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The Essence of A Woman~by Jenayah Hela



The Essence of A Woman

A woman with her honesty
Is much like a green garden
Crammed with jasmine flower
smelling the scent of purity
A woman with her soul transparency
Is much like a fair blue sky
Cleared of shadowy cloud
Hampering her amazing impetuosity
A Woman with her heart ingenuity
Is much like a musical drum
mimicking every beating of its soothing symphony
A woman in harmony with her spirit
Is much like the flowing river of the Nile
Where she will identify with herself thanks to her stubbornness and tenacity
A woman with her frailty
Is much like the calm sea
Smelling the odor of the salty freshness and sandy beach fragility
A woman with her dignity
Is much like a fierce lion ready to roar
Reluctant to tilt down her head not to dishonor her name
And lead a life full of plain decency

Written by Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

Woman~by Melvina Germain




I’amWoman, created to reign on the earth as Queen,

I’mthat precious diamond, an amazing human being.

I’vecome to earth not as your servant or the flesh for

Youto walk upon, but as a remarkable human who stands

byGod and his son.


I’amthe vessel who bears God’s beautiful creation,

inthe warmth of my womb producing all mankind.

Noone can ever duplicate me with new innovation,

asI’m unique and special with infinite worth, sublime.


Jealousyis my enemy and evil pounces harsh and strong,

a human’s heavy hand of brutality, so often comesalong.

Istand a fearless warrior, as I wear my earthly crown,

Satanmay strike me hard, but will never keep me down.


I’amWoman, resilient, O yes that’s most certainly me,

Ibear the strength of my Mother and my Father’s tenacity.

I’ama precious Griot, a story teller of this mysterious world,

wearinghistory in my mind, telling truth of all humanity.


I’llwalk through dark valleys, trudge through many storms.

Myworth surpasses all as my spiritual body becomes reborn.

I’amwoman, forgiving, loving, compassionate and free,

I’llaccept nothing less than what my maker wants for me.


I’mdeserving of a good man, yes Father says that’s true,

thewinner that I’am, only the best must come from you.

Ideserve a man to stand by me, protecting me in every way,

Aman willing to give of his life, in the darkness of the day.


Letme be his precious Jewel, let me be his beautiful Queen,

Iwill stand by him, through darkness and the brightest light.

Tosave the beauty of family, together we will always fight.

Whenthe curtain closes, when the silent wind softly blows,

Ipraise God, that I’am Woman, in Heaven an Angel glows.


Writtenby:  Melvina Germain

Date:           March 26/2015

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

LEFT BARE~by Rajendra Padhi




I told the girl not to flicker in fragrance
She is not the one in his words of love,
I disdain a summary of her violet nights
The analysis of the abhorred things,
Yet another man is the same she learns
The old spider in the net for the moth.

The scary days like withered leaves
Weightless and winged in her voice,
He loved her in the park till tired
Turning her into a dove of stone and left.

Those hope-filled illusive words of love
Swing emptily in mind cold like snow,
The heart like a torn-paper is swept
Snarling at the wind of time fast to flow.

Sits alone in a park or cafe in hunger
Forgetting the city she knows in her veins,
Squeezing her calling him as a lion
She wonders at the tamed moments as prey.

Now she forgets herself as a woman
Left bare like a plastic basket broken for use,
Stoops to the sky scolding the moon and stars
Now life like a flood will return in ruins
What for she lives missing soul in streets.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K Padhi

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

A colorful day~by JENAYAH HELA



A colorful day

A colorful day is in its way,
guiding your path , your every move, your rhythmical sway
brightly shining like a bouquet of flowers in full bloom kept in
a crystal vase in the lovely month of May
Its sweet-smelling extravagant perfume is filling every corner of your rooms, your bedroom, every corner of your home
Every single day,
white butterflies,
palpitating their wings like twinkling eyes
bringing good fortune to your pending cries
Above the flower bed. Over the lawn…
There is a flock of white pigeons
dancing and twirling like majestically Queens
to the Celestial symphony seeming energetically keen
striving the depth of your insight, the fathom of your soul to win
their holy voices are mystically twittering
while they are swinging like waves from bough to bough
looking like nuns for chastity , taking a vow
Colorful lines of the rainbow above
beautifying the dried flower of the tropical tree — the clove
bringing eternal friendship, compassion, so much love
A colorful day
assuaging your painful stay
allowing your escape
to a magnifying, mystical landscape
dreaming of a laughter along,a blissful pray
while you bit your lips to hold your tears at bay
while the “sun shines”, you sigh and make your hay

