Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

The woman in me !~by Nutan Sarawagi

These lines were inspired by my dear friend Anita Sahoo’s very inspiring poem
‘Give her wings ‘


The woman in me !

Love her as much as you !
Give her wings to fly in her own , to touch the sky high !
Until the sky reaches to touch her , down deep beneath her , in her to sigh !
In the beauty , you once bestowed on her , never diminishing in your eye !
To love her more and more ,as you climb high , to touch the rainbows in her eye!
as her eyes run into to the stars , to capture the stars shining in your eye !
to keep her share of her stars saved for you !
in you , in her love , as she sees you with love filled eyes
Oozing in love , like dew falling in the drops of her brooding eyes !
to share in it her love for you ,
to never go down ,with the sunset of another day , gone by !
to melt you , in the colours of her eyes ,
as it calls the night to end in it , to say goodbye !
to rise again in your love of another day , to meet the sun raining in your eye !
dawning to another day ,where the sun meets the clouds , in the distant horizon of the eye !
to catch you in the mountain winds , flying so high !
hidden , shying in you , not wanting to meet your eye !
bidding you adieu , in your love , to never meet you !
In you to say goodbye !
In your love of you , to forever lie in you !
In its love seeking a high !

A sigh escapes her sigh

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Anniversary~by rldubour




As we watch the years roll past

We are proof that love can last.

Through troubled times

We have had a few

I could not have made it,

If it were not for you.

With your love and devotion

Of nothing more I ask.

And no matter what came up

You were up to fill the task.


With your understanding and patience

You are always there.

To guide us through the troubled waters,

Just because you care.

Each day that passes is our gift

This is what I see.

I take this day to celebrate

Our anniversary.


Not just once a year

But every single day.

This is how I feel for you

In this special way.

I love you more than you will know

You are my life and this is so.

As I take your hand and hold you tight

This is what I see.

That every single day of life,

Is our anniversary.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Sitting in Meditation~by Hela Tekali



Sitting in Meditation

I sit in meditation
Thinking deeply in silence
While lost in the lakes of my thoughts
And drown in the seas of my contemplation
I am yearning to make the half- lit layer of my mind calm, and find my inner peace

Plunged profoundly inside
To chase my inner self
While tears in my heart
Were once by your cloud
of tranquility absorbed and caught

The esplanade of your
Dried-up riverbed served as my Muse
Walking along its open ground, right at its sides
For my calm, quiet contemplation
Not to lose

I sit in meditation
Thinking deeply in silence
Yearning for my soul
To mount to the surface
Standing still, placid and serene
On the way up to my calm, peaceful self
Expecting to hear about your soothing omnipresence

Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Peace Talks~by Norman Wilson



Peace Talks

Fireballs torridly torched opened the skies
Burning a blaze separating heaven before my eyes
Bursting flames igniting the buildings about
Demolishing stone to rubble in the meteors route

Hell has relinquished the earth into chaos
To a vanquished globe to an insurmountable loss
You could pinch fly wings out of the air
Sitting on soot and cinder hanging out there

Ferns aglow in red painted flames
Smoldering oceans boiling in molten black stains
As the reckoning of Hates has coated the earth
Giving evil mighty slings of a new found birth

Evil has abraded the world for ill-gotten deeds
As humanity has given in to the devil’s seeds
Stocking God’s world into ember blocks
For humanities inability to find peace in talks
All rights reserved 06/17/15
Norman Francis

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Love knows no boundaries !~by Nutan Sarawagi



Love knows no boundaries !

No distances can do us apart !
No boundaries can melt our love !
Love cannot be divided into distances !
No distance can marr our love !
As searching for you , through plains that are thick and far and wild
Catching you in loves emotions , in love’s high tide !
I wade for you through streams , mountains , jungles , combing you through thick and thin
In the hope of finding you within !
Lost you are to my soul , as is the search
I roam in you , seeking you , in my soul desperately within !
my last hope of finding you within !

No distance can marr our love !
That boundary has yet to be created !
To restrain love within it’s boundaries is yet to be debated !
The power of love , supercedes all love , for it’s boundaries , know no end !
In it lies , loves boundaries seeking it’s own end !

Cut me , divide
I am me , I am yours to love !
till death do us apart
in your love , stands my love !
nobody can take me , away from you !
in my strength , lies your love !
you are me and I am you
waiting to be loved !

No restrictions can take us !
No boundaries abate us !
No hate can hate us !
As our love , abounds with love !
Waiting in the throes of love
Waiting to be loved !

As heaven awaits us
In it’s death lies our love
Seeking our love !
throwing it’s door open to us
Even as heaven , heaves , under our sighs of love !
Sighing with it’s love !
Welcoming us in it’s heart
Waiting for it’s love !
As the storm of love invades heaven’s love !
Iightening strikes !
In it you can hear God’s roar
Taking love to another level , in a new uproar !

