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Give and Take~by rldubour

Are You a Giver or a Taker? | Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog

Let’s split the people up in groups, one that gives and one that takes.

The group that gives, stand in front, the others sit in place.

Any politicians here? You may leave without disgrace.

We all know that you are takers, no need to see your other face.

It’s time we look at all the greed, some groups hold inside.

Just how much money does one need, to be satisfied?

The rich get richer, the poor stay poor, you heard this many times.

All we do is shake our heads and act as if we’re blind.

The politicians line their pockets and then they look away.

As the oil prices rise and the people have no say.

I think about why this is done, there is no shortage at this time.

They jack the prices up so high, come down a little we won’t mind.

What happened to Alaska, with the pipeline in Valdez?

We are selling all this oil to China and the Japanese!

Plus all of our refineries are full to capacity.

So please explain the gouge in prices, so it does not sound like greed.

It’s not just the oil that is out of whack; it’s your benefits when you leave!

Why do you need all that money? Can this all be greed?

Let’s leave the politicians alone and look at all the C.E.O’s.

With their enormous salaries, so deserving heaven knows.

What exactly do they do to qualify for this?

When we have people with no food, yet that yacht they can’t resist.

And what about these pharmaceuticals, what are they thinking of?

With five hundred percent mark up on our medical drugs!

Our elders they eat cat food, you people caviar.

How can this greed be so unjust and reaching out so far?

The rich get rich, the poor stay poor, you heard this many times.

All we do is shake our heads and act as if we’re blind.

Lets’ talk about our doctors and those insurance companies.

The money that they take in can only mean its greed.

A lot of Americans have this choice, either hunger of their health.

While all these big insurance companies keep bringing in their wealth.

How do we stop this trend we have, with people and their greed?

To put money more important, than the peoples needs!

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Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association - Wikipedia

The state slogan is, “The Battle Born State.”
The residents are called Nevadans.
The largest gold producing state in the nation
Second in the world behind the South Africans.

The state’s highest point is Boundary Peak.
The official tree is the Bristlecone Pine
Nevada was made famous by the discovery
Of the fabulous Comstock Lode in 1859.

The official state flower is the sagebrush
The state motto is, “All for our Country.”
Nevada is a Spanish name and means snow-clad
And cattle is the leading agricultural industry.

The mountain bluebird is the official bird.
The animal is the desert bighorn sheep
And Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than
Any other place on earth to sleep.

Governor Fred Balzar signed into law
A Bill to legalize gambling on March of 31.
And near the little town of Rachel is
Federally owned land known as area 51.

Sam Clemens took the penname Mark Twain
A reporter for the newspaper is what he did.
And in Death Valley the kangaroo rat can live
Its entire life without one drop of liquid.

In 1899 Charles Faye invented the slot
Machine and named it the Liberty Bell.
The ghost town of Rhyolite still pays homage
To the early days and stories they do tell.

The Comstock mines also produce large
Quantities of tungsten, barite and lead.
Also there is zinc, copper and mercury.
The mines that made Nevada is what’s said.

The Hoover dam contains 3.25 million cubic
Yards of concrete that the records show.
Enough to pave a two-lane highway
From New York to San Francisco!

Once again it is time for names
Like Jack Kramer and James Casey
Purviance, LeMond and Patricia Ryan

Nixon, Jack Wilson, Alexander and there’s Andre Agassi.
Statehood, October 31, 1864 the 36th state
Capital is Carson City

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Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter~by rldubour

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S leepiness awakens too
P leased to see the old and new. 
R espect, rebirth, rejoice
I know I have the choice.
N ature gave me all of this 
G arnished with an Angel’s kiss. 

S oon the new will be grown
U nderstanding what is known.
M odestly with beauty shown 
M oving gently on private thrones.
E nlightened by all these sights
R ecord the image for future nights. 

F orever nature stays on track
A lways forward never back.
L isting her colors with crisp air 
L ending her beauty for man to share. 

W hile I spend my time on earth 
I value all these gifts of worth.
N ow the seasons near their end
T o complete the cycle once again.  
E mbossed in her blanket white 
R esounding sleep makes it right. 

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Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Nebraska - Wikipedia

Nebrathka, meaning flat water is
The origin of this states name.
Was the Oto name for the Platte River
This is how the name became.

The Cornhusker State is the nickname
For its chief agricultural crop.
And the residents are called Nebraskans
This state is highly worth the stop.

The official flower is the goldenrod
The state insect is the honey bee.
The bird is the western meadowlark
And the cottonwood is the state tree.

The motto is, “Equality before the law”
The animals are the white-tailed deer.
The world’s only museum is at Fort Atkinson
To learn of fur trading when you visit here.

In Blue Hill, NO female wearing a hat that

Would scare a timid person is against the law.

And! Can’t be seen eating onions in public,

Honest. Not made up. It is exactly as I saw!

Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town

in Omaha in nineteen-seventeen.

And from Boston to San Francisco

Kearney is located exactly in between.

