Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2015

Give and Take~by rldubour




Give and Take

Let’s split the people up in groups, one that gives and one that takes.

The group that gives, stand in front, the others sit in place.

Any politicians here? You may leave without disgrace.

We all know that you are takers, no need to see your other face.

It’s time we look at all the greed, some groups hold inside.

Just how much money does one need, to be satisfied?

The rich get richer, the poor stay poor, you heard this many times.

All we do is shake our heads and act as if we’re blind.

The politicians line their pockets and then they look away.

As the oil prices rise and the people have no say.

I think about why this is done, there is no shortage at this time.

They jack the prices up so high, come down a little we won’t mind.

What happened to Alaska, with the pipeline in Valdez?

We are selling all this oil to China and the Japanese!

Plus all of our refineries are full to capacity.

So please explain the gouge in prices, so it does not sound like greed.

It’s not just the oil that is out of whack; it’s your benefits when you leave!

Why do you need all that money? Can this all be greed?



Let’s leave the politicians alone and look at all the C.E.O’s.

With their enormous salaries, so deserving heaven knows.

What exactly do they do to qualify for this?

When we have people with no food, yet that yacht they can’t resist.

And what about these pharmaceuticals, what are they thinking of?

With five hundred percent mark up on our medical drugs!

Our elders they eat cat food, you people caviar.

How can this greed be so unjust and reaching out so far?

The rich get rich, the poor stay poor, you heard this many times.

All we do is shake our heads and act as if we’re blind.

Lets’ talk about our doctors and those insurance companies.

The money that they take in can only mean its greed.

A lot of Americans have this choice, either hunger of their health.

While all these big insurance companies keep bringing in their wealth.

How do we stop this trend we have, with people and their greed?

To put money more important, than the peoples needs!



As long as I am on the roll, I must bring up this I see.

The franchise owners of our sports, they all have their share of greed.

It does not matter what the sport, the prices are out of sight.

The average family can not go, simply can not afford the price.

The salaries all these players get, how much is enough?

They have to feed their family too, gee, it must be rough.

My point to all you people, if you should pick this up and read.

Maybe you should take a look, why there is so much greed!



Now, let’s look at the other half, they are standing there out front.

They are the givers of this world, we have no better bunch.

The mothers and the fathers, providing family needs.

To the military men and women, making sure that we stay free.

The paramedics, police and firemen always there in need.

Not one of them I mentioned, fill their hearts with greed!

To all our unsung heroes, who work hard every day.

To all our older people who made our world today.

To the nurses and the teachers who care in every way.

Money is not everything as some would like to say.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2015

Respite~by Paul F. Lenzi





a saturday sun

set in brilliant blue sky

suggests leisure

a time for deep breathing

a fresh air elixir

inebriant warmth

heightens senses

to crosstalk of

birdsong in so many

languages greenery

cast in so many

bright shades

piquant smells of a

garden trade off

with more earthy

aromas of freshly

turned loam a slow

wander in woods

where the scurry of

chittering critters

at play brings a

smile contented

with aimlessness

carnally vivid with joy

nothing pressing

demands or a duty

just free as the breeze

light and airy of heart

burdens lifted away

a luxurious absence

of misery’s pain

a reward for the spirit

a day to remember

to savor if only a

figment imagined

by one very wounded

and weary old mind

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2015

Evensong~by Roxi St. Clair





Sun, favor me in your warmth.
Moon, light the way of night.
Nature, my escape and solace.
Time, breathe wisdom into me.
Heart, may I know love again.
Poetry, always be my purpose.

© Roxi St. Clair

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2015

Monument Valley~by Paul F. Lenzi



Monument Valley


softly sculpted
slow at their work
winds and waters
adjust a most
ancient terrain
even weakest
of forces when
persistent when
patient when
partnered with
time can create
new from old
confer new
form and shape
to old substance
and propagate
manifest change
save by a
distant posterity
fooled by their
notions of
tricked into
thinking that theirs
is the fixed
last and best
brave new world

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2015

Once Upon a Time in Chicago~by Paul F. Lenzi



Once Upon a Time in Chicago


architectural winds
swept the lake
looped the river
whose banks pulsed
with cattlemen bloodlines
magnificent mile
hosting retail nirvana
in shimmering towers
preserved beaux arts piles
that housed bearded barons
of manifest destiny
easy of manner consistent
with midwestern ethics
the homespun affinities
pulled from belief in the
power of personal enterprise
strength of frontier
personality settled in
perfect-laid gridwork
of four-square ambitions
enriched by the teem of its
immigrant waves adding color
and character wellsprings
of garrulous idioms
shouting in unison pride of
their separate achievements
to both remote ends
the old right and new left of a
continent firming its center
the heartbeat of heartland
ingenious creations of myriad
markets in capital freewheel
that energized industries
wealth to be had
for the muscular will
and the diligent hand

and yet now
against lessons of wise
ancient scholarship
flouting experience
gained in the rise and the fall
of great civilizations
allowing itself to be caught
in the crippling embrace
of its ill-chosen system
of socialist principles
spurning the man for the state
yielding rampant
inbred corruption
the decadent politics
spawned by a retrograde
errant philosophy
now is the great city lost
institutions in spasms
the skyline in judders
of fiscal implosion
of fast-spreading moral decay
chilling harbinger sending
cold signal to urban America

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2015

“A Teatime Long Forgotten”~by Andy Garrabrant



“A Teatime Long Forgotten”

While strolling through the forest,

I find a thinning of the trees,

where broken bricks jut from the earth

among a floor of emerald green

and daffodils, in stately rows,

march between the younger trees.

