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“For You Are The Everything”~by Susie Garfunkel



“For You Are The Everything”

My true love how I love you
Even though they say stay away
My ears refuse to listen
Because my heart is what I obey
I loved you from the start
You mean everything and more
They won’t win me over
For true love is for sure
Let them throw their shadows
And look at me with hate
My eyes refuse to look at them
For my love for you is great
For You Are The Everything

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REMEMBER I~by Anil Kumar Panda




Remember I
How in the rain of moonlight
You have kissed my hand
And vowed to be my beloved
And my everlasting friend

Remember I
How you felt restless
To meet me in the park
And never wished to leave
Though it had become dark

Remember I
How letters with lip marks
You did throw at me
And your furtive glances
Only I was there to see

Remember I
How you dared the eyes
Of your anxious mother
And for me you could
Have left the world forever

Remember I
The day you began
Avoiding my innocent stare
And your gestures spoke that
You had no time for me to spare

Remember I
Hand in hand you walked
With a billionaires’ son
And later wept before me
Saying a mistake had been done

Remember I

@Tiku 2014

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Touch me and feel pleasure
Thou daughter is calling you;
My father love and lull me,
I’m coming here to delight you.

See me and mirror o’ mother
Ye and me both are same;
A woman never hate her image,
Blame destiny and feel shame

Bring me in world o’ mother
Kill me not in the middle;
I’m the glory o’ nature,
Who always strew sweet smile.

Daughters are not curse to parents
They gift them joy and fame;
Daughters are spring in seasons,
They bloom flowers o’ name.
-Surender Goel

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PASSION~by Rajendra Padhi




Tell me Icarus
Why did you fly close to the sun?
How did you feel falling down?
Icarus said,
The passion hunted me down
Overpowered by a purring desire,
The depth of it unknowable
Like a blind lover empty of reason,
Languorous for dissolution
The glimmer of a moment
We keep dancing to its tune.

Restlessly we fly in shore less sky
Tormented we fall in a stormy sea,
Puffed with a self-willed heart
Ebbed away but worn out we return.

The imprint of tears on sand
Surrender to the tide of time,
It blooms like flowers of spring
Fades when arrows of twilight strike.

We climb up the snowy hill of morn
The sun shine blinds the eyes for joy,
We know not the oasis in a desert
The thirsty travellers search for water
Betrayed by mirage leads them farther
Buried at the end in sand with a sigh.

Composed and copy right- Rajendra k. padhi

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

When the darkest storms surge, ~by Mary Cecil



When the darkest storms surge,

When the darkest storms surge,
When the mighty ocean roils
The tides rise to overwhelm your mind,
And the world descends to a screaming void

And you pray your prayers,
For another life, another moment
In the darkest, dark,
A light still shines

A sanctuary of hope and peace,
Where the lost will find
In the heart of the ocean deep,
The saving grace of life

The strength of endurance,
The vigilant eyes
From times immemorial,
Will guide you there

And the shores will carry you,
And arms will welcome you
To Rathlin’s sanctuary,
Where lights will shine for you.

Mary Cecil
Rathlin Island

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

Last rose of summer~by rldubour




Last rose of summer

The last rose of summer, how long will it stay?

With winter fast approaching in the wind you watch it sway.

The beauty of this flower as it stands alone

Among Mother Nature’s colors, on its private throne.

The beauty of this flower, this has come to be

Holding onto summer, for your eyes to see.


The last rose of summer, how long will it stay?

Before it drops her pedals and quietly slips away.

A reminder of our life that someday it will end.

Is this the message? This last rose does send.

Grew from seed to full bloom now coming to an end.

The beauty that shown through out, compare this to a friend.


The last rose of summer, how long will it stay?

The seeds it dropped will grow again when spring does come our way.

Deep meaning in this beauty this rose does truly give

As the rose goes through its cycle much how we do live.

The rose can mean many things, to all of those that view

To me I see the beauty, of the old and of the new.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

CONFIDENCE~by John Patrick Boutilier




The deceitful call confidence arrogance
Because the confident refuse their dance
Thus giving their tricks no quarter
Giving their lies no sway
Preventing them opportunity
To steal good judgement away

Confidence is mislabeled with aimed intent
To weaken your armour with scratch and dent
It’s an attack upon your modesty
An attempt to cause you shame
A maneuver to gain some control
To force you play their game

When accused of arrogance neither falter nor yield
Maintain the integrity of your armour and shield
Offer them no apology
Remain steadfast and strong
Never forget that you are right
It is they are wrong

The deceitful are the arrogant
They hate and fear the confident
So resist their manipulation
Offer them no ground
Refuse to participate in their games
Frustrate and confound

The arrogant will leave with their nose in the air
Screaming they hate you, they’ll curse and they’ll swear
They’ll hold their breath and stomp their feet
They’re hoping for you to weaken
Enjoy their tantrum with a smile on your face
Knowing they’ve just been beaten

© John Patrick Boutilier, 2014
All Rights Reserved.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

A HAIR IN THE BROW~by Saroj Padhi




You shed me while rubbing your eyes–
In tantalizing grip of a loving itch,
Not knowing when I softly fell
To an overflowing salty well,

Where images of youth swelled
Suffusing your dark, deep eyes
In hues of lovers’ hoary dreams
With heat from their heavy sighs.

You were Love’s first glow then
And I ,a trickle in waves’ dark flow.

How soon hath time
Brought me back to the brink
Where like a leaf fallen
Downward slowly I sink

To kiss the earth of your agony on the lower lid
And find joy there in every little, funny skid,
Till . the wind of your ecstasy blows me to my grave
To silently about some memories of lost love, rave.

Comp. n copy right : saroj k. padhi

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

The Tunnel of Life..~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Tunnel of Life..

life is a tunnel,
Once you get inside,
digging to unravel
the enigmas hidden inside,
from one end to the other,
it was such hard,
such struggle for existence,
the handle of the spade work,
always gone loose,
where do I go to fix them.
In between the tunnel collapses,
the fear of getting buried
under the debri,
hangs over,
but to make a life,
to make a living,
I have to dig it,
open the road from one end
to the other…
the labour pains to give birth,
birth to the light ,
for others safety,
it is life,
the end of the tunnel is death.
you get engrossed in
the ordeals of life so much
that played gimmick
hoodwinking the journey
for the safe arrival of flight
on the runway of life.
forgot death..
waiting at the runway
the end of the tunnel…

By:Akshaya Kumar Das 25/10/2014 Mumbai 9:00 A.M.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

“Dawn to dusk…….”~by Richa Dixit



“Dawn to dusk…….”

Shimmering red dawn,
Glittering gold noon’s,
Dazzling grey dusk ,
And the silver moon,
Sitting at the seashore,
My eyes struck at every glance,
So pure, so true, so pious,
It makes me ponder through,
So musical, though silence spread,
so amiable ,these roses bed,
it holds me at a stance,
from dawn to dusk ,a magic prevails,
that heal me out, that heal me within,
from dawn to dusk, like a child,
I adore this pure love of nature,
That leaves me all divine,
from dawn to dusk, it offers me a revive,
lost in the nature’s world,
I discover the self of mine………

~~richa dixit~~

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