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TAKE TIME TO TRAVEL ~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




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Travel not to escape life but to celebrate,
The Atlas of beauty in every nook and corner ,
Waiting to be explored meaningful existence,
The entire globe is a magical residence.

You are the soul of living universe,
You are the prince in ascendance,
Put down all books of information,
Listen to ethereal music of experience.

Go with a persona unidentified,
A passionate lover one of a kind,
There is no time late ever to begin,
Be a seeker of grandeur in sight.

Be the morning wind everywhere,
Get up breathe the sun somewhere,
Like the lightening an attitude share,
Walk on ground without fear anywhere.

Devour the beauty in every essence,
Wake up like a beloved resurrection,
Let spirit encircle in consciousness,
Awaken five senses in timeless grace.

Don’t waste your thoughts in redundance,
Talk to those seeking pearls in the sea ,
The images resemble your reflections,
You will never be alone meek as sheep.

Look back on return as trembling fun,
On nature enchanted by the sun,
With kindness doubtless gazing best,
Look for splendour from east to west.

Let your eyes speak melodies mirth,
To see beauty is true mission on earth,
Travel unravels universe of divine mystery,
Journeys unseen wait silently for discovery.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 21/11/17.

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Today, I am thankful.~by Michael Graves



Today, I am thankful.

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For the rocky coast; the 
challenging wind; the
circumstance that
makes me grow.

For the stars
which bid my vision
up and out.

For family, who warm my way
guide my steps
and make me a little
crazy, sometimes.

For friends, who
sweeten my life
with affinity.

For the one that I’ve
finally found, who
brings my life full circle.
And for falling in love
all of those times before.

For the child, who wakes
in the clear morning light
and is not afraid to see.
Who dresses the future
in dreams; and
graces the world
with wonder
and possibility.

For those who make the music, that
fills up spaces in booming
joyous abandon or peacefully sings
the sparkling stars to sleep
in the night sky.

For the poet
whose words blaze with dreams that
inflame imaginations, kindle passions, stoke
the heat of life; and who paints with
rippling colors in the imagination
the road that takes us where
we have not been.

For the painter
whose vision spans the distance
between each of the separate
viewpoints of mankind
and joins them as one.

For the song defiantly sung, despite
suppression, and for those with
the courage to carry
the tune.

For those who walk
the lonely road
and keep the peace.

For the seekers of truth
and the dreamers of dreams
who return with visions
that seed the future.

For the clear, strong voice
which bends back lies with
simple truths, and drives out evil
like chaff before the summer wind.
That voice which vows to
never accept defeat.

And I am thankful for
those who come back.

They who are the
children of the wind.

And I am thankful
for those who share these thoughts.
Whoever you are
in whatever land
by whatever tongue
in whatever time.

For we share the same path.

–Graves 11/19/15

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Breakers~by Paul F. Lenzi





“Breaker Wave” by Michael Lanka

they churn in the breakers

those pieces of me

that struggled the seas

from the Mediterraneum

pulled to this promising shore

madly tumbling truths

of identity scrabble

to find one another

rebuild themselves into

this newly flagged patriot

proud born and reborn of eagles

who guard great republics

on both ends of

history’s ocean



(originally posted October 2013)

Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2017

At Will~by Paul F. Lenzi



At Will


“Choices We Make” by Lynne Taetzsch

term of art

social contract

default preservation

of natural rights

an enshrinement

of two-party choices

enabling a freemarket

freehand employment

it underscores truth

about systems of

capitalist economics

that freedom is risky


he who has earned

the most choices

possesses real power

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A golden light of early morning ~by Devesh Chandra Mishra



A golden light of early morning

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A golden light of early morning
Spreads as wide as the sky
Thrilling my soul and I
With a new hope to live
Love to spread and to give 
Sun scatters it’s equal light
Makes all things bright
No impartiality to His eyes
Why do we fight and cry
Isn’t a message to live peacefully
In the eyes of God we are equally
Let’s love and enjoy whatever it is
Such a morning we don’t miss

Copyright Devesh Chandra Mishra

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WHO AM I ?~by Romeo Della Valle




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I am what I am,
Nothing more and nothing less,
Always the same night or day
Without pretending to be
Someone more than what I am!

I am the leftover of yesterday,
The living spirit of today
That clearly reveals
My complete being and
Hoping to inspire with my words
The New Generations to come!

Innocent children left behind
Who are the future, no doubts,
Because they hold the key
That will open the doors of
A new and peaceful world!

I am the essence of life itself
Embedded in spirit and flesh:
No sadness, regrets or remorse
And share with other human beings
Nothing but my total being!

I am the color at the end
Of the rainbow camouflaged
By colored lights that are blended
With the bright blue of the sky
And resting in the bright sand
Way down below

I’m leaving and alone
Leaving behind my footprints
Knowing that one day
It will be erased by the wind
But I am hopeful also to
Leave my legacy behind!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) Reserved rights-2017
New York City

(*) Reviewed-
(**) Designed by:

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Golden~by Jeremy J Croucher




It had the power with beauty
to make you stop and stare
and simply marvel at it
or take a picture there
Golden, proud and splendid
not a one passed by
Everybody slowing and
breathing a deep sigh
For here was autumn’s glory
available and free
presented here with wonder
in this lovely London tree


Photo – St James’ Park, London, November 2017 – Jempics


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Strung I am to your cruel heart~by Shashi Gupta



Strung I am to your cruel heart

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Strung I am to your cruel heart
But in the pain lie pleasures great.
I’d follow you to the end of the world
Though I know thereafter there is no after.

Come take me into your arms so strong
Squeeze me till I cry out in pain.
Being close to you is all that I seek
My soul I have sold for a moment with you.

The single path on which you tread
Is the path that I choose to walk upon.
Therein my life is complete and whole
I’d have no one other than you.


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-They Fell To Lift Us-~by Gerry Sikazwe



-They Fell To Lift Us-

Fallen leaves brown dried
On ground conquered sleep
Fallen leaves brown rotten
Into dust fade soiled
No hope exists for them
death warms their bones
No grace swirls
or flows
to freshen their hearts
Forgotten men and women
of valor
Who like a tree in a forest
Without an eye or ear on scene
To record their disputing fall
or their brave embrace of fate
But we must not be fooled
However their deaths
They were just like us
Words sharp and fierce
Who now are coal burning
in mind-furnaces of younger generations
Us, words sharp and fierce!
(Words That Matter 2018)
Gerry Sikazwe


For our fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers—Our Ancestors, Our Heritage!

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POETIC ANGER~by Bipul Kalita




Plunging into the depth of pain
a poetic anger grows
reaches me
I receive it faithfully
to show it its place of origin.

It is an untrained dreamer
unskilled swimmer
in the pond of
silent obligation
I shed tears sincerely
to help it land on its own shore.

It doesn’t allow ordinary excuses
as if
‘tis self sufficient
well versed extraordinarily
in solutions of unexpected sighs
I walk along thorny lanes
to prove
how one bleeds when gets bruises.

It can’t contradict its own nature
with its poetic birth
to oppose corruption of intellects
in placing the wrong
in the auspicious place of the right
I’m determined to solve the crisis
bringing peace to shape heart’s culture.

Copyright@Bipul Ch. Kalita, 23/11/2017

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