“Life and Death a complete enigma”

He’s life with a hands soft as silk
and his body white as snow
he toils the midday wind
millions doors are open
with anxiety, he’s always invited in.

many welcome him with tears,
while others loose him in regrets.
He offers no second Chance
though always treated with care.

His hands are dynamic,
in it lies a beacon of hope
Mr Life is a wonder man;
with imagination he takes you to your future land.

On a mandate of three scores and ten
he provides mankind an opportunity to twist and turn.

Once he’s gone, he turns a temple run
rushing next door to light another soul on.
he’s life, he’s never restore
when let out of the window.

He’s a friend to embrace
anf a companion to the human race.
Be amaze when he’s still
rumbling around your palace
reflecting in your image.


Death, a complete mystery of the Universe
Black as darkness and fearful as fear
he comes without an alert
there’s no time to bid farewell
he’s an uninvited guest

His visit to one is a reminder to all
he creeps during midnight like a shadow under the moonlight
spreading his tentacles, beheading every chosen souls

Death is conscienceless,
in his quest, he doesn’t Cares about years
Even small, older, grown or bigger
his mission is to stab life with a dagger
cause electrical shock
and switch off man’s breaker

encircle by the lust of causing disaster
Mr Death takes with him the favorite treasure hidden in man’s coffer.

he leaves man’s face in grimace and
his destiny drowns in a river of apocalypse

Death, is a friend that scares
and a complete nightmare

he hits and run
he never returns
when let out of the gun
Be aware, death is on the hunt

By Teddy Theophilus Seyon
# Writer, humanitarian and Natural scientist

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

” ORANGE CRUSH “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” ORANGE CRUSH ” by martin gedge

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If a simple smile could say the words

you feel inside your heart

if your eyes were the beacons of the soul

then every sight of your porch light

like burning candles in the night

I hold you in the flicker of the glow

if the magic in the music was like symphony and song

if the fireworks could shoot right to the moon

then every beat that our eyes meet

from every high on heaven street

are like roses from the seeds of summer bloom

if you took to pen and paper writing messages of love

if you tossed it in a bottle to the sea

then every tide from ocean floor

to riding waves onto your shore

then truly girl your were surely meant for me

if you close your eyes and made a wish

in the hopes that it comes true

if you prayed to god to thank your lucky stars

then circumstance leads to a chance

of sweet hellos and soft romance

then Venus should be dancing on your Mars …

by martin gedge©

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

The Dew~by Ami Joshi



The Dew

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Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

Revisiting a friend~by Jeremy J Croucher

No 4 of 12 in the Jemverse series ‘Back to the sea’


Revisiting a friend

There is no other sound quite like it
It is unique, it is sublime
Like a constant whisper out there
When it’s calm and weather’s fine

Or then when wind decides to blow
And storms come from the North
It is like a constant thunder
As the waves slam back and forth

It is a mystery to me
But it’s also like a friend
An ever-changing story
With no beginning and no end


Photo – Jempics

Friend” was originally published on Jemverse on 3 May 2014

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

Just having you next to me~by Fred Tunks



Just having you next to me

Image may contain: one or more people

Just having you next to me
and wrapped up my arms
It’s a feeling that’s hard to
believe and harder to express
It’s knowing I’m not alone
It warms my soul to the bone
It gives me a feeling of home
It’s kinda like biscuits and
gravy on Sunday morning
And it’s a feeling I wouldn’t
trade for all of tea in China

© frederickgtunks

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

Dancing with a Dream~by Fred Tunks



Dancing with a Dream

Image may contain: one or more people, night, sky and outdoor

Once I dreamed about a dream
And made a wish upon a star
Wasn’t feeling any pain
Life had been good to me so far

But I had been a long time lonely
And it was just as if I only had a chance
I would be so grateful for a romance
With a good girl meant for me

And so the days they passed me by
But when I saw you I knew why
I asked you if you liked to dance
And if you might wanna take a
chance on finding glee

Then as I took your hand in mine
I felt as if you had been there forever
Aw I wasn’t just feeling clever from the wine
But indeed our love was real and then this
is how you’re supposed to feel
When you are dancing with your dream
You one time wished upon a star




Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 20th of April.

