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…. LEFT ALL COLOURS…..~by Dr Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”




I left all colours and shades,
i left all passios, which fade,
I left all emotional grades,
I left all faces, crazy fake,
Aristocratic, egoistic, false,
Wild animal’s hunting calls,
Hovering, ghostly hauls,
Horrifying , more and more,
Darkness, frightening sure,
The black shadows of love,
Soothing, passionate surf,
The stormy waves off shore,
Enchanting, more and allure,
Relax in the lap of beauty
In earthly realms of eternity,
Ugliness to ever lasting serenity
To relish, natural lasting shades,
To flirt, with beauties, on dates.
Like butterflies and honey bees.
To open honey nectar lockers,
Lovingly with love keys, faster,
In the moonlit, dark nights,
In sunny rays fully bright.
Left all phobias of decay,
With love, dedication, pray.

© Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda “Aas”.. 27-11-2014

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014

CHRISTMAS~by John Patrick Boutilier




Decorations hung
All around the Christmas tree
Pretty coloured lights aglow
Christmas carols sung
Hearts and voices filled with glee
Children playing in the snow

Skating on a pond
Frozen thick by winter’s cold
Children sledding down a hill
Lifelong friendships spawned
Magic stories to be told
True love found in winter’s chill

Presents wrapped with love
Underneath the Christmas tree
Little packages of bliss
Mistletoe above
Placed with perfect strategy
Offers lovers chance to kiss

Santa’s coming near
Children hurry off to bed
With hopes to hear sleigh bells ring
Happens every year
Try to catch the man in red
While he does the Santa thing

Christmas morn arrives
Children race toward the tree
Presents opened one by one
Moments in our lives
Captured for eternity
With the other treasures won

Hours in the kitchen
Baking turkey, bread and pies
Now dinner’s on the table
Everyone’s itchin’
Hunger showing in their eyes
They’ll eat ev’rything if able

If a wish I had
I believe my wish would be
There’d be peace and love for all
No one would be sad
Ev’ry heart be filled with glee
Both the greatest and the small

There would be no hunger
Ev’ryone would have a home
Want forever would be past
As we grew stronger
Through this life as one we roam
Love and unity would last

© John Patrick Boutilier, 2014: All rights reserved.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014

Daily missive for Thursday the 27th of November.~by Peter Forster


Daily missive for Thursday the 27th of November.

For those few.

And still they fly.
The few,
Who were too many
To lose.
Wearing wings,
That in four weeks
Of frantic flight
Became theirs to keep,
For all eternity.
Watching over
Clearing skies,
The whole of life’s horizon,
Surrounded by the blue.

Such young things,
Barely grown.
Still a child to
Those they left behind,
With nothing
But the heartbreak.
On the mantle,
A photograph,
A medal,
A sepia faded memory.

Such heroic waste
Of vibrant youth,
That may have
Never chanced
To feel a touch so sweet,
A lover’s kiss
Upon their lips,
Or lie upon
The grass so green,
And gaze together
Into the deepest sky,
And glory,
In the tragedy
Of its stark beauty.

But even now
They will, still fly.
In the wisp of vapour trails,
In winged hearts,
And the sound
Of aero engines,
Spitting fire in tribute,
As together,
In close formation,
They all fly by.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014

SOOTHING DAWN~by Anil Kumar Panda




Break of dawn; a cup of tea;
Sipping slowly till a shade of light I can see
Grazing across the body of pale blue sky
Where upon night goes slowly to die

Open the curtain; switch off lamp;
Walk in the garden, where soil is damp;
Inhale the air; it seems fresh and cool;
Watching a bunch of worms, birds do drool

Play with a bud washed in dew
Glistening as if a star is born anew
Pluck a flower; take its fragrance deep;
Watch the birds as downward they leap;

Snap a twig; play with a frog;
It stares at me from lush green rug;
Stand on my head like a novice clown
Earth feels like spinning when get down;

Hear the flute; dance as a child;
Catch the ray that falls silvery and mild;
Turn towards the steps; tarry and gaze,
At my garden as it dips into dust and haze.

Right reserved@Tiku

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014

November to December ~by rldubour




November to December


November to December

My favorite time of year.

When we give our thanks

For all that we hold dear.


And in our hearts is giving

To family and our friends

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas

May they never end.


We celebrate our blessings

give thanks for all we have.

Not wanting nothing more

Love is all we add.


A time to be of giving

To see their faces bright

To be thankful for this

Bringing joy to someone’s life.


A short eight weeks of our year

Which should be every day

To celebrate thanks and giving

There is no better way.


It should not matter what your faith

What counts is in ones heart

Be thankful for your everyday

Giving love is where we start.


November to December

My favorite time of year.

The seasons that it’s all about

To fill ones heart with cheer.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014


Originally posted on Roxi St. Clair:


I am a mirror
in life
and beyond
all time —

I reflect you,
and you, me.

© Roxi St. Clair

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Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2014


Originally posted on Roxi St. Clair:


The mind
is a recorder
that can transform
thoughts into reality
and destinies into motion.
The moment when one chooses
which reality, it becomes a catalyst,
and their universe will begin to change.

© Roxi St. Clair

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Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2014

Peace …the caged dream~by Mandour Saleh Hikel



Peace …the caged dream
Peace is a caged dream
That no one can release
Tied softly but firmly
To a shameful nightmare
With chains of wars and violence
The bird in there .. can’t breathe.

Peace is a forgotten smile
On a forgotten man’s race face
Disguised in a red blooded violent style
Witnessed ..
by a terrified children dead eyes
No smiles…no cries…
Just the dead eyes

Peace is unread book of history,
Disfigured fairy tales
Empty minds…
Charismatic fat faces…
Dead hearts’ leaders
Lost addresses…
For unknown places

Oh my God..
I ran out of words
And still WE ARE…
Mandour Saleh Hikel

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving~by rldubour



Once a year we take this day to reflect upon our lives.

And give our thanks to the Lord above, never thinking twice.

Surrounded by the ones you love and hold deep in your heart.

This special day we call Thanksgiving, may it never part.


Be thankful for the life you have, this is what it’s for.

Be thankful for your everyday and a whole lot more.

If we could take Thanksgiving and have it everyday.

One can just imagine how our world would change its ways.


Just once a year is set aside and should be everyday.

A day to spend with family, to listen to what they say.

A day to just be thankful for this life in which your live.

Ad day to share your thoughts and love for those that you give.


Be thankful for the memories of all the days gone by.

Be thankful for this life we live and this day that’s set aside.

If we could take Thanksgiving and have it everyday.

One can just imagine, how our world would change its way.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2014

FREE NOT TO FLY~by Saroj Padhi




White butterflies fluttering around
Dozing creepers of the afternoon
Turn direction to dart below ,
Behind cute yellow ones flitting across
To hide behind bushes soon
Heedless to pursuits of promises made
In the dawn of secret boon,
Of siesta and fun, walk together and run ;
Coming to know that it’s the colour
That keep the male folk running
And it’s in their lot to be left with
Sheer sighing and swooning .

Sarees swing as they dry in open air
From ropes tied to necks of shrinking trees
On the bank of the river that sinks still deeper
With little charm in the bank’s mythical breeze ;

Women very close, clip wings of fellow women
Men in garbs of saints act as more humane;

And Love admitted in Casualty ward
Suffers from intense malarial pain in brain
As news of terror- strikes and racial wars grips us
In every lane and bylane .

Copm. N copy right : saroj k. padhi

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