Nebraska is both the nation’s largest user
And supplier of center pivot irrigation.
And Lincoln was the first place to develop
The Nation’s 911 emergency communications.

The world’s largest indoor rain forest is
At Lied Jungle in Omaha, this is quite a treat.
And Halsey National Forest is the worlds
Largest hand planted forest, not an easy feat.

In Omaha Marlon Brando’s mother taught
Acting lessons to Henry Fonda.
And on July 4, 1882 Buffalo Bill Cody
Held his first rodeo in Platte, Nebraska.

Gerald Ford, Marlon Brando and Warren Buffet
Names that make Nebraskans proud.

J. Sterling Morton and Joyce C Hall
Abbott and Astaire and we can not forget Red Cloud.
Statehood, March 1, 1867 the 37th state.
Capital is Lincoln

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An Angry Young Poet

Teacher as Transformer

Each year, I spend time on poetry with the students. Two years ago, a student asked if I wrote poetry in junior high school and I was able to say, “Yes!”. He asked me to share with them. I found them in a small lock box I keep at home and shared several with the class.

I mentioned in Culture of Peace Sam Intrator. He suggested teachers expose adolescent students complex, existential questions of life as they move through those formative years. I wrote my poems in about 1969. It was a time when identity was increasingly rooted in the global nature of the world, not just immediate community and family. War, even in Canada, entered our homes via television. I found voice in poetry and expressed an abhorrence to institutional and government approved murder. What set me apart from my peers, was I took no sides. Each was equally…

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Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Map of the State of Montana, USA - Nations Online Project

The name comes from the Spanish
And the meaning is “mountainous.”
The nickname is the “Treasure State,”
And that vote was unanimous.

The motto is, “Gold and Silver,”
The residents are called Montanans.
Every spring from the Gulf of Mexico
Is the migration of over 10,000 pelicans.

Thomas Simpson moved from Scotland
And grew wheat they called fife.
The state’s animal is the grizzly bear
A reason to fear for someone’s life

The bird is the western meadowlark.
The Ponderosa pine is the state tree
The flower is the bitterroot and the
The agate and the sapphire are the gems to be.

Towns like Comet and Combination,
Pony, Black Pine and Keystone.
These are Montana’s official Ghost towns
Do not visit them alone!

And just south of Billings, Custer and
His men had made their last stand.
One-hundred and ninety-seven men
All in 20 minutes lay dead upon the land.

The first inhabitants was the Plains Indians,
Today there are seven different reservations.
And Yellowstone National Park is the
First National Park in the Nation.

At Freezout Lake over 300,000 snow geese

And 10,000 tundra swans during migration.

North of Missoula is the largest population

Of nesting loons in the nation.

No other place where one can find

The largest migratory Elk herd

And on Egg Mountain near Choteau

Dinosaur eggs were discovered.

Dorothy Baker, Will and George Montgomery

Evel Knievel, Gary Cooper and Alfred Guthrie.

Jeannette Rankin, Myna Loy and Dave McNally

Jerry Kramer, Dirk Benedict and Chet Huntley. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Statehood, November 8, 1889 the 41st state

Capital is Helena

Sioux chief, Gall attacked and over ran the rear guard, L and I Companies while Crazy Horse attacked the offensive commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Custer himself. In the end all 197 men on the hill were killed that day in less than 20 minutes In all the final totals not including civilians and scouts were estimated to be as follows: Lieutenant Colonel Custer's Cavalry battalion of 197 men killed, Major Reno's Cavalry battalion of 134 had 36 men killed and 26 wounded, Captain Benteen's Cavalry battalion of 125 had 11 men killed and 29 wounded
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Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Missouri Information - Hometown USA

The state and river named the same.
The nickname is “The Show Me State,”
With more than 65,000 visitors a day!
In the area of Branson and the Tri-Lake.

The motto is, “The welfare of the people
Shall be the supreme law.”
The record low is 40 below and the record
High is one-eighteen both, were set in Warsaw.

As residents of this state the people
Are called “Missourians.”
The name Missouri actually originated
From the Native Indians called Algonquin’s.

The animal is the Missouri mule
The insect is the honeybee.
The official bird is the bluebird
And the flowering dogwood is the tree.

The state flower is the hawthorn
The mineral is called galena.
Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis is the
Largest beer producer in America.

The dogwood-azalea festival
In Charleston, annually it is grand.
Held the 3rd week end in April,
“Charleston becomes a blooming Wonderland

From the Atlantic-Pacific Railway.
In St. Louis the first train did arrive.
Now called the St. Louis-San Francisco
Only the name did not survive.

Historically, Missouri played a leading
Role as a gateway to the west.
With St. Joseph being the eastern
Starting point of the Pony Express.

“I’m from Missouri and you’ve got to show me.”
As Congressman Vandiver was quoted to say.
And in 1849, David Rice Atchison held the office
As our President but, only for ONE day!

T.S. Eliot, Omar Bradley, Wilkins and Angelou

Again it’s time for names, which one do you know?

