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My Girl~by Fred Tunks‎



My Girl

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She’s a swaying silvery Sycamore
Dancing with the breeze
She’s a wondering Weeping Willow
Alive by the summer sea
She is Alder, Ash and Aspen bathing in the sun
She’s a succulent Sweet Cherry blossom out to have some fun
A sultry sexy Sequoia letting down her hair
She’s the splendid old Red Maple
That doesn’t have a care
She’s the creamy crazy Coconut palm
Tanning on the beach
She’s boundlessly beautiful
in my eyes
She’s really such a peach

Written by
Fred Tunks
All rights reserved

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2017

trapped~by William Thomas Fearby




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I am trapped in a world that I can’t control
trying to climb out of a bottomless hole
the more I try to get out the futher I sink
my heads so messed up I struggle to think

everything I try to do never seems to go right
I am stuck in a dark tunnel and I can’t see the light
everybody keeps pushing me I don’t know what to do
the only thing that keeps me going are thoughts of you

everyday is a struggle and it just seems to get worse
even the smallest things add to my living curse
everything I try just seems to bring me further down
I am swimming against the tide and starting to drown

I can’t shake this feeling that is engulfing me
I feel like a prisoner in jail, trying to break free
my demons are my wardens in this world you can’t see
they have locked me in my mind, and thrown away the key

everywhere I look I struggle so very hard to see
as my prison walls are closing in on me
the harder I try the more I start to loose control
and I start to slip further and deeper down the hole

I am screaming so loud my mind is full of fear
but as hard as I scream I can’t get anyone to hear
I am scared to death as I feel my life start to unwind
I am trapped in a world that is only in my mind

william t fearby 20/10/2017
(C)@ william t fearby

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Philosophy and Science~by Hela Tekali



Philosophy and Science

Philosophy is the breast of the Earth
It feeds science with its Mirth
It is the fountain from which it drinks
Without its blessing science shrinks.

Science is the baby, philosophy is the mother
How can logic transcends without each other
For one is love , the other is the ecstasy
One is the flute , the other is the melody.

Philosophy refines the scientific research
It helps it be more authentic in each search
Philosophy is the soul and the womb of nature
The umbilical cord for every human creature.

Man disregards philosophy in spite of its worth
It is the one to inspire his intellect since his birth
Science and philosophy are both indispensable
Their mystifying correlation is unfathomable.

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The Enchantress~by ‎Fred Tunks‎



The Enchantress

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I have suddenly become devoid of self unable to control who I am or what I say and do
It is this woman that riegns over all these functions somehow
Her voice is an irresistible hypnotic melody that commands my every thought and action
I am like a puppet on a string destin to be a slave to do her every bidding
Her kiss is a sweet elixir a poisoning potion which drunkens my mind with lust and longing for her tender voluptuous body
Her dark eyes a labrinth a deep abyss streaching beyond reality and I am hopelessly bound in her gaze for eternity
Her love is an institution of confinement that imprisones my
very soul
I am spellbound in her presents entranced and unable to overcome the magical spell she has cast upon me
She is The Enchantress

