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September 9, 2009~by LILLIAN THE HOME POET



September 9, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama Visits Connecticut Town Where Massacre Still Fresh

Written in respons to a MOOC University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop assignment.
Explanation:  On September 9, 2009, President Obama was addressing Congress when South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson interrupted him by shouting “Liar!” There were audible gasps and stares. It was unprecedented for a president addressing Congress to be heckled. Representative Wilson later apologized and was formally rebuked by Congress. Some critics believe this was a watershed moment in the behavior of politicians. Somehow, I’ve always connected this event to the refrain in the song American Pie, “…the day the music died.”  In my mind, this was the day decorum died. 

And there they sat,
some agreed and some did not.
All taught as youth,
the tenants of democracy.
Respect the office
if not the man.

One voice spoke to all
until the word was harshly flung.
Liar! then gasps within the pause.
Heads turned to find the voice
whose tongue had struck,
lashed civility at its whipping post.

That word’s echo
replays throughout the land.
The fabric of decorum
a scrim forever rent,
as thread by shred
our dignity is torn.

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In you I was born ~by Nutan Sarawagi



In you I was born

My son to live in you
in your love
The day i was born in you in your love to love
for you were my love
in you with all my love
A love so blue in which I coloured my blues
baby born in blue eyes as you woke up to startle me in a life once again so new
I wondered how I had lived existed without you
in your lovely hair
to touch its golden brass hues in the sun falling in your eyes as i lit in you
to touch its sunshine radiating my love in you
for you are my love I hold you close
in the suns rays to see it hold all the colours of rainbows in it to dim
floating in love in its beams to sing
a love which holds me in your love
my baby as I cradle you in my love
in a love which grows faster than any love as you grow faster than any love
blessed in that day when I was born to you
in hopes aglow hoping in you holding you so close to me
to foster in your love
in it strengthen my own love
for I love you the most
don’t ever leave
stay with me
just be me in you
as I see me
just me in you
just you and me
just me

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May be I am in Love………~by Lopamudra Mishra



May be I am in Love………

You planted thousand roses in my Sea,
My waves became turbulent with glee,
I could feel you in my laughter,
My heart beats runs like rider,
My island started flowering ,
You poured honey in my vessel,
Its aroma filled my castle,
My serenade is for you,
I am doused in your hue,
My lips whispers your name,
Dreaming and playing, the hide and seek game,

The Sun is shinning brightly,,
You have ringed rainbows in my wings,
Colouring my canvas through your colourful paintings,
My loose hair hides my blushing ,
Ears warmed by your thoughts,
Stomach churns for your togetherness,
Eyes caged your image,
Heart rolls for sweet beverage,
Unable to concentrate,
Heart dances like peacock in rain,
My throb says may be I am in love……….

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Mornings~by Paul F. Lenzi





“Peaceful Morning” by Irina Sztukowski

on again off again

sleep comes and goes

by its elderly whims

all in all not so bad

having three or four

mornings per day

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Vibrant ~by Melvina Germain

Vibrant (Thank you to my Grand-daughter, Carolena for the word)



I’m happy
when colors are bright
and words flow
like falling stars.
I’m delighted
in the amber toned night
when I can almost
touch the sky so far.
I’m intoxicated
by the world we live in
and the surrounding
beauty Mother Nature provides.
The vibrant color
of the royal night sky,
the velvet green
that hug our feet,
and the array of colors
with scents so sweet.
Flowers every shape and size,
some display a great surprise
I’m overjoyed with all such
vibrant gifts
The soothing of my soul
allows my spirit to uplift.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: July 22/2016

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2016

Violent~by Melvina Germain


Violent (Thank you for the word Estrella)



Darkness blanket
the men in Blue,
vexation of revenge
haunts a troubled mind.
The mourning begins
hearts throb with pain
more violence
fill the streets of mankind.
Blood red run
no matter what color
one bears.
Blood is all the same within
and so be the color of tears.
Black and Brown blood
run an endless stream
now Blue blood
paints the end
of a peaceful dream.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: July 22/2016

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2016

A LITTLE GIRL~by Anita Sahoo




It’s the beginning
With my baby steps on
Long way to go
to where and how
is purely unknown
I don’t want to bother
whether it’s good or bad
if in agony or sad
it’s threshold or crossroad
I am not concerned

I don’t want to tell
a tale of me
what I want is to play
and be free
to catch the rainbow
and run with the butterfly
to watch the fleeting clouds
with birds I want to fly
with flowers I want to sway
eager to touch the dew
On grass and leaves
to play hide and seek with friends
and share joyous high fives
want to get drench and dance in rain
to be always happy
without any pain

At this tender age
Whether it’s too much
I am asking for
a carefree and peaceful childhood
beyond agony and plights
let me live and wander
as a little girl
with all dignity and pleasure

Don’t make mess off
of my innocence
to feed your lust
let my eyes twinkle ever
to never wear a stony attire
just keep me away
for being an object
Of your nasty hysteric behaviour
so maniacal
for always to glitter
in my angelic pride
with all sanity of a little girl…
(C) Anita Sahoo

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2016

Vacation~by rldubour




You worked all year most every day,

Now it is time to get away.

Most are planned well in advance,

Some just go and take their chance.

The hard part is what to decide?

This place you dream to run and hide.

A cruise to some exotic place,

To relax, enjoy as you set your pace.

Or maybe to the mountain tops as far as you can see.

Such a beautiful peaceful place filled with serenity.

Or there is the ocean shore with soft white sandy beach.

Anywhere you dream of going they are not so out of reach.

No matter what your plans are you should try and get away.

Whether it is for weeks or just a single day.

And when things get hectic as you seem to drift apart.

Take a break time for a change and reconnect those hearts.

Sometimes when you’re busy and time just rushes by.

You tend to forget the important things as you put them all aside.

Stop and smell the roses this is what they say.

Take your partner by the hand don’t let it get away.

Rejuvenate that fire you deserve a special day.

Let your dreams of flight explore the reality today.

No matter what you like doing best, from mountaintop to sea.

Everyone needs a vacation that’s how it should be.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2016

Thence~by Sumana Bhattacharjee




Captivating my thought
In my house loft
In a tranquil evening
In my city it’s raining !

My open eye forgot to blink
My thought invoke the past
Only who speaks is my ink !

It was a quiet evening of winter
Pin drop silence in library
Nobody was there !

You came as a thunder storm
In a tranquil sky !
Bewildered me could not
accept your words ! O my !

You told me “you are my prayer
But how can I tell can I dare ?”
Answered my dizzy mind
“Love is a word profound and it’s rare !”

I cut off the string
Thought you are not a
Nice human being !

I am far away from you
You are no where !

Now sometime I think ! Yes !
“Love is sweetest mixed with fear !”

Sumana Bhattacharjee
Time 10 a.m

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2016

. barren~by Raj Babu Gandham




. barren


you walked

flowers bloom
in my

~ yathi
2016 © Raj Babu Gandham

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