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WIZARD OF WORDS~by Bernard Owor




His art spell bounding
Painter of dreams…
Pacifier of seas
Distraught with emotions
The prince of desires
And conqueror of men
Conjurer of fantasies
With an aura of reality
Bringer of peace
To a mind unsettled
Creator of worlds
Riddled with wonder
He captures the stars
With his magic hat
Master of illusions
That charms the soul
Heightens the spirit
To perpetual bliss
Shooting flames
With a wand of wisdom
Indeed the weather man
Through the storms of life
Transgressor of time
Past and present…
Riding waves in the future
Seducer of hearts
With lines and verses
He speaks with no voice
He sees with no eyes
An angel of hope
With clouds of inspiration
Known by one name
They call him A poet…
Indeed a wizard of words!

By Bernard Owor

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Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of September.

Nothing much happens,
For an hour
Just before dawn,
When he can walk
By Canary Wharf
And think it is the end of days.
The occasional car,
And a night bus
Full of dreary faces,
Staring out,
Glassy eyed,
From a night of excess,
Or the thought of another day,
Cleaning the dirt, from the shoes
Of the city.
And he feels alive.

For the longest time
He forgot what living was,
And hid in shadows,
Waiting for the end.
Hoping it would come,
Wishing his life away.
Living on scraps,
Even the air
Was too rich
For his liking.
But then, he saw her again.
And it all changed.

She drove by
In a soft top,
Hair streaming in the wind.
A princess,
And he knew it was not over.
He would find a way,
To be the man
He used to be.
She would be waiting,
If only he would arrive.
She said so,
And he believed her now.

She wore the ring,
He saw it on her finger,
As she gripped the wheel,
And as she turned her head
He saw the sadness
In her eyes.
The car was her disguise.

All he had to do
Was to turn his life around.
Stop the drinking,
Get a regular job.
Too many nights
Playing cards
In all night bars
Had dulled his senses
To daylight.
But he would be alright.
If only he could make
One last score.
He would never crave
That excitement anymore.
There was too much anxiety involved anyway.
He would find her,
One day.
She would be waiting,
He would bet on it.

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Destination America~NEW YORK~by rldubour

Monday!! Continuing our journey across America (in alpha order) today  we visit the great state of:




The state was named in the 1660s for
The Duke of York and there was no recourse.
Nicknamed the Empire State by George Washington
For its wealth and variety of resource.


The residents are called New Yorkers
The state motto is “Ever Upward.”
In reviewing the events of 9-11 it should be
“Ever Upward and Always Forward!”


The bluebird is the state bird
The state flower is the rose.
The ladybug is the official insect
And the apple is the fruit they chose.


At the beginning New York City was
Chosen the capital of our government.
In 1789 on the balcony at Federal Hall
George Washington took the oath as President.


For vast wilderness and beauty in the
Adirondack State park you’ll find
It’s larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand
Canyon, Glacier and the Olympic park combined!


In 1807 is the first successful steamboat
Maiden voyage from NYC to Albany.
And in 1861 Matthew Vassar founded
Vassar College in Poughkeepsie.


In Rochester Wade Bogs and Carl Ripken Jr.
Played the longest ballgame in its history.
And Rochester is also known as the Flour
City and the Flower City!


The New York Post established in 1803 is
The oldest running newspaper in the United States.
And Gennaro Lombardi opened the fist
Pizzeria in NYC selling pizza cakes.

The Big Apple is a term coined by musicians
Meaning to play the big time, musical mix.
And Hartsdale has a pet cemetery with 12,000
Pets, established in 1896.


Time again for famous names as we near the end
Norman Rockwell, Michael Jordan and Mel Gibson,
Mariah Carey, Franklin Roosevelt and George Gershwin.
Susan B Anthony, Vince Lombardi and Denzal Washington,
Statehood, July 26th, 1788 the 11th state.
The capital is Albany.


