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Cancer~by rldubour




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When someone mentions cancer you would like to think of this.

The 4th sign of the zodiac in astrology and all its’ likeliness.

Or some of you might even think, the tropic of Cancer.

The northernmost latitude reached by the sun, is the answer?

But, most likely when you hear this word it’s usually meant to be.

Something evil or malignant that spreads destructively.

With modern medicine so advanced if caught early one might stand a chance.

With special treatment and proper care ones prognosis will enhance.

Might be an operation or hormone treatments or maybe some chemotherapy.

Whatever course you choose to take this is the reality.

When it strikes a family member that word becomes much worse.

You get this helpless feeling and pray recovery is the course.

There are many types of cancer as well as where it can be found.

One has to think in this day and age why this evil is more abound?

I pray that there will be a day when the earth is cancer free.

As they research this evil cell, we will have to wait and see.

That would be nice for all of us if no one had to face.

The health and happiness we once had as cancer does replace.

Until they I do I will pray for you to feel good once again.

Not only are you my brother, you’re one of my best friends!

Whatever you decide for treatment we are right here be your side.

Supporting you with family love with each day that goes by.

Face each day with courage and never lose your faith.

Your guardian angel is beside you with every step you take.

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” BE A BEACON OF PEACE ” # 171~by Michael Patton




Didn’t you go to kindergarten and learn your ABC’s ?
Well it looks like you never got farther in your philosophies.
Why the heck you playing dead from this stark reality?
As you strain your neck to bury your head from life’s atrocities.

I tried my best to wake you but you were never quite asleep.
But how was I to know you were playing hide and go seek?
Hiding behind your God façade simply praying for peace.
While the rest of us have shovels cause the shits getting deep.

I hope your God forgives you cause I certainly can’t.
Be a hero not a zero cause we got enough of them.
If your not doing nothing for the peace of mankind.
Than to me your less than human and a waste of my time.

There are seven billion ears out there that I’m trying to reach.
Without sounding condescending or like I’m practicing a speech.
So if you just need guidance then I’m willing to teach.
But if you need convincing then I’m out of your league.

The clock is ticking and the lines have been drawn.
It’s peace versus war from this moment on.
War’s winning now cause they have all the weapons.
But peace will prevail if we all are relentless.
Don’t stop now cause we’re building momentum.
Can you feel it now like a change in the weather.
A break in the storm clouds as we’re banding together.
Reaching new heights as birds of a feather.
Flocking and talking like peace pushing peddlers.
The world needs your voice now more than ever.
So give it your all in this noble endeavor.
What greater legacy can you leave for your life?
Than to leave a better world for the next generation in line.
Your voice is so needed to bring change to these things.
The world needs more Gandhi’s, Lennon’s and Martin Luther Kings.

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Argyll Street~by Jeremy J Croucher



Argyll Street

Central station, Argyll Street
running through the city
towers in its grandeur still
above the street and pretty

Once proudly known at Westergait
and over two miles long
Four hundred years of history
adds to Glasgow’s song

And though its heritage has changed
with progress over time
It’s vista is undaunted as
Argyll Street still looks fine


Photo (Jempics) – Central Station, Argyll Street Bridge, Glasgow. Opened in 1879. Extended in 1901. Originally known as Westergait, Argyll Street led west from Trongate to the city’s West Port, the western gate out of the city’s walls. It was renamed in honour of the Duke of Argyll, some time after the removal of the West Port in 1751, as a result of the expansion of the city westward.