Written by
Fred Tunks
All rights reserved

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Make Believe~by Fred Tunks



Make Believe

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Make Believe

Let’s play a game of make believe appease me if you will

That religion never existed because I’ve simply had my fill

Let’s make believe there was no Christ

And no Muhammad too

No Bubba and no Gandi no Gentile and no Jew

Let’s make believe there was no holocaust and no one had to die

No threat of Nuclear weapons flying through the sky

Let’s make believe no father lost a son or mother had to cry

Let’s make believe no color exists in life that separates our skin

And each and every person born was like your next of kin

Let’s make believe that no man had ever been another’s slave

And assassin’s bullets never sent a good man to early to the grave

Let’s make believe there are no borders lines keeping us all apart

And appreciation for your fellow man has now become an art

Let’s play a game of make believe that this game isn’t just a lie

Let’s make the game reality
It can happen if we try

Written by
Fred Tunks
All rights reserved


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Beginnings~by Paul F. Lenzi





“Pillars of Creation” – Photo by Hubble Telescope

Secrets of creation hide deep in conflation
Of science with faith, of corpus with wraith,
Discrete bits of essence, immune from senescence,
That mark each warm creature, or cold lifeless feature,
Of all the known world, plus those unknown, thus hurled
Through vastness of space, push-pulled in their chase
By grave forces, unseen, save by eyes utmost keen
As detectors of naught, who find nothingness caught
By the physics of sleight, in mathematical light,
Racing outward, away from a focal array,
From a radiant heart that outburst apart
With the first stroke of time, Divine in its prime.

Before that release, all was soundless still peace,
When all matter, all dust, was consigned to the trust
Of that heart, then mere speck, the one salient check
Against stark eternity, charged with modernity,
Then, slowly it swelled, its inertia unquelled,
Now a tumescent part that grew into that heart
Whose eruption destroyed the limitless void,
And sent forth material, mixed with ethereal
Substance that surged, until order emerged
That conformed to base laws, posed by God as first cause,
And the cosmos took form in a most perfect storm
Whose primordial strife gave way to first life.



(originally posted here April 2013 – written years before)

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LOVE~by Jahangir Alam Rustom

Hello everyone! Go through and enjoy another romantic poem:



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Love is an emblem of an ever existing peace
That grows in loving mind; blows like a cold breeze.
Love is a preparation of an ever charming marriage;
Love is blind often denies any race, religion or age.
True love never considers the state of being poor or rich;
False love flies away quickly keeps away from bliss.
Love is a heavenly approach that comes from heaven;
As blooming flowers glaze often from flowers’ garden.
Bondage of two hearts turns into a blooming love;
That grows in a moment, exists for long or the above.
A loving mind is always adorable and ever enthusiastic;
By doing the splendid work man becomes artistic.
Love creates an enthusiasm in an adoring mind;
Like no other hue or color but it’s own and lone kind.
Love dazzles in a moonlit night in a lovers heart;
That bears the loving spirit to turn into a unique art.
Love is never lost, becomes a memory after death;
Natural love is an invaluable thing that gets in breath.
Love is eternal, often treated as a legendary thing;
A blessing of life is love for each human being.
Love has been honored every time and everywhere;
Love neither is doused by water nor damaged by fire.

Copy right reg. 14023-COPR

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Boardroom Memoir~by Paul F. Lenzi



Boardroom Memoir


“Board Room” by Jack Levine

crocodiles squat
at mahogany edges
tasting the air for
uncertainty coming
off Saville Row suits
like cigar smoke

they lurk licking
their premature
impulse to snap
an inconstant consensus
in bloodlusty halves
of dissension

till I gavel the meal
to more wholesome
conclusion evading
the tear of their teeth
feeding power
to less feral bellies



(originally posted October 2013)

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2017

The Nasturtium Takeover bid~by Jeremy J Croucher



The Nasturtium Takeover bid

The nasturtium’s gone manic
now the summer is done
It’s begun to take over
and thinks it’s ‘the one’
If we left it unchecked
It would simply keep growing
and how big it would get
Well, there’s no way of knowing

Perhaps we should crop it
but then things would be duller
For at present its flowers
keep giving us colour
So we’ll leave it a while
with its yellows and gold
For it clings to the summer
whilst the weather gets cold

And we need that reminder
at least for a while
as autumn takes over
and summer’s a smile
For when winter’s cold anger
returns with a frost
This reminder of summer
will be instantly lost


Photo – autumn nasturtiums – Jempics


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Your loving affection ~by Devesh Chandra Mishra



Your loving affection

Your loving affection
And friendly caring
Fatherly attitude
And motherly looking after..
All enthrills me 
While I’m alone
Your memory I tucked
To make myself happy
Though we are far apart
Yet we are in love
Though we are silent….

Copyright: Devesh Chandra Mishra

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