Lenzi





Tycho Brahe’s Prosthetic Nose

(Regarding Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, 1546-1601)


silver nose in the air

eccentricities famous

enamored of liquor

and women and spheres

drew the heavens


reaching degrees of

flamboyant precision

a swashbuckling genius

who cuckolded kings

while resolving the

naked eye parallax

rearranged stars in

new accurate catalog

left upon agonized death

come with rumors of

murder and intrigue

to one with a keener

copernican mind

johan kepler who gave us

celestial physics

the rest as they say

is but history


Brahe’s self-composed epitaph:
“He lived like a sage and died like a fool”

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2017

The Way I Am. ~by Shashi Gupta



The Way I Am.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

The Way I Am.
Maybe I look old and wrinkled now,
But I’ve lived so long I’m proud it shows.
Though life has not been a bed of roses
I’ve got so far and I’m proud of it.
My skin is not perfect, it’s brown and patchy,
But once it was smooth and silky.
My cheeks sway and sag, I know,
God gave me the years, and it obviously shows.
I’m way too fat but God made me tall
So I carry that weight without a sigh.
Sometimes I tire with just sitting around
So I never forget to take a nice long walk.
I never was perfect but that’s how I am
But I strive to be the best I can.
I’m grateful, I am, still living on,
And Im proud of myself, for the woman I am!

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2017

Sunshine Bright~by Jeremy J Croucher



Sunshine Bright

Dawning bright, I know you well
you are a friend of mine
Always welcome, never shunned
the warming bright sunshine
I smile upon your dazzling face
I squint into your glare
And always come alive a bit
whenever you are there


Photo – Jempics


Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2017

Autumn Equinox~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea

To-day is the arrival of the Autumn Equinox . Equinox means equal , as in shared amount of hours of daylight and a dark , over 24hours . It is the start of Autumn and the closing of Summer . We welcome the vibrance that Autumn brings , with its colourful show as it progresses . I wrote this little poem too celebrate the beginning of this season ……😎


Autumn Equinox

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, flower, outdoor and nature

Summer’s last taste , last sip from your wine
as heat turns to cold , with sushine decline

Autumn is born , on this Equinox morn
goodbye don’t cry , this Sumner we mourn

Earth’s tilted shift , within its orbital path
drifting away , towards cold winter wrath

Walk in the woods , beneath Autumn sky’s
a crackle of twigs , under treetops so high

Golden brown, yellow and deep red in vibe
colour conscripted , nature encrypted in scribe

A whisp of nature’s breath , blowing this way
Whirling and twirling , leaves open play

Sleeting golden leaves , falling from trees
Brushing your walk , from a gentle clad breeze

Hovering aloft , as they fall within drops
cascading in swirl , as they drop from treetops

Put down your glass , from last sip of your wine
as Autumn is born , wIth colour sublime

Poetry by
Copyright written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea 22/09/2017

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2017


O C T E T — 228
This forms part of my Second Anthology of OCTETS , tentatively under the title::

Poems ‘n’ Pix



Image may contain: flower

Once in embrace, words do not grace,
sweet silences shriek in place.
Words are ousted by dear deeds
and gluttonous turn bodily greeds.
A slight caution maybe a must:
carefully sift love from lust.
Thus, exhibit chaste love’s percent
even in absence to be present.

(C)DrNK Sharma,22.09.2017.

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The ones to blame~by William Thomas Fearby



The ones to blame

thirteen years old and I want my life to end
do you know what it’s like when you don’t have a friend
I struggle each day to muddle my way through
not knowing what my tormentors are goin to do

at first it was childish adolesent little pranks
but then it got worse from the bullying skanks
they would put things in my pockets like a used condom
and the worst thing was I don’t who it was coming from

you see the bullies are scared to show their face
unless they are in groups like wolves on a chase
they hunt you down and they make your life hell
and this goes on so you retreat into your shell

and you can’t tell anyone because that makes it worse
it adds fuel to their fire like chapter and verse
the abuse gets much stronger and it escalates more
they start physically abusing and calling you a whore

so you withdraw further into your own little shell
nobody cares that you are going through hell
they find it quite funny when you break down and cry
and then they start sneering and spit in your eye

why do they think it so much fun when they hurt others
and it only gets worse if you tell their Fathers or Mothers
then they scream abuse and call you a fuckin grass
and threaten to kill you or kick your fat ass

now you can see why my life must come to an end
I can’t take anymore from my so called friends
I hope you are happy with what you have done
the victims are you because I will soon be gone

I hope you can live your life with what you have done
the memory’s in your mind they will still linger on
when you have kids who are going through the same
I hope you remember you are the ones who are to blame

william t fearby 09/04/2015
(C)@william t fearby

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2017

Dormant in a romantic mood~by Williamsji Maveli



Dormant in a romantic mood

Dormant in a romantic mood,
Shall I recite a lustful love ode?
Looking at the April autumns
And to those elegant columns
from the fort of your entire body
and in the warmth of your breasts
You are formed to a mystical woman
tied up locked in a silence…
In other more glances
in other many encounters
you´ll listen our cloudy echo,
echo of the echo masked in crop
you and your careless petals.
Your are a woman passionate of sun,
gold and gem around your neck.
in a new and another life
and in many other times,
I will adore you both
in me and in you
with lights and shades –
Veiled during day time
Unveiled during night hours
and naked a woman ,
of bones, flesh and ribs
soft as the softest
hard as the hardest
let me to shell under your
bliss and only love,
the waves of my ocean
have been thrilled over again
and I wanted to shape my sky
with my own sharp eyes !!

Copyright Williamsji Maveli

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