A wind in torment
A sand blown Banshee
Blinding me
To a reason
For this journey
Storm fresh leaves
Torn away
Too soon
Bleed in the afternoon
Screaming in silence
For connection
In the tumble down
Orange and gold
Become brown
In the lightning strike
Needlepoint rain
Cuts through the
Sealing ice in the veins
Frozen hearts
Never melt
Stranded in blue
Torn in two
More topsy than turvy
A star crossed
Drags up the topsoil
Digs in the dirt
Rolls in black oil
Throwing up
A smokescreen
To hide a wounded
Sorrowed by the storm
Why did we come
To this gathering
Of broken things
A hurricane of
With nothing to do
But remember
What on earth
This wholly rolling ball
Is for.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

When the Music Stops*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



DXVIII ~> When the Music Stops*

DXVIII ~> When the Music Stops*
(Opus518 ~> When the Music Stops)
When the music stops, let the silence dream
Up the beginnings of another song;
One depicting a more vivacious theme,
Celebrating how well you walk among
The throng with whom you rightly don’t belong:
The echo chambers of your reverie
Conjure some dreams to make a memory!
When the music swells before it subsides,
It lends an augur your dreams shall recur;
Keeping it alive through countless divides,
You find succor when injuries endure
Nor harsh penalties further shall incur:
Counting your blessings when the music stops
Beats testing your inklings for more foul ups!
Messages wove into a rhapsody,
Prove the most effective mode of contact;
With much ease, souls embrace the melody
Through time produce a more lasting impact;
In substance and spirit remain intact:
Some sins you covet admit forgiveness;
When the music stops, don’t quit on kindness!
*Hook image (LakeBaikal05H518.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Landscapes cyber collection reached my email inbox by gratis subscription.
Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2019

Alias, Ice Cold Eyes!~by rldubour



Alias, Ice Cold Eyes!

Image result for Peter Cottontail bad guy

There goes Peter Cottontail
He’s off to jail with no bail.
Hip pity hop, that’s the trend today.

Instead of eggs he’s packing guns
He thought that this would be more fun
Hip pity hop, he has changed his ways.

From stealing cars to snorting drugs
He became a two bit thug
Hip pity hop, he even changed his name.

A street name now he does go by
He claims his name is, “Ice cold eyes!”
Hip pity hop, just who do we blame?

He terrorizes the neighborhood
They claims he is misunderstood.
Hip pity hop, he has no more shame.

He was never taught what’s wrong or right
He’ll break into your home at night.
Hip pity hop, don’t get in his way.

From pimping whores to robbing stores
This is all he’s living for
Hip pity hop, this is how he plays.

This world is not safe this present day
Seems our young have gone astray.
Hip pity hop, they choose the violent way.

Many changes has to be
If we’re to live in harmony.
Hip pity hop, why can’t more people see?


Greed and violence everywhere
Yet still have time to ban school prayers.
Hip pity hop, what does Easter mean?

Our world is really in a mess
I said my case and now I’ll rest.
Hip pity hop, I pray for better days.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2019

In the other world ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by Ron DuBour


In the other world

In my suicide I contemplated the life in me to become the love others sought in me
I was the useless wretch brought to be
in a life not fit ..misfit in me

blank me out ..give me another life
to take me to another world free of strife
where people live in others lives
To paint the sky in rainbows of life
In the dewdrops falling on misty tops

where the sun dips to welcome another day
in its love to never go come another day
in it to let birds fly free
in their home to nest and be
in the hues of life to paint
in it to be
in their colourful wings
so free
in it to dip in the ocean to feel the vast sea
in the present to dwell in the past
a life lived in life to forever last
where everyone lives never to get lost
where oceans listen to nights call
to the beat of the heart in twilights call
where the heart cries to be free
bring me that breath to breathe in me
the smells of life that fill me in a love
so soft in it to be
like the clouds in the sky flying with glee
in it to just touch and be with me
where life just beats in ecstasy
to the rhythm of life to beat in me
in that world I want to live
in it to feel my being in me
in it my heart to rest me
where no one tells me what to be
loving me as if it was me
no other to live and cry in me

where life is just fun so full of me
where it beats in one accord
to its music to sing and dance as no one
in its will fancy free
treading on no toes
tiptoeing to be the love in me
give me that world to sink and be
the floating cloud to be just me
to love and love only to become me

life in that world I want to live
where hatred lives in love to kill
where wars are not fought
where people are not bought
where the air is rare so pure and still

where people love for its own sake
where hate abates its fire to take
where fumes don’t go up in guns to break
in sounds of wars in it life to take

give me that world so pure to be
in it my life to live in me

where atoms are made to piece life
in it not dissect in bombs of life
give me with me that life to take
in loves fluid to flow and mate with life
in it ..it’s heaven to take
in its hell ..in it to never break

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