J.C. Penny, Jesse James, Yogi Berra and Chuck Berry

Kathleen Turner, Harry Truman and Susan Blow.


Statehood, August 10, 1821 the 24th state

Capital is Jefferson City

Nickname for State: The Show Me State. In 1899 Congressman Willard D. Vandiver said: "I come from a country that raises cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I'm from Missouri. “You've got to show me." 
The state was named after a tribe called Missouri Indians meaning town of the large canoes. 
The Santa Fe and the Oregon trails began in Independence. 
J.C. Penny full name is James Cash Penney.
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Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Mississippi - Wikipedia

The magnolia is the state flower
And the magnolia is the state tree!
The state bird is the mockingbird
And the insect is the honey bee.

The motto is, “By valor and arms.”
The residents are called “Mississippians.”
The animal is the white-tailed deer
And the mammals are the bottlenose dolphins.

Known as, “The Magnolia State.”
The river is the state’s name.
The biggest river in the nation
And the state was named the same.

Mrs. Mamie Thomas is the first female mail carrier
Edwards has the world’s largest Cactus Plantation.
The world’s largest pecan nursery is in Lumberton.
In Greenwood has the largest Bible-binding plant in the nation.

In Biloxi in 1898, Edward Adolf Barq Sr.
Invented root beer his most famous creation.
And the Vicksburg National Cemetery
Is the second largest in the nation.

Natchez is the oldest permanent settlement
That American history embraces.
Natchez has over 500 buildings in the
National Register of Historic places.

In 1902, President (Teddy) Roosevelt
Refused to shoot a gun because he cared.
This led to the creation of the
world’s famous “Teddy Bear.”

James Earl Jones and Oprah Winfrey
Tennessee Williams and B.B.King
William Faulkner and Elvis Presley
Some famous names a standard thing.
Statehood, December 10, 1817 the 20th state.
Capital is Jackson

The oldest game in America is stick ball Played by the Choctaw Indians. 
The rarest of cranes, the Mississippi Sandhill, Has an 8ft wingspan and stands 44 inches high. 
And Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo in 1935. 
The first female rural mail carrier in the United States was Mrs. Mamie Thomas. She delivered mail by buggy to the area southeast of Vicksburg in 1914.
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Knowing America through Poetry~by rldubour, in alpha order


Minnesota - Wikipedia

“The Land of 10,000 lakes.”
Is the nickname for this state
Actually is an understatement
There are more than 15,000 counted to date!

The residents are called “Minnesotans”
The motto is, “The Star of the North.”
The Sioux had named the river Minnesota
And the state would be the same henceforth.

The Lake Superior Agate is the gemstone.
The official tree is the Norway pine.
The pink and white lady’s slipper
Is this state flower by design.

The state bird is the common loon.
And if you’re into sports this will make your day
The Metrodome is the only place to host a
Super Bowl, a World Series and the NC-double A!

About the size of 78 football fields

With more than 9.5 million square feet

The Mall of America in Bloomington

A shopper’s paradise that can’t be beat.

More than Florida and California combined

Minnesota has over 90,000 miles of shoreline

The Old Log is the oldest theater in the country and

The Chanhassan is the largest dinner theater that you’ll fine.

Minneapolis has the famous skyway system
Is fifty-two blocks and nearly five miles long.
Making downtown possible when one goes shopping
To stay indoors for quite awhile as you go along.

In 1898 the Kensington Rune Stone was found
Near Alexandria and is still a mystery.
There are carvings telling of a journey,
A band of Vikings in 1362 and their history.

An extraordinary family Dr. William Mayo
And his two sons founded the Mayo Clinic
A world renowned medical care center
Specializing in musculoskeletal genetics.

Eugene McCarthy and Hubert Humphrey
Schultz and Ryder, Bender and Berg.
Mondale, Maris, and Judy Garland
A few famous names you might have heard.
Statehood, May 11, 1858 the 32nd state
Capital is Saint Paul

Minneapolis is home to the oldest continuous theater in the country, the Old Log. 
And home to the largest dinner theater the Chanhassan also in Minneapolis. 
Dr. William Worrall Mayo-(father) Dr. William J Mayo-(son) and 
Dr. Charles H Mayo-(son) Rochester is home to the World Famous Mayo Clinic,
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A Bizarre Tale {Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh}


This extremely melodious song is paired with beautiful lyrics. It featured in a Bollywood movie that was released in 1960. My mum was listening to this yesterday, and I remembered this lovely tune. It’s been haunting me ever since, and I won’t rest until I write a poem about it. The movie plot is typical 60s Bollywood. Boy and girl meet; they can’t marry. Eventually, somehow, anyhow, the universe conspires to bring them back together! If you want a little more, the hero is a doctor. He’s in love with this nurse who’s singing the song on the eve of his marriage to another woman who is the daughter of a rich man who had paid for his education. He was compelled to marry the rich man’s daughter on the insistence of his mother. Eventually, after many domestic issues, a high-speed car chase, and drama, the doctor is reunited with…

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