The only school in the world offering a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Cosmetics and Fragrance is The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.
Dairy farming is this state most important with over 18,000 cattle farms
The Catskill are home to the legend of Rip Van Winkle
The state song is  love New York,
In the 1600?s, European settlers brought to NYC the apple seed.
In 1857 in New York City, Joseph C Gayette invented toilet paper.
The official state tree is the sugar maple.
The Woodstock festival actually in the city of Bethel
The Big Apple is a termed coined by famous musicians meaning big time.
Wade Boggs and Carl Ripken Jr. on opposite teams played the longest game in baseball history of 33 innings in Rochester.
The name Canandaigua (pronounced Can-an-DAY-gwa) is derived from a Native American word meaning the chosen spot.
On July 28, 1945 an Army Air Corps B-25 crashed into the Empire State Building at the 79th floor level.
Chittenago is the home of L. Frank Baum, author of the “Wizard of Oz”. It features a yellow brick inlaid sidewalks leading to Aunti Em’s and other Oz-themed businesses. Chittenago is the location of an annual Munchkins parade.

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Net Worth

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:

Photo from

Photo from

crinkled crow’s feet
mark a penchant for laughter
wealth in the creases

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Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:

"Charon, Ferryman to the Underworld" Painting by Jose Benilliure y Gil From

“Charon, Ferryman to the Underworld”
Painting by Jose Benilliure y Gil

burned feet in red rags
transport souls through the toll
brimstone sours the air

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"Old Couple" Painting by Hilda Goldwag From

“Old Couple”
Painting by Hilda Goldwag

comes a time in a marriage
when a lucky few realize
their spouse knows them
better than anyone ever
could know them from inside
and outside and underneath
flesh and blood costumes
behind even purpose-built
images flattered by mirrors
the world holds in hand
knows them full in their
glory and gristle and bone
and in knowing them nonetheless
loves them beyond any love
they could ever in honesty
manage to feel for themselves
comes a time in a marriage
when that lucky few find
an exquisite contentment

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Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:

Aesop Painting by Diego Velasquez From

Painting by Diego Velasquez

fables suggest a morality
one that can’t be sustained
without constant reminders
if not for ourselves for the
subsequent good of our species
tales told by oral tradition
link fathers to sons through
exemplars small heroes who
navigate mundane vicissitudes
drawing the ethical paths
around easy temptations
frankly graphic to illustrate
need for responsible choices
when building a life in the care
of a comfortable conscience

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Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:

Teton National Park Wyoming Photo from

Teton National Park
Photo from

earth bares her breasts
suckles the morning-born sky
mystic nourishment

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ONCE AGAIN~by Indira Sadanandan




Years after I went to my grandma’s house
An old mangostin tree at the left corner of
The entrance,my uncle planted long time
Since, the leaves of which shuffled in the wind
Inside the compound wall the bed of roses
Was replaced by a doberman’s cage
The Sun pierced in through the iron rails of
The window with the sharp glowing rays in
The dusk which showed me the change of
Shining vitrified tiles,in place of grey cement
On the walls,photographs of my grandpa,
Grandma,my mother and a group photo,me
Being on the front row,ground, sitting cross
Legged,wearing a cotton skirt and blouse with
A fringed hair bunch hung down from the fore-
Head,showing a line of teeth missing one
In the middle.
My eyes searched and found a photo on the
Right wall in the middle,once my uncle fixed.
He described then that it was of a great pianist
Named Frederic Francois Chopin
I touched my ears,close by,on the wall;
I heard the nocturne,the wind was jumping
From his piano,from one reel to the other
Like a kitten on the floor playing with it’s twin.
I longed to have my childhood once again
With my uncle,grandma,grandpa and my
Little aunts.

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In poetic ambiance I’ve come to acknowledge my place
It has bestowed an awareness that nothing can replace
And restores the inner peace which I can’t help misplace
Poetry such a rare and special gift no force can displace

Through the webs of daily life that we often interlace
My safe zone only exists within the walls of its palace
From day to day struggles it adorns me with solace
My life is always held together by a thin poetic lace

It reaches far beyond this mortal flesh interface
And awakens the spirit that lies under the surface
Thus a spiritual wisdom is seduced to resurface
And has me encouraged against the hurdles I face

Its enchanting powers is never lower than an ace
Indeed like a lover it can quicken my hearts pace
And oblivious to the limitations of time and space
Through its indulgence I’ve discovered eternal grace

There is much wisdom and light in its poetic embrace
It replenishes me with strength not to quit life’s race
My worries and troubles often vanish without a trace
It presents a new beginning from any past of disgrace

By Bernard Owor

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