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“We NEVER give up.
through Struggle and Pain.
We SHINE brightest
We Conquer and Succeed
even the IMPOSSIBLE,
through our sheer WILL.
To GOD.. be the GLORY !”
Paloma Fule
(Spirit Light Poet Warrior)

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PRAY FOR CHILE~by Paloma Fule




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unto Your Almighty Hands
Save our Brothers and Sisters
from the 7.1 magnitude Earthquake.
Bring the Perished into
Thy ETERNAL Kingdom.

Allow the Graces of the HOLY SPIRIT
to guide the Rescues of
those trapped in the Wreckage.
Send your Holy ANGELS
to comfort and reunite
Families separated.

We ask this through
of your Son made Man ,
Our Lord and Savior..
through which
are made ..POSSIBLE !”

Paloma Fule
(Spirit Light Poet Warrior)

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Noble pain.~by Mandour Saleh Hikel



Noble pain.

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I wonder
How could that much great beauty
A beauty of the kind
Comes out of greater pain
That burns her inside.
That relaxing peaceful beauty
That’s elegantly dressed
In a classy, yet shy pride
While her charming bluegreen eyes
Trying to hide
That unbearable pain
That only her can tame.

So strange
She never complains
Could it be a bliss from high above
From God
Who sent her an angel
Who overwhelmed her
With so much peace and love
I wonder
How always she DOES
Shine like star
Who guides the tortured souls
These beautiful tortured souls
When losing control
Wherever they are
She is always there
So close as she should be
Never has been far
Always there for them
Like a heavenly grace
That graces her pretty childish face
With all that mindpeacefulness
That always follows her
Like a graceful shadow
That only lucky hearts
Can feel…
Can trace.

written by :
By: cambridge_train
Mandour Saleh Hikel

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THE HOOD, GOOD.~by Balachandran Nair




Serpents poisonous roaming, for blood
In the name of God’s own religion, hungry
So many innocents strolling, for food
On the streets, even in Gods’ Own Country*!
Mutt politicians make common man fool
Call even decent, learned gentlemen nuts
Khadi clad, still they sharpen serrate tongue
To bite Law of Land, smile to common man.
Forests destroyed to plant aerocrafts
Rightful inheritors recess, beasts, birds die
Billions the powerful pocket, little spare,
To proclaim, celebrate a Nature’s Day!
High risers built to suit the few riches
Extracting tax, interest of poor in their clutches
Playing, flirting, drunk in late night parties
Rash drive posh cars, kill sleepers of pavements.
While it spread hood seldom serpent bite
For its food and on frightened only it strike
But the human, the more he is more wisdom,
Inject venom smiling, left, right, all sides!
Hood need to be a crown one wear
Manhood to protect womanhood, parenthood
Womanhood to chasten who question sanctity of chastity
Whole human-hood to respect, protect Mother Planet!

* Kerala, India.




Daily missive for Tuesday the 25th of April.

Where did you go
When the flowers died
Heads bent in supplication
The blossom blew away
Seed pods turned to dust
In the angry sun
Fiery fingers burned to cinders.
What happened
After that last kiss
The heat from your brow
Scorched my lips
I can feel it now
Taste you in the cleansing
Of the morning
As the new day
Steals the requiem
Of an older dream.
How do I find you
In the company of strangers
A smile that rearranges how I feel.
Steal me away
To the beginning
When for a moment
I was a poet and saw beauty
In small things.
The insect and the tree
Mutually dependent
A world resplendent
With words that burst like ripened fruit.
You slip by in a breeze
A blizzard of pollen
And Dandelion spores
Carpeting the river
A downy softly
Cushioned snow white storm
Needs another aspect
To recognise the scene
To see what might have been.
To be a true test of discovery
I need a new paradigm
Nothing remains explained
By the old one
Even the rhyme
Has been repeated
So many times it is tired
Algorithmically beaten
And tonally defeated
In the aftermath.

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The Reincarnation~by Nakshatra Singh



The Reincarnation

You are them only.
Through you they live,
Your smiles make them smile,
Your sorrow hurts them,
You only, can make them happy.
Stay strong and look around,
New rosebuds every where.
With its soft and hard melodies,
Goes on the eternal stream of life,
Listen to it, and swim along.
Your ocean not far away,
In your wake, would swim they,
Those who will be you….

By – Nakshatra Singh

P.S. – Inspired by Buddha and my Father Mr Bhawani Singh

Copyrights @ Nakshatra Singh

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LOVE & SEPARATION~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




Love and
Baring separation
Are made for one another

Love feelings
Shower fragrance
Births ecstasy in hearts

Souring tastes
Separation comes often
Love roses get dried

Baring separation
Lone hearts sing in silence
Silent muse hugs sadness

Separation in solitude
Spirits should live high & strong
Divorce pains, seek love within

Love May birth Romeos
Separation dig out great poets
Soothing millions of hearts
(c)Jagjit Singh Zandu(Jit)
@ April 25, 2017
All Rights Reserved

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Kiss of faith (day 24)~by Atomic Words



Kiss of faith (day 24)

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darkness presence~by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



darkness presence

there are nights in all of us. close your
eyes. what do you see?

do you see the loneliness left in
the brags of light creep back
seventy times stronger? do you see your lover’s body
moan the skin of another man? do you see
the hurt garb in subtle flames singeing your skin? do you see
the fear come in pigments undefined and
the moment of bliss ruined by the time bomb
your father has become?

do you see the smiles you hang in
the teeth of daylight friends lurk in jeers in
the mouths of groping fiends? you will be
surprised the president is one of them.

do you find yourself again buried into bottles
of bear—of beer—bare? and when you cuff your name in
twines of whispers—you remember the doctor’s words
in white graffito. your aids gave you AIDS. do you see
the casket dance at your funeral? or just you. cadaver and an
epitaph of gone too soon?

do you see the hunger coming tomorrow? the boy that
died yesterday is calling you—you are
saying no—his face is a memoirs of obituaries. do you see the laughter
of your mother wreak wicked creditors cussing
in tongues unknown? do you see your
age dance in front of you or your descent into the arms
of a dead dream and let us pray? do you see your wife in
thousand wrappers and furious legs of your village people?

you shut your eyes and find questions set loose
on your tongue. why evening is the painting within?
why your eyes are filmstrips of negatives looking for the sun of God?

you close again—a darkness presence. shadows are
learning let there be light from a doused sunlight. a boy rises
in your throat. holding a decoy light.

Ayoola Goodness ©2017

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Winter~by rldubour




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Daylight is shorter, the darkness is long.

The weather is colder, snow covers the lawns.

Icicles’ hanging from all the roof tops.

Snow is still falling, when will it stop?

Winter brings holiday’s fun and good cheer.

With everything decorated, a good time of year.

You have to admit, with the new fallen snow.

The beauty of nature as she puts on her show.

The winds with their howling singing their songs.

To enjoy winters magic; it won’t be that long.

To view Mother Nature with her new coat of white.

Even in darkness she looks sparkling bright.

Winter the season, she is here to stay.

Embrace her charm and her reason, she will go away.

Her charm is her beauty her reason is known.

For the next coming season and its beauty be shown.

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