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The Rescuer~by Nina Grace



The Rescuer

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For you think there is no hope
When you’re down and weary
When you think you may not cope
As the days are more dreary.
When you think no one understands
And you’re feeling all alone
Your misery expands
Your heart is turning stone.
Just when you begin to trip
And you’re going for the fall
The Lords tender hand will grip
Because he’s the best rescuer of all

©Nina Grace

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JUSTICE~by Dipendra Kumar




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(Italian Quatrain)
JUSTICE was triggered and shot to dead
The Chaos in the air made us blind
we saw then we did not saw, we lost mind
for interrogation JUSTICE wrote in blood if we read.
JUSTICE died for only you and no me
when the gun decides, why do you need
JUSTICE with blindfolded-eye in COURTS look great indeed
Pardon if we cried and wept JUSTICE to see.
Poet © Dipendra

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In the End:~by Mohammed Michael Harfoush



In the End:

We think so highly of ourselves, don’t we?
What we were put here for, what we could be,
What we will do, what we won’t, if we’re free—
If not in mind and body—to believe.

We contemplate our whole lives as they pass.
We question every moment—every task.
We share our secrets, hoping others care.
We want our deeds recounted by our heirs.

This life will whisk on by the more we try
To hold it in our hands, squeeze, and deny
That we have no control, so just give in;
Realize we’re all just stories in the end.

© 2017 Mohammed Michael Harfoush

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the last hours~by Ravindranath Kunnath



the last hours

It was the last hours
For me
Indeed it was
The flood water around
Me,now stagnant
Any time it will rise
Wee lights
No where
For me
It was the last hours
Some one
Lit a cigar
May be the last one
In his trousers
When will the ship arrive
It will come
Iam experiencing
Iam an experiencer..
Thats why
Iam saying
It was the last hours.
A female voice
Dear iam very passionate
Oh dear
Iam dis passionate
Iam saying
It was the last hours

Do you believe me
Iam an experiencer and
Dis passionate..
Do you follow
And say aloud
It was
Indeed it was
The last hours
Wee lights will brighten
And the bells toll for us.


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Tideling # 1~by Hela Tekali



Tideling # 1

Chastisement , admonition
Heaven gates,God adoration
Earth springs, water pouring

Furious wind, palm trees
Mighty blast, bodies freeze
Earth springs, water pouring

Violent wind,stone showers
Thank givers ,blessed flowers
Earth springs, water pouring

Signs rejected
Mighty seizure

Earth springs, water pouring
Lord warning!

Fate, fire, hell.

Jenayah Hela

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Suddenly ……….. ~by Swapna Behera



Suddenly ………..

Suddenly the lightning passes
From head to the toe
When the word BRAHMA descends

Suddenly flowers blossom
Everywhere spreads the carpets of passions
inviting the Emperor
to walk with grandeur

Suddenly the lightning spreads
When in the cuddle of the beloved
Visible and invisible songs swirl
Tons of dreams become poems in the feasts
All rhythms sow the Ragas of the monsoon

Suddenly lightning spreads
When in the horse race
one compromises betting the soul
in the open market

suddenly lightning spreads
the whole night drizzles
emancipation soaks with emotions
sweetest ever melody the life sings……..
copy right @Swapna Behera 24.5.2017

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From early days of marriage, my dear,
We quarreled on each and every thing dear
You wanted too many children, no?
I insisted on only one or two maximum.
You quarreled on what and how I wear
I quarreled on your late arrivals here
You quarreled on food, excess salt I add
I quarreled on your accusations of my dad
You quarreled on mischief acts of children
I quarreled on washing machine’s hell run
You quarreled on my purchases from bakery
I quarreled on your spending on brewery
You quarreled on my courting relatives
I quarreled on your quoting expletives
You quarreled on my inquiry on savings
I quarreled on your lavish on siblings
We quarreled on almost all things possible
Still we loved each other as much as feasible
You even used to threaten me of tying up
Now you lay in front of me, chin, thumbs tied up
You always asked me to shut my mouth up
Now you lay in front of me, shut your eyes
I am yelling, trying to wake you up, crying
Asking to stand up, pull me up, quarrel
Instead, someone else now pulling me back
Trying to pacify me but how come I can calm?
You do know how much we loved our quarrel
It was not quarrel, they call it surreal!
As we shared everything, including quarrel,
Now it is my turn to share my heart beat, dear,
If you could share, spare me a bit more tear!


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