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Unconventional Beauty — R. A. Douglas

A garden falling from the heavens Dust in the clouds. Particles in earthen tones floating in the air. Starlights like light bulbs, swinging to and fro. Delusional illusions? Prettiness and madness, asunder and together. What wonder…” R. A. Douglas April 1, 2017

via Unconventional Beauty — R. A. Douglas

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Jailed heart~by Hela Tekali



Jailed heart

I am locked in my chamber inside
With my heart caged forever
Your love was bitter , cold and blind
I could not escape its stormy weather.

Love is mourning its loss
Drown in a world without pity
As a stone man you have become its boss
An entire ocean without deity.

Cruelty fearlessly drinks my essence
Such a bitter taste I muse,
Silence becomes my enslaving presence
With its ompnipresence , I willingly fuse.

I still hunger for human light
Jailed in my chamber of disaster
Forever caged with demons of the night
O bitter tempters! I am your eternal fighter.

I am jailed within the brain of ghostly chamber
I hear , far off , its bitter prison forever
A music and eerie faint echoes my slumber
As if the slamming doors of my heart will never stop! never !

Jenayah Hela
Jailed heart

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2017

the clowns last laugh 🤡 ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by the poet Ron DuBour
In whose poems I can’t help but comment !


the clowns last laugh 🤡

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I wonder if man has a choice
all choices left to his demise
he gathers more hate around
no space left to turn around
As he goes in a life further in him
to waste no time to crack him in
he was once that time to live in
no time …too late now
who does care
in a life to make just be merry ensnare
the wiles in life to expose
that was a life we once lived
in its love to feel in us
now that life is gone to another world
where pixies live in a fairies world
give me that world to live again
in its time to spend again
when people just laughed in a life so cool
where everyone loved in it to drool
a life of love to paint our blues
now its gone in the clouds
we dream of you
come back to us
we want to live in you

The clown just laughed
and shut his book
the book he loved
in which he loved to live
now gone in it still
a life of destitute he lived
he now just laughs
in its world
No more the clown
Clown in me life
In your laugh
my tears
just shed
In my tears

— with Lopamudra Mishra and 60 others.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2017

Love is that~by Bijoy Bhakat



Love is that

Love is that
what makes you happy
Love is that
what makes you cool…
Love is that
what makes you soft
Love is that
what makes you beautiful ..

Love is that
what makes you kind
Love is that
what makes you wise..
Love is that
which gives you courage
Love is that
which gives good advise.

Love is that
what makes you pure
Love is that
what makes you soft…
Love is that
which gives the power
to overcome all hurdles
and helps you to go to the top…

Love is that
what makes you monarch
Love is that
what makes you king..
Love is that
which brings peace in mind
Love is that
which brings the Autumn Summer and Spring…

Bijoy Bhakat@

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2017

Bob Marley Seagull~by Jeremy J Croucher



Bob Marley Seagull

It was raining in Brighton
and, strolling back to the car
parked there in Ann Street
from the centre, not far
We paused to admire
on the wall, ‘cross the way
some graffiti scrawled quickly
but with something to say

And in contemplative mood
we pondered the depth
penned by those words
whilst at our feet, quite perplexed
A young seagull ran by
so as not to intrude
For to spoil this fine moment
would have bordered on rude

Was there metaphor here?
Bob would have been proud
‘No woman, no cry’
is still shouting loud


Photo – Ann Street Graffiti, Brighton, Sussex, UK – Jempics


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LIFE IS A TRIANGLE~by Williamsji Maveli




” Life is a triangle in its fine name, 
Love holds high spirits in a frame “

Triangle was the primitive Image,

Tantric birth for tradition of a cage,

Object to the worship of the Yantra

Female symbol of soft love mantra

In Greek, this is a sacred alphabet,

Genital holy place, source to go wet,

Triangle represents a virgin Moon,

A vessel of the fish like genital sign

Leisurely, lust washed in holy rain

Womanly enclosure smells in pain

Mother Kali herself appeared nude,

Love prevails everywhere in mood,

As a pure sign of a goddess virginity,

Triangle hides secrets of the holy trinity.

” Life is a triangle in its fine name,
Love,holds high spirits in a frame ”

Written by Williamsji Maveli

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SUNDAYS ONLY~by Stephen Miles




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The Kiss Of Death~by Khalid Belkhalfi



The Kiss Of Death

The Kiss Of Death written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi



I just heard a cracking sound
The cry of a big thunder
The speech of pain,
The whine of a lost hope …

The doors of hell are opening …

My soul has just been hoisted
I’m being tossed into inferno
I see dark faces,
I see sufferings, I see hell
I’m full of shame,
I’m guilty of my sinful acts
I have no one to blame …

I have committed a crime
I’ve entered the forbidden realm
I’ve walked into a cursed garden
Full of beautiful trees, beautiful flowers
I was charmed by its beauty
And my soul was rocked
by the sounds of its fountains …

My eyes caught a magical tulip
She was dancing with her naked body
On the night breeze she grooved
With effortless grace she swayed
She didn’t care if I was Looking
While all my body was shaking …

My soul became her miserable slave
I was a prisoner of her dark enclave
I was addicted to her sweet smell
I was falling in love, falling in hell
I was absorbed with her freshness
And I wanted to reach her softness
So with my sinful hands I cut her
And with all of my heart I hugged her …

Suddenly, the scene was shifted
To a room of a dark queen I was lifted
Chained to her bed, my body was abated
She opened her mouth to suck my soul
She was happy to have captured this fool …

Then, I closed my eyes to get ready
And I received the last kiss of death …

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Play a Song for Him~by Nina Grace



Play a Song for Him

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Play a violin and
Watch the pain
Roll down his face
Play a guitar and
His heart will race
Play the piano and
Watch his body
Fill with pleasure
Sing a song for
Him that he
Will always treasure
Play the symphony
With pain and let
The orchestra fill
The sky with rain
Play a song for him

©Nina Grace

Image from ARTDOXA

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2017

Feathers in the Wind~by Amanda Moubarak



Feathers in the Wind

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