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

I Am The Luckiest In The World~by Hela Tekali



I Am The Luckiest In The World

I am the luckiest in the world
For in thy eyes I am a Rose
I am writing those romantic lines of lyric prose
When all of a sudden, on my forehead a soft kiss you do pose
O My Beloved Prophet!
I do welcome agreeably my last sigh and In Silent Light I wish my pure heart and soul would find peaceful repose
I feel your Light and Tenderness embodied in my being
Shining each day so bright and incredibly so healing
I wish that Time would stop for just a pause
When i will let go of all my worries, my burden that this frightening life on me impose
I love you forever my Beloved Prophet
Now, I would like to place my hand on thy hand and sail on my lifeboat towards my message on earth, my noble cause
Spiritual Poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

I am a broken Angel~by Jenayah Hela



I am a broken Angel

I am a broken Angel
My eyes were from crying red and swollen
My heart like a crystal rose stiffen and frozen
Lost in this unbounded universe
My tarnished wings with sooty mud were made filthy and splintered while I am writing these poetic verses
How shall I find my way back
If inside of me I am desperately struggling to keep my track
The earth is not a safe place for me
As a woman who lost touch with her symbolic harmony
I am a broken Angel
My soul has to backtrack,
Flee the burden disheartening my ached back
I hate that notion of duality
Floating like a flowing river between good and evil depravity
My soul is once again struggling hard to challenge the chains of haunting obscurity
Tempting its nature not to resurrect itself
Meet intimately with the divine and merge into a state of healing deity and purifying ecstasy

Written by Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

*Her Mirror Talks*~by Bhat Naieem



*Her Mirror Talks*

Let the illusions Go, Now don’t ruin your future’
‘I can’t make his memories fade, as pain is engulfing me’
‘Leave him! there are thousands better than him’
‘Yeah there are thousands, so why me’

‘What? if he loves someone else’
‘Still i would love him, and wish he is mine’
‘Won’t you need alcohal, while lifetime ringing his bells’
‘His love is enough; what for weeds and wine’

‘he had no time to waste anymore’
‘And i have my whole life to fight for him’
‘There is nothing in his heart, just abhor’
‘Thats what makes my love score more’
©Bhat Naieem

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

ღ IF ….. ღ~by Solitary Poet



ღ IF ….. ღ

If the water can stop flowing
If the roses can stop growing
If the stars can stop glowing

If the night and daylight could meet
If the darkness and the brightness could pleat
If the wind could ever freeze the heat

If the ice and fire could together melt
If the love and hatred could together be felt
If the unknown tomorrow could ever be withheld

Maybe … you could catch me before I fall
Maybe… I could come to your call
Maybe… we could forget what had built this wall

As a million if suggest a limitless possibility
As a thousand maybe implies some probability
I still cannot find with you any compatibility. ©

ღ MiRa ღ

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

SHADOWS~by Saroj Padhi




Fairies in flight drop shadows of lovers on my street
Who get drunk enough with wind to move their feet,
And squat down to listen to a song from a night bird
That has lost its way back home and intends to be heard;
When leaves are driven out of their stay in half lit pits
Like torn letters of love where scattered memory sits;

Rapt the trees listen to the echo of voices of solitary beings
That pass along the street, pulling at their hearts’ taut strings ;
To remind us of the Evening Star that grew so much stunted
After years of chase behind a proud Moon who got violated
By a casual Sun , to bleed and let souls bleed like flowers wounded ;

The Moon peeps from the chinks in wall of the bi-coloured Sky
When the lizard of a trailing black cloud darts by
Devouring the Moon and the Star
As the fairies keep looking at this cosmic event
From the doors of heaven flung ajar;

Making us realize the frailty of human love
Turning fleshes into shadows
That are rocked like cradles by hands from invisible above .

@Saroj k. padhi / 30.3.15

Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

‘’ oasis “ ~by Raj Babu Gandham



‘’ oasis “

my unseen tears
sank in my heart
my unheard pain
stuck in my throat
my unknown wounds
hide in my soul
whom to tell
with whom to share
where to go
and how to tell
when my own tears
deserted me
when my own pain
silenced me
when my own wounds
hide from me
when friends of mine
look away

when all dear to me
proved wrong
when all known to me
walked away
i am left alone
in these jungles of thoughts
i walk alone
in these barren lands
i live alone
in my own oasis
~ yathi..rajbabu gandham
copyright © author rajbabug 30mar15 0954 1014

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