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NARAJ HILLS~by Saroj K Padhi




Music in the air murmurs your name
in the wakeful ears of the rocks
when the hedges in the vale join hands to float
the scent of your body in the breeze,
and crazed in the arms of a September evening
into a sort of stupor I slowly freeze;

with the faint memory of the last ray
from a sinking Sun
cuddling a rising Moon at the fringe,
when an invisible cricket sang out with ease
from behind the bush of darkening hills
and the trees shivered in tune
with the joy of its unending thrills;

flashes of our love adorn the banks now
in the glimmer of the tireless glow-worms
weaving stories of love on sleeves of trees,
with the scent of fresh drizzles
overpowering the flow of the breeze,
when I hold on to the hills
heaving heavy sighs under the gloomy trees
and the shrinking Mahanadi sheds tears
over huge losses of water under a lonely bridge.

Copy right:@ Saroj K. Padhi /26/09/16

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in whispered hopes ~by Nutan Sarawagi


in whispered hopes

in whispered hopes
in tattered tears
I held onto a love so dear
to tare away from your love for me
like petals scattered your hopes in me
now I pick up those petals one by one
in hopes withered gathered in no one
to once again be that hope in you
as I wait to gather that hope in you no more in me
but you

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Echoes Of The Heart~by Aarti Mittal



Echoes Of The Heart

It has been nearly three decades
That we are together
Picking up sighs and smiles altogether
Two strangers one for ever
We hardly knew each other
But that wasn’t the bother
Tied a knot to you
By our welwishers
They thought our hearts couldn’t be each other’s
Some tried on you
Some tried on me
To keep us apart
All tried with glee
To me they said you fumble
To you said I stumble
To everlast our grumble
With queriesloaded heart
And eyes filled with tears
I often thought
Why are these pretentions unknown
Behaving so wiered
Lol to all the pretentions
You made it clear
To all the question of my femenity
You answered them all with such grace and beauty
No matter
The most beautiful miss universe
Clings to me naked
And three magical words
She whispers
My beloved you shall only be the queen of my heart
Your feminity is in you
Your beauty in your heart
Your words spoken
as if in the court open
My eyes glittered with happiness
Rose the each tip of the hair as if loosing my bodyness
Yes that , that is the moment I say of my life
“A moment that has changed everything,
Replacing all my doubts,
Whispering softly, making echoes in my heart ”
Making our love bloom day by day
Even when this world tries to play
The tricks of keeping us apart and away
They are unaware
Even in your exasperations
My love for you makes a way.
Copyright Aarti Mittal

Aarti Mittal

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SERENADING LOVE~by Aendgzel Roze



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Can you imagine?~by Ziauddin Bulbul



Can you imagine?

If you throw a rose from your glorious morn
To the evening twilight of my faded zone,
The boy can only than become redden
by touching his boyhood girl again.
Ah ! What a scented spirit
inside the longest breath !
Can you imagine?

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If love so tired~by Sandra Regina Viana



If love so tired

If love so tired
Sleep I watch the moon
If the sky looks you crumble to pieces of glass
Dance around the fire
Ascend with the tide
And amanheceremos again
“Time to be reborn”
Now it’s time to think …
Let everything be put on the scale …
It is time to review concepts, plans,
Thinking in the years
reviving hope
To be more LOVING.
More forgiveness …
Be more serve and deliver
Be more heart.
Let life and love
Talk more with each moment
Let’s hand it over delivery
that has more value which leads;
Within the soul.
Time to be more comfort, more light
Time reborn to be better
Time to be closer to God;
In thought and actions.
In love and emotions.
Think, look inside of you, think …
Has that infinite desire;
To be much more, and follow
Walk and proceed;
loving with the greatest love you can
Supporting everything that comes …
To be short …
One being that it was worth giving his life
It was worth giving so much love.
God bless them …
Bringing peace, with much love light …
To cherish every heart with all tenderness
Gently bringing the reinvigorated energy
In every sense, that flourish all goodness
Letting it flow happiness to donate;
In each act, in simple speak, the sweet act
Leaving an open heart …
For the next day leave the streets
Smiling, looking each with eyes of affection;
Donating more beautiful it is, LOVE!
So … for the whole day feel the soul in full state of happiness!

Sandra Regina Viana

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I Am Autumn~by Paul F. Lenzi



I Am Autumn


“Autumn Abstract” by David Lane

I am autumn

come sit here with me

bring your silence

as summer recedes

give us listen

my speeches of color

each outburst

a soundless explosion

reflecting the thoughts

that I know to be

troubling you

draped with despair

helpless grief

at the dying of summer

and with it its promise

to make you a place

in its ancient admired

beds of beauty

a place of respect

an inclusion

in cultural gardens

conveying a dignity

long in abeyance

withheld by ambivalent

warm sun and sky

too preoccupied

with their familiars

to recognize differences

strengthen their realm

that diversity serves

to enrich their dominion

their vast astronomical

prelacy pointless

unless it will bless both

the silent and vocal

the dreary and vivid

the weak and the strong

I am autumn

come sit here with me

mark my colors

these old and new

foreign and

native phrased hues

brief reminders

that illustrate why

life is better in spectrum

my job is transition

my joy to recite of those

unfulfilled promises

dying does not

lead to death

but a fading to sleep

for a season of rest

a few months of reflection

to contemplate coolly

the culpable civics

mistakenly geared

to aversion of change

I am autumn

come sit here with me

let’s compose a new world

a new portrait of words

to arrive with

fresh ethical flourish

of wider compassion

awakened in spring

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Fear Less~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Fear Less

They say I am a fearless bee
How wrong can they ever be
Though I face waves of a sea
I quiver when no one can see

Times I’m so scared I scream
But I’m reaching for a dream
Doubts and risks off I cream
My mind to a goal thus beam

Realist yet fight against fate
Open-eyed I hold on to faith
For a chance patiently I wait
Watching silently as a wraith

Yes I am weak with my fear
For all the people I hold dear
Let no danger to come near
My soul and heart shall tear

Be a coward from day born
Misunderstood they scorn
Yet no meekness threat torn
Even scared I am stubborn

No I’m definitely not fearless
Though voice sound careless
It’s just that I cannot care less
For dream and love fear less

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“Grant me, Lord,~by Sandra Regina Viana



“Grant me, Lord,

Faith makes us walk.
Hope helps us to sow.
The certainty that everything that is done with love, “FLOWERS.”
Serenity Prayer
“Grant me, Lord,
The serenity to accept the things I can not change;
Courage to change the things I can; Wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
Accepting Jesus as, the world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that God will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;
So I can be happy in this life and the next.
Amen “

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