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BREATHLESS~by Saroj K Padhi




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Breathless I wait for you behind the wild bush
Like the moon behind a dark cloud for the morn,
For the sight of love’s sweet face we two bleed
In half-lit shadowy spaces, torn by invisible thorn ;

Each shadow of this night draws a picture of you
As you boil like a hot Summer in my young blood,
Each wisp of wind enlivens your fragrant presence
In chants of your musical name in susurrant sod ;

Each foot step in dark makes me imagine you near
Till the night thins down to end all frights and fear
And dawn cracks to reveal only part of your beauty
Dispelling nightly delusion, making things all clear ;

Your deep sleep is the dark at my dreaming eyes’ edge
You’re a panoramic view from behind a thorny hedge !



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My Fantasy~by William Manegold



My Fantasy

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Twilight Laments*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



DXXXIX ~> Twilight Laments*

DXXXIX ~> Twilight Laments*
(Opus539 ~> Twilight Laments)
Watching the sunset always makes you sad;
Despite knowing the sun comes back somehow.
So knowing helps not turn sad into glad;
This day departs in order to allow
Another day to take its welcome vow:
The requiem they play at end of day
Sanctifies the bond between you and me!
Rightly we lament those squandered chances;
Knowing a mulligan is much too rare
That serves the cause of making advances
To celebrate the memories we share
With fellow travelers from far and near:
Watching the sunset from any vantage
Evokes the quandary of vassalage!
Knowing tomorrow brings another day,
Here’s what you do to make the difference,
Between the doldrums that regaled today
And the pleasantries of your preference,
You may pray for Divine Interference:
Twilight laments are signs of aging old,
Minting platinum from nuggets of gold!
*Hook image (HalfMoonP53903H.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Moonlit Night cyber collection reached my email inbox by gratis subscription.
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” BEDTIME STORIES”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” BEDTIME STORIES” by martin gedge

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In between the dark of age

and tucked between each sheet

the words to seep your bedroom walls

turn pages as you sleep

as darkness will unfold the night

to prod your eerie dream

with pins to prick your restless bed

to awake the silent scream

covers hold with curtains closed

and claws to scratch the glass

winds to howl the shady tree

that scowls the window pass

shadows from the closet case

in blackness of its’ core

the shiver grin that grips the skin

and sweats to every pore

your tension sense on high alert

a horror you must face

for things to move inside the groove

of ugly and distaste

what is read that shakes the head

your thoughts and disbelief

to hang the limb to scrape the brim

to grab you underneath

and stir and tug of every bug

that eats from blood to bone

that leaves you in a state of mess

this flesh you call a throne

the pale in white that fear the light

to suffocate and bloom

will gladly bag a toe in tag

to leave inside your room

and though a book to nail and hook

each messenger they send

from front to back it will attack

to haunt you til the end…

by martin gedge©

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“RELIEVING”~by Timothy Payton




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Wanting & pursuing Roads of wants & uncertainty…
Unknown & blinded by the demanding urgency…
Deaf to the focus & frequency of self…
Not watching your steps & Commonwealth…

Had it on lock, now you’re losing grip…
Friends & family are starting to see you flip…
Is losing yourself really worth your dreams??
Having the money, fame & everything in between??

Without faith & belief, you will suffocate underneath…
All the unnecessary grief & weight, causing sanity to breach…
What is it truly you want, striving to get & achieve??
Is it something you believe in or just relieving??

written by Timothy Payton



Daily missive for Wednesday the 22nd of May.

What is this meander
As the clock ticks
Time is not a passenger
How does it seem to move
At different speeds
From one moment
To the next
Whilst waiting anxiously
Quick quick slow
How much longer
Left to go
Glancing this way and that
It proceeds
A cavalier digression
Heartless moments
An impersonal procession
With little or no regard
Wish it gone
If you dare
The swiftness of its departure
Can lead to dark despair
As it slips through your fingers
When will it stop
It rarely lingers
The spring wound down
Is an inconvenience
Not an end
The station platform
Needs a clock
But more than that
It needs a timetable
To be relied upon
Equally regulated
To find the train situated
More often than not
At the right stop
Not too early
Or too late
Measure my heart rate
It will take some beating
Before it breaks
Balance the movement
Lest we lose
What little time we have
In the pause
That comes between
One tick-
And an approaching

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Thunder~by rldubour




Image result for put down the gun and knife

Mankind had not learned how to hear
To what the heart so wants to say.
We dwell instead on yesterdays
and let our past get in the way.