A pair of boxwood side by side

thrive in mounds, both tall and wide,

grown unruly, no tending love,

as wisteria drape the boughs above.

There is a silence hanging here,

A sense of expectation breathes,

And there, amid the blades of grass,

a china cup, half filled with leaves.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2015

ENDGAME~by Asif Ahmed




I know you are near to me,
without touching,
I love your black shadow,
lustrous, and hesitant,
I believe that your eyes
flame the reality is darkness.
The ecstasy rain from your spirit-
Maybe I fear- is immortal,
At my foot beckoning, hears
your demands in your languages
without asking any wages.

Everything will end as I am
If you touch me with your cool arm,
I feel then the eternal warm,
then every smile will shut their eyes,
Merged,I and You, as snow-rays,
-one in one- will begin carnal journeys.

But tell me where you will locate me?
And what -than my eyes can see-
You have prepared for me?
The call! scatterer of chain of love!
I am admissible, I bow,
because I am also part of Eve’.

Keeping me away from you- being curious
I will love you, forgetting, envious,
I expect your mighty arrival,
your kiss will make me immortal,
You become my rich for all.

I believe that is my last drop
of memory-
I believe that is my last clip
of knowledge,
Oh my Death, oh my lover,
Oh my whole! Hug me close for ever.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2015

I am a woman~by Nutan Sarawagi



I am a woman

I am a woman
sometimes I wonder
if I really rest in me
do I really exist ?
or am I a ghost the world can’t see ?
I tremble in myself
people bypass me
waiting in the gallows
always being punished
for what you have done to me
scarred me for life
I am hollow
as hollow as can be
as I eat away my inside
my inside eating within me
why am I caught in my own guilt pangs ?
my own guilt always punishing me
as if I am punished in life’s corner
it’s always punishing me
my life is my own sadness
in its life reflecting me
protecting me against myself
in my protection protecting AGAINST me

I am your hurt
but no one can
see my hurt
hurting within me
it is always my fault
for the world
does me no wrong
if I err it’s not their fault
I am the erring wrong
come and get me
take me to the gallows
I am your guilt punish me
to be thrashed
until death
as even death punishes me
even in my death I am punished
an example for everyone to see
for I am a women I am always guilty
in life’s eyes erring
why is everyone
always punishing me ?
take me to life’s gallows
punishing me
I am life’s shadow as
I lie in your shadow
life’s shadow
Why is then life
always punishing me ?

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2015

Steeple Bells~by rldubour




Steeple Bells



As he walked down the path through the fresh fallen snow.

With thoughts of his past, a chill made him feel cold.


He walked further on and after a while.

All his memories of good things brought his face to a smile.

His eyes were still bright, yet looked heavy and tired.

As he looked all around, at this place he admired.


At the place where he lived most all of his life.

Were once he had family and a sweet loving wife.

His children all grown and had moved far away.

And he lost his dear wife, when the angels came that day.


That’s where he was going, on that cold winters night.

To kneel by the grave, of his sweet loving wife.

For a moment he’s lost, forgot how to get there.

As tears came to his eyes and froze in the cold air.


He asked for a sign, for he just could not tell.

If only he heard those steeple bells.

Then he would know what direction to go.

As he pushed himself forward, ever so slow.


He started to pray and asked for help from above

To give him the strength left, to reach his sweet love.

He had to reach her with no selfish act.

Was then that he knew, he was not coming back.


The sign that he asked for came with a bright light.

As he watched while he cried, it was his sweet loving wife.

She came with the angels, her arms reaching forth.

As they embraced in the arms of this heavenly worth.


Now forever together, they turned back and could tell.

It was the miracle of music from the church steeple bells.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2015

A POEM OF MY HEART~by Aendgzel Roze




When time comes we get old
It’s your caring hands still I wanna hold
Moments of togetherness so precious as gold
Heart felt happiness need not to be told.

The only man who has a unique way
On proving ardent love that makes me sway
Every single moment I wanted to say
Whisper into your ears “I love you” & “just stay.”

Gray-white hair of yours will soon appear
Nevertheless my love for you won’t disappear
My faithful heart beats only for you dear
At times I am silent, listen as it murmurs so clear.

‘Til our dusk days, it’s you I want to spend
In life’s challenges, bliss, hope & love- all it blends
Only the magic of our love remains and to be comprehend
A journey with you is worthliving for until the end.

© purple Roze

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