Loves knows no boundaries !
No sky can tie it down !
sky is not it’s limit !
Love is love !
Even love cannot determine it’s love !

Take me , tear me away from you , in me lies the penultimate !
It’s never ending , life seeking , life’s ending , neverending !

For love has no limit , it cannot even be held by love !
It’s love limitless , as I bow my head in love
To love in my love
Limiting my love to love
Limitless in it’s love , my love for you limitless
Limiting my love , to love !



Daily missive for Tuesday the 30th of June.

What of sides?
We all have them
We take them too.
But what are they,
When what you show
Can mean so much,
And to hide away,
Adopt a facade,
Present yourself as different,
Take up a position people
Did not expect,
Provokes such approbation.
How can it be otherwise?
In this age of self promotion,
Instant access,
Freedom of expression.
The people’s right to know
Trumps privacy
And good manners every time.
And yet,
We still find a way
To spring a surprise.
And when we do
It can be a risk,
Seen as betrayal,
In someone’s eyes.
People can believe
It is their right to know you.
As if that is easy,
When so much can be missed
With the flash of a smile,
A whispered remark,
To cover the discomfort
We may not care to share,
In an everyday kind of way,
Where we sport a social side,
Support an open display
Of affection
And communication,
Within agreed limits
Awareness of personal space
And boundaries.
We keep disclosure
On the right side
Of acceptability,
Wear a friendly face
In the work space.
Up to the point
The mask slips
And we cannot help
But lose control
Of the carapace,
As the show smile slides.
Not even close to being
A truly dark side,
But still, a difference
Too difficult for some,
To adjust their expectations.
It seems,
We can be ostracised,
For being
More than we generally
Appear to be.
When transparency
Is the new norm,
Complex emotions are bad form,
If you learn to fake it,
You might make it.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Even death doesn’t ring !~by Nutan Sarawagi

These lines were inspired by Mandour Saleh Hikel


Even death doesn’t ring !

I am the broken heart , of the broken wings !
The heart behind which , even the heart doesn’t ring !
The broken dream of the broken wings , behind which no heart sings !
Where no love is lost , where no bird sings !
Where I am love , as if gone to war !
In the zone of war where bullet sounds,in ears that resound with only their sound !
To the sounds of the noise , I no longer cry !
My heart turned to stone , in it I die !
In birds of plight , in wings that I fly !
I have lost my wings , I no longer fly !

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

.. ” showers of night “~by Raj Babu Gandham



” showers of night “

your thoughts
sit in my heart
and refuse to leave
your memories
crawl on my skin
and long me to seek
you never leave me alone
teasing me, chasing me
you play in my mind
I too love, your words
kissing my lips
your songs, sliding on me
your shine in the eyes
your smile on lips
a source of ecstasy
you rhyme your fingers
on the nodes of my body
and print your kisses

on the petals of my joy
I pull you to life
you fill me with love
these plays of our times
haunt me all my nights
leaving me bare
in the showers of darkness
I sit and urge , your soul
to come and merge me
in you as you
as us in us
and as a union

ever loving

~ yathi Raj Babu Gandham

copyright (c)author. rajbabug.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Emerging buds of love.~by Mandour Saleh Hikel



Emerging buds of love.

Emerging buds of love
Landed so tenderly
Oh the wings of wondering
Lonely butterfly
Groping a safe shelter
In a single flower,heart
That love has planted
On my lady’s smile
That lies so peacefully
In her beautiful eyes.

Emerging buds of love
Landed so tenderly
On my lady’s heart
Carving her smile
That masterpiece of art
Where my heart can dwell
When seeking a new start
Where our two hearts
Are one forever
Never come apart.
By :
Mandour Saleh Hikel

Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2015

Miracles do happen~by rldubour


Miracles do happen


A future full of promises

In their ever lasting way.

From heaven came the angels

And smiled as if to say.

“A miracle shall happen

And happen as it may.”

“For be proud and shed a tear of joy,

Your baby is on the way.”

“soon you’ll both be parents

A Mother and a Dad.”

“soon you’ll have your baby

To give all the love you have.”

That precious hour finally comes

You nervously away,

You crack your knuckles’ and pace the floor,

As though to concentrate.


Then that wonderful message comes,

The one you are waiting for.

You bow your head, say a prayer

And sincerely thank the Lord.

You rush upstairs to see your wife,

But, now she is a Mother!

You hold her hand and squeeze it tight

And tell her you’re proud of her.

With her gentle smile and loving voice

You hear as she replies.

“Honey I am a Mother!”

“I will love her until I die!”

You look and see your daughters face

She takes your breath away.

You know this gift is your to treasure,

Then think back to what the angels say.

A miracle did happen,

And happen as it may.

For be proud and shed a tear of joy,

Your baby came today.

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