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Arno~by Paul F. Lenzi





“Florence, Italy – Arno River” by Hall Groat II

I was born of a river
stone arches first spanned
by legions of Cassius
here where the dear
Ponte Vecchio
gives me my shade

Tuscan watershed drain
fills my veins with the
coursing of Renaissance
runoff infusing my
essence with arts
of the hand and the mind

I carry a legacy
heir to the Medici patronage
deep in the rush of my
currents that charge
new young streams
in pursuit of their paths

there is love in my waters
enough to bathe history
think of me, drink of me
sail on my shoulders
until you decide
where tomorrow will run



(originally posted November 2013)


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Exotic Wings~by Nina Grace


Exotic Wings

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In your hate~by Nutan Sarawagi



In your hate

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My name is humanity
I kill
I loot
I grieve
the heart of the heartless
their hate to soothe
I rave
I rant
I scream
I hoot
I am the greed of the rich
the wrath of those who live
the riches of the poor
the hungering few the needy
the loved
in their hate nulled
pick me
catch me
paint me
attack me
I am the pain of the rich
in the garb of the poor
the hate of those killed
those who died missed
by their hate to ignite
the fight of the poor
in their tryst to burn
the myth of those lured
by the destiny of their life
to live and die for a little more

I am the cry of the heart
don’t kill me
for I hear

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EMBRACE~by Kumaresh Das

A saga love and death of my land



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Erecting on a small boat
Beloved couple
In oblivion their souls float,
Amidst the Swonsiri river
Their desires crawl
Their eyes, mingle,
Their hearts dance
On the eve of Ali-Ai-Ligang
With the beat of dhol
Melodious songs sung,
Solitude reign
Winnowing wind atune
The rippling water surface
Glazing in late afternoon.

The souls
Their arms fold
Closer to close
Happiness of gaining
Tears of remorse,
The world, being brutal
Cursed their love
Nip and destroy their bud
Devilish act, world of hell
Alike Lucifer, utterly cruel.

They didn’t surrender
Plan to flee, or
Together die in bitter
Wagged a war
A fight but in vain!
Against illegality and torture,
Amidst the water
Forgetting their pains
Unbearable Sorrows
Wiping their faces of tear
With a promise, unite ever
Dived into Swonsiri River.

Like Adam and Eve
An eternal promise
Unition in their grave,
In olivine their souls
Embracing doomed love
Destined to be sempiternal.

©®Kumaresh Das
All copyright reserved

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In Constable’s footsteps~by Jeremy J Croucher



In Constable’s footsteps

Went to Brighton to see the original
on short loan from the Tate
It’s quite a lot bigger than the one on my wall
and to see it there was great

A Constable retrospective
representing four years’ toils
When he lived right here in Brighton
with some drawings and some oils

It was a special privilege
to see these works all here
and in particular for me
the original ‘Chain Pier’


Photo – my print copy of John Constable’s ‘The Chain Pier, Brighton’ (1826-27) ; Tate Britain – Jempics

John Constable took lodgings in Brighton between 1824 and 1828 during which he drew and painted a lot of what he saw around him. ‘In Constable’s Footsteps’ at Brighton Museum brings all of that output together for the first time in an exhibition running until 8 October 2017.

The Chain Pier was Brighton’s first pier. Built in 1823 but destroyed by a storm in 1896, you can still see remains of its oak pilings at very low tides today.

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When I see the blossoming
red roses filling all sides,
an unknown joy colours
my heart. Your sweet smile
beckons me in silence.
I feel you are showering your
love on me in an endless glee.
Rainbow smiles in the sky
of the shadowed corner of
my heart in silent shy.
Seasonal dreams glitter in the
soft hair of my chest .
Your beauty brings me the
aroma of heavenly delight .
I find myself lost in the
unending ocean of your love
makes my imagination sing like a cuckoo.
The moment love comes
I ,as it were, sing of
unending love in glee.
I get plunged in the sea of
of your unfathomable love.
Turning the Spring into
a love land of never
fading dreams where
cuckoo sings forever.

copyright@Aniruddha