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North Country Art~by Paul F. Lenzi



North Country Art


New Hampshire Autumn Photo by bluepoint From

New Hampshire Autumn
Photo by bluepoint

autumn sun
is the artist
her palette
bears brief
vibrant colors
her canvas
my vista of
fading green
forest that
yawns toward
its imminent
seasonal sleep

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If I Can Stop The Course Of Time~by Hela Tekali



If I Can Stop The Course Of Time

If I can stop the course of time
I will bring you back to me
Together we will teach the world how the love should be
How shall sweet emotions be consumed
Like roses from petals newly bloomed
Why false lovers with indignation their hearts are ghastly fumed
As shadows in the dark,
Ahead of us their frightening faces, are but loomed
We shall teach them how divine love shall be
So honest and pure
A Sacrifice with true compassion they shall endure
If i can stop the course of time,
I will show you back my passion with a smile
The distance separating us is nothing but a sea mile
For your Holy light
Is not just there to rest for a while
It is embedded within my soul and with a smile again on my face
I will make that everlasting love still worthwhile.


Written by Jenayah Hela
@spiritual poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2015

A Teary-eyed Weather~by Hela Tekali



A Teary-eyed Weather

Black clouds concealing the azure sky…
Sunrays faded, darkened, gloomy, so dry…
Weather so stormy, so windy…
It’s raining cats and dogs, trickling down, so bulky…
Drops of filthy water on the floor, on the sidewalk wherever I go…
As drops in the ocean looking so brownish, so muddy…

Weather with tears in the eyes!

A landscape being painted so clumsy, so dusky…
A portrait of Nature being tarnished so lonely, so drowsy…
A picture of a green garden half-light, semi-darkened
Glowering with disgust…
If only it wasn’t there to outlast…

Weather with tears in the eyes!

The poet mood was shrouded in gloom and bloom…
His mouth was broken into foam…
From dusk to dawn
What to depict?
His ink is left to dry in vain…
With neither a warrant nor a verdict…
Torn, forlorn, tedious, dull, distasted, revolting, weary…
His mood is empty…
Visualizing a weather so foggy, so cloudy!
Unhappy, unlucky…
Almost deadly,
Giving him goose pimples…
Making his flesh creep…

Weather with tears in the eyes!

The poet was unceasingly yearning for a shiny weather
reviving his soul …
Thinking of sunshine that will soon pierce the sky
and drive the clouds away
Glossy, glimmering, incandescent sunrays in the blue sky…
Fascinating his deadly boring soul, so gloomy, so filthy …
What a pity!
His life was buried in grief left unable to breathe…
Fresh, clean air will wash away his tears, hide them beneath
Dim clouds in the shadowy light sky
The sun concealed in despair, so dry…
Birds hiding out of fear in their nest ready to cry
What a bleak vision I see there?

Weather with tears in the eyes!

I wish that all this absurd vision were a sheer lie!

Written by Jenayah Hela

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2015

What if they strike!~by rldubour



What if they strike!

Someone said I was elected
To be the bearer of bad news.
I don’t know why they come to me
I’ve hardly time for my reviews.

I should just come out and say it
And I promise I won’t tarry.
Involves a labor issue
If they strike it will be scary.

It’s not benefits or the money
The work conditions put aside.
They feel they no longer function
Have lost their self respect and pride.

There’ll be no imagination
Only the real things kids can see.
Time has come for me to tell them
They’ll all be coming after me!.

It’s Tinker Bell from Peter Pan
Guarded by the Trooping fairies.
Clefairy from Pokeman called
The Leprechauns wearing glengarries.

Alala has left the mermaid
There’s Erans from Quest for Glory.
Plus all the fairy Godmothers
Even the Tooth fairy has a story.

The Piffle Princess and Maleficent
Brought the Photographing fairies
I see Cosmo and there’s Wanda
And their words were quite contrary.

Ribbon the Fairy and Queen Mab
Zoe/Zooi, says dragons can be good!
Oberon, Ariel and Puck
Jack-in-the-green from Robin Hood

Princess Ozma, Princess Riva
The both came with Queen Lurline.
Steve Berman sent Tup Smatterpit
The whole Winx Club was there on time.

Pari the Persian fairy
And Papillion from La Pucelle.
There is Lip from Nintendo
The Blue Fairy doing rather well.

Klabautermann and Titania
Lauma and Wee Willie Winkie.
Ru Fe Morgan from Ah! My Goodness
And Aideen the Fairy with Faireez.

They are all out there holding signs
The sight of this just blew my mind.
To all the kids before they whine.
Will arbitration come in time?

