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Daily missive for Friday the 13th of September.~by Peter Foster



Daily missive for Friday the 13th of September.

Shadows flicker upon the wall
Hungry flames
Devour me
One bite at a time
My lungs are the bellows
Feeding the fire
With excess oxygen
Still black
From the old days
Coal tar cast-offs
Distorted surfaces
Bubbling beneath the woodchip
Open cracks, cobwebbing
In a blister pack
Where do spiders hide in winter
When the snow falls
There is a nip in the air
Sharp enough
To crack a skull
Condensation on a window
Is a giveaway
On a cold day
The duvet is more like home
Than an escape pod
There is no reason to move
Beyond the discarding
Of dead skin
Perhaps I have outgrown
Like a serpent, a constrictor
Or am I the spider
Who ate the fly
An exoskeleton
With nothing but
Emptiness on the inside
There is no fire
No searing heat
Or burning promise
Not here, not now
In a timepiece
A stillness
Of broken clocks
And smoke signals,
Snuffed out, by candlelight

Friday! Time for an American Hero! Today is:


American Heroes

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (1913-2005)

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Born in Tuskegee, Alabama

To Leona and James McCauley

Of African, Cherokee-Creek

And Scots-Irish ancestry.


Father was a carpenter

Mother was a teacher

Rosa had a younger brother

His name was Sylvester


Rosa was a small child

Suffered from poor health.

Chronic tonsillitis mom

Always by her side to help.


When her parents separated

They moved to grandparents’ farm

Just outside of Montgomery

She thought was her lucky charm.


Attending rural schools

Until the age of eleven.

Taking academic and vocational

Courses was the discretion.


Then attending teachers college

Set up by the state of Alabama

Was forced to drop out to care

For ailing grandma and mamma.


In nineteen hundred and thirty- two

She married Raymond Parks.

Taking numerous jobs from domestic

Worker to Hospital Aide she did embark.


Racial segregation was imposed

In public faculties and retail stores.

Enforcing  seating sections on buses

The Jim Crow law did implore.


In December of forty-three

Was active in the civil rights movement.

A chapter in the NAACP

Seeking for improvement.


December first of fifty-five

In Montgomery, Alabama

Bus driver James F. Blake

Did not avoid the drama.


He ordered her to give up her seat

In the colored section.

Rosa took offence to this

And resisted bus segregation.


Her act of defiance became

An international symbol of

The modern movement

And much more thereof.


Receiving national recognition

Including the NAACP’s

Rosa McCauley Park

An heroine in history.

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You appear
As glimpse of lightening
Travelling to earth
My eyes catch it
With a passion sheer!

It looks from
Behind mountains
Glowing in sun-set shine
Enter my closed eyes
While trying to meditate
You look as bright light
Dancing travels to wonder

Why surrounding
Darkness Feels sad?
But you create flashing
Fireworks playing beautiful
Divine music playing
Soothing rhymes enter
To make ears feel ecstasy
As serenity engulfs my being
May be night turns
To be a day bright ever

Sparks come to cool the breaths
Tense flames go to surrender
Peace smiles, silence dances
Heart keeps throbbing but
Without making a noise to beat
Wish to see you
Through all this phenomenon
May take me to feel
Pleasures of infinite heaven.
Hope! You’ll keep me
In your heart not to depart
And teach me the art
To feel death while
Being on lease
In this mortal shell.
(C) Jagjit Singh Zandu (Jit)
@ September 2019

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Lands End~by Jeremy J Croucher

9 of 12 in “The Bucket List” series from Jemverse


Lands End

A cold day in February
two thousand and seven
when we finally got to Lands End
on the southernmost tip
of the fine Cornish coast
awaiting us just like a friend

John O’Groats signposted
a long way to the north
we’ve yet to get there but here
Its southernmost relation
was waiting to bring
each of us plenty of cheer


Photo – Jempics [Lands End had long been a top UK ‘bucket list’ item]

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THINGS THAT BIND~by Orji Chiemerie




There were things that bind.
The escape in the laughter over the phone
the bridge across the songs we sang along from our parallel
conversations hovering around our favorite constellation
the presence of an absence that glares an essence beats down our defence
vacancy breeds truancy
one for eternity
perfect pieces
a healthy disease
sunset beaches
a captivating release

There were things that bind

Body ashore
tomb assure
Island awareness
ship wreck

There were things that bind
They lay in hue
bed in the blue.

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GOOD DAY TO AWAKEN~by Stephen J Miles




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We’ll Never Forget~by Andree Malenoir‎



We’ll Never Forget

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There’s poetry within your deep dark eyes~by Fred Tunks



There’s poetry within your deep dark eyes

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There’s poetry in everything that you do and all which I see

There’s poetry within your deep dark eyes

Leaving me longing and getting me high

Come write a poem with me tonight

Pen it with tender kisses and indelible touches

Scribe it in ink made from passionate sweat

Come write a poem so dam juicy and wet that I’ll be a slave to the lines … Forever

We are a just a version of sweet tender ryhmes and it’s simply amazing how you move me sometimes

Come write a poem of love with me tonight


© frederickgtunks

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I gave you my heart freely~by Nalini Starr



I gave you my heart freely

I gave you my heart freely
With love and so much more
But you were not ready
You wanted to explore
To see how many
You could score
You told me
There were many fish
In the sea
And I would have to wait
You wanted to see
How much you could bait
But you couldn’t find a love like mine
Which was real and true
You wanted to come back to me again
But honey, this heart stopped loving you
It got tired of your games.
And waiting on you.

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