Man has responsibility,
And it’s not for seeking power.
Some crawl like serpents filled with greed
What’s in their way they’ll devour.

We’ve lost the core of human life
To those who think that they are right.
Lay down your weapons gun and knife
Give peace a chance no need to fight.

This strangulation of mankind
Is breeding too much disrespect.
Discipline has now gone blind
Moral values are no longer checked.

We lost the meaning of human life
And every day we hear of this.
Too busy are the man and wife
The family word does not exist.

There is much work ahead for us
To learn and then to understand.
Let us not make the thunder fuss
We must put lightning in our hands.

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MY SHEPHERD~by Saroj K Padhi




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My Shepherd is a strange guy
who loves to wander on the snow-peaked mountains
like a gentle wind,
sits beside the streams tuning his flute to the ripples
of their murmurs as I wait behind;
furtively He looks at my image in the waters
to know my moods
and in His silent reflection over the valley
over issues deep He seriously broods;
I love to be a lamb in His hug under the dark roof
of His snow-covered hut where He dwells
and as a glorious Sun kisses the meadows in morn
watch how the chest of the stream swells;
flowers of multiple hues bloom as the wind of His breath
touches off the sweet shrubs and trees
He presents me million iris, lilacs, poppies, tulips and roses,
as I smell Him in the aroma of Kikar bunches
swung by whiffs of a gentle breeze;
my Shepherd takes holy dip in a secret lake
where waters hardly rub off dust from His body
and serpents around His neck hiss in tune with
peacocks that dance with souls for more rain greedy;
I love my Shepherd’s waxing icy touches around my soul
in the dark caves of my waning rock-hard body.


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Biding Time*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



DXXXVIII ~> Biding Time*

DXXXVIII ~> Biding Time*
(Opus538 ~> Biding Time)
Biding time searching for elusive prime;
Mimics the dog barking at the wrong tree.
It proves mistaking the nature of time
Like trickling down feeding tributary
Weighing the stream into the estuary:
Time is one continuum behemoth;
Waiting for it is mentally uncouth!
Nor the tick-tick-tock of the stately clock
Suspended athwart the smoldering hearth
Calibrate the commotion in the block
In synch with the rotation of the earth
Parleyed by bulging equatorial girth:
Biding time to set sailing with the tide
Modulates the heartbeat for a smooth ride!
Watching the opposite gender parade,
To showcase their most vaunted attributes;
Serves your favorite kind of escapade
Until your sense of judgment convolutes
To introduce delirious absolutes:
Biding time indulges futility;
Verging on self-induced senility!
*Hook image (LakeBaikalFrozen4H538.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Lakes cyber collection, reached my email inbox by gratis subscription.
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Don’t ever give up~by Teddy Theophilus Seyon



Title: Don’t ever give up
Sub Title: Suicide is never an option

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Life is totally a game of mystery
many are joyfully celebrated in fame 
while several others wilder sorrowfully in pain
what a lesson to learn and hint to glue at the back of your brain.

when life gets tough and the road turn narrow,
pulled down by the traps of your enemies and devour by the power of their greed. As you slowly go down the pit of death like Jonah and your hope begin to melt like an ice and future concealed in despair
Don’t ever give up!!!

Living in a perpetual state of ill-treatment
over a decades your heart cannot find joy, a million kilometers smile sits away from your face. entangled with challenges like Cinderella and a sign of relief you cannot see
Dont ever give up!!!

Neglected by friends, abandoned by family and ostracized by society, your face gets wrinkle by
the power of grief and your heart turn pale from the sorrow that is within. Like Job you’re Lost in perplexity and nailed to predicament,
when life cannot get a quench and there’s no one to give you a helping hand
Don’t ever give up,!!!

When depression keeps coming your way, and bullying becomes the order of the day; you start to loose your grip and go astray. When there’s no umbrella to guide you from the blazing sun ray and there’s no trusted friend to wipe the tears from your poor lonely face.
Don’t ever give up!!!!

Life is dynamic
situations are panoramic
Mankind should be altruistic
together we can make this universe a better place.

By : Teddy Theophilus Seyon
Writer, Humanitarian & Natural scientist

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