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ILLUSION~by Renáta Császár




words and pictures
must enter realities

create them

then create new ones
again and again
let others step in
then throw them away
as expired items

and create new ones
with broken heart
each world
thrown away
is the death of your real self


everything is illusion
dreams dreamt in people
aching for losses

created world
is attached to its
toning it’s beauty
the fear of loss
the mood of passing by
the grieve
hidden in the still lively

trying to stop the moments
that take you to the end
touched by the beauty

drowning in reality
in the inexorable
change of life

you die

or more

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WHEN WE ARE IN LOVE~by Anil Kumar Panda




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Like a whiff of morning wind
You brush past me in a hurry
Walking a distance you stop, turn
And whisper that you are sorry

The wind plays with your hair
You keep waiting for a while
I approach you with open arms
You fall into their grip with a smile

You brush past me in a hurry
And stop at a distance smiling
A seed of love is sprouting in you
You are ready to gift me for nurturing

With heart brimming with love
You brush past me feeling shy
I run after you to hold your hands
We are in love, our souls soar high

Copy right reserved
@ Anil Kumar Panda 2018

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2018

Summer Days~by Jeremy J Croucher



Summer Days

On the beach at low water
watching seagulls at play
the view here at Worthing
around the wide bay
of the coastline in Sussex
bathed in a blue
reflecting the sky
is a joy to eschew

So what better thing
than to sit and just gaze
at the sea and the water
on these summer days?


Photo – Worthing Beach (from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018) – Jempics


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The Girl That Makes Me Smile~by rldubour



The Girl That Makes Me Smile

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Lord you know it’s been awhile.
Since I met a girl that makes me smile.
I don’t ask for much but I ask this.
To hear that voice filled with tenderness.
The little things she does and say.
Just makes me smile all the day.
The little things we share in life.
When she makes me smile it all seems right.
And as long as I am requesting won’t make it all that much.
Just to hear her voice again and feel her tender touch.
Don’t know why I feel this way; You know it’s been awhile.
Since You let me meet someone that always makes me smile.
I thank you God for everything that You gave to me.
I thank you for all the little things that You let me see.
I thank you for my life and everything worthwhile.
And most of all I thank you Lord for the girl that makes me smile.

R.L. DuBour



Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 26th of May.

Will there be a fanfare
Whistles and balloons
A marching jazz band
Playing Colonel Bogey
On kazoos as a drum majorette
In epaulettes and peaked cap
Twirls a baton
What makes her throw it higher
Than her capability
How does the glitter stay
On her face
With so much effort expended
In maintaining a smile
Sweat is a dew drop
On her nose
Random memories
Bubble up from the pit
Of my existence
Somewhere deep
In the Solar Plexus
A system
Around which
All of one’s feelings seem
To rotate
I fear they will run counter
To my desires
And make me dizzy
With the irregularity
Of their elliptical orbit
Why do odd things
Carry weight
When so much ruin
Has been accumulated
Without recourse
To a rerun
Over subscription is rarely blessed
With a return policy
Once meted unequal lots
Are sealed
What will be revealed
When truth is uncovered
As a charlatan
Random events direct
Our path if we tread blindly
Fate is a prison
We need to escape
It is a design flaw
The proposition of chaos
Bound in a theory
Is an irony
When will I know when enough
Is truly enough

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Distressed~by Paul Lenzi





“Desert” by Peter Booth

beside themselves
noises of war in their ears
poets in pain



From my books Onionskin and Riverthink

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Mapling~by Paul Lenzi




Three Bucket Maple-22x30 inch watercolour on paper

“Three Bucket Maple” by Bruce Sherman

sapwood straddles

the freeze line

sun-made sugar

drawn into liquor

of lifeblood

that quickens the

root and the branch

obverse natures of

xylem and phloem

in rise and descent

overlapping that

uncertain seam

between seasons

life coursing

enriching tall

tissues and cells

with new nectar

near sweet come

in yield to the tap

rustic business

this harvest of

delicate gifts

learned from

reverent hands of

indigenous centuries

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Child of the summer~by Jeremy J Croucher



Child of the summer

To sit in the sunshine
now summer is here
brings me fulfilment
coupled with cheer
For this is my time
I’m at one with the sun
a child of the summer
now winter is done


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics


Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2018

DOWN HILL~by Adama Joof




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down hill is sweet
down hill is less efficiency
downhill makes you forget the pass
after from a long way of struggling
I was climbing up
now that am flying down
what do I mean by down hill?
is when you’re success
after from a long way hustling
struggling and bustling
In a very critical temple
A typical example
I travelled through risk
by sleeping on streets without task
overseas by hopeless boats
for better tomorrow to avoid drying of throats
oh down hill is sweet
am coming to my family by plane
happily without trough the pain lane

By -Adama Joof

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2018

“WHEN THE STORY ENDS”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “WHEN THE STORY ENDS” by martin gedge

Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, twilight, outdoor, nature and water

Take the time to set your mind
to every tick and toc
the hands erase an aging face
like winding down the clock
to take a breath the lasting left
a certain fall from grace
the wrinkled skin soul bitter thin
you lose the sense of taste
the beating heart a frail remark
has lost the will to dance
and through the eye as shadows bye
you need the second glance
and with each step you don’t forget
the reflection in the frame
your poised to say the silver grey
flickers in the flame
you laid the track from front to back
a story of your own
that far from here the coast is clear
you find yourself back home
a quiet peace a warming breeze
to sit amongst the blue
both far and wide a country side
you paint an ocean view
and unaware that wheelchair
you stare the distant night
and feel the take for heavens wake
will break before the light….

by martin gedge ©,

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