I heard that if you all are good
Mother Fairy will spread the news
They’ll all be happy once again
Just have to mind your P’s and Q’s.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2015

Travel In Time~by Hela Tekali



Travel In Time

Given a gift to travel in time
Ageless spirit flown in its early prime
Using imagination is better than thought
Limitless creativity to be ever sought.

Physics always speculates about the immense universe
Poetry enlightens the spirit through its every enchanting verse
Every philosophy is in itself a flying gift
Wings of poesy for the mind to uplift.

Riding a horse galloping with an astonishing velocity
Bestowing upon your spirit an agile mood of infinite positivity
Moving in the borderless universe beyond known notions
Flying imagination is mesmerized by overflowing emotions.

Travel in time is possible where the feet and eyes can no longer go further and tread
It is rather the mind which may soar by wavering aside its ghastly dread.

Written by Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 8, 2015

To my writer friends~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



To my writer friends

A block of bonded scrolls to whoop with joy
Filled with different worlds for me to enjoy
Images and emotions words employ
From mine own world swerve the decoy

A treasure to beheld my mind’s obsession
Rare colorful stones to uplift my depression
Into my reality I allowed a surreal intrusion
Author’s ink with my soul in hopeful infusion

Scribe’s works hooked me up to addiction
Warlocks and witches spell in varied diction
Tell me not how I waste my life in fiction
I find a sanctuary where I control Life’s action

But fear not a friend to join the undead
The allure of worlds I gently tread
Distinctions of reality against what I read
Sturdy over my shoulder stands my head

Belittle not the power of Word wizards
Sway they the minds stronger than blizzards
Their emphatic gifts foretell more than fowl’s gizzards
Their hands stickier than forest lizards

Let your words in pages unceasingly flow
Let your minds in my consciousness glow
Let my spirit rise up from gutters low
To you all writers in gratitude I kowtow.

THANK YOU poem and story writers .



Daily missive for Thursday the 8th of October.
The Bemusement arcade.

The pinball was a spacecraft.
A brightly coloured
Cleverly disguised machine
Futuristically designed
To pass for retro.
It floated in a halo
Of flashing lights
And raucous bells,
That were accompanied,
By strange reptilian rattles
And whistles.
It was surrounded by aliens.
Tall gangling stick thin creatures,
With dirty denim skin,
Lank hair and pale faces.
Even in the sparkle,
Which bounced off,
Forming bubbles
Around them
And danced a jive to the music
From the Wurlitzer,
Their eyes were so dull
They looked dead.
It was difficult
To breathe around them
Through the fug.
I could see that by
The way a dewy eyed
Primrose girl
Wiped her wet nose
And leaned against one of them,
She looked likely to pass out.
There was a heavy smell,
Sweet and sour,
A little like wet carpet,
The air was damp
With perspiration,
The steam rising
With the heat of their intentions.
The pinball rocked,
Fit to burst,
It was about ready to take off.
I decided to leave,
I needed to breathe.
And they had burned up all
The oxygen.
Soon they would choke
The life out
Of this place
They seemed to be the only ones
In a room full of static
And a floor
Covered in fast food
Soda cans and flyers
For missing children.
I wondered
If it would be the same
In outer space.

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Lacquered Black~by Norman Wilson



Lacquered Black

Skies lacquered black
Surrounding a crimson moon
With blistering lights aglow
Casting shadows on a shimmering lagoon

Faltering is the outline
Altering in a reflection of a forestry
In the stroking waters, caressing
Gently, before my love and me

Avow was our hearts beating
Before the falling of heaven’s likeness
Mirroring our hearts solely as one
Where passions became carefree and reckless

Clashing flesh, burning hotter than an inferno
Immersed in flaming wanting desires
Beneath a lacquered black sky and a crimson moon
As each glowing star caught on fire

The night is slowly ending
While the crimson moon visibly descends
Leaving us gazing over still waters
Cuddled together as a new orange dawn ascends

All rights reserved 10/02/15
Norman Francis

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✍ Consider This… [11]~by roxi st.clair



✍ Consider This… [11]



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Random Thoughts 10.08.2015~by Temy Hoang



Random Thoughts 10.08.2015


Bob threw out the question
during our trip to Denver
what I miss most about Vietnam
and I responded right away
Vietnamese as a language
I love my mother tongue
I have loved it since
the day I was born
My mother tongue
four thousand years of joy and sorrow
crying and laughing thru the ups and downs
My mother tongue
the language of my soul
What’s not to love about a language
that sounds like singing when we talk;
its intonation and music
make it intrinsically poetic;
and remember to stress the right accent
when conversing
otherwise yêu (love) will turn to yếu (feeble)
I hope my words don’t buffet you but rather
serve as a buffet of ideas

*words in italics are lyrics from the song Tôi yêu tiếng nước tôi (I love my mother tongue) composed by the talented late musician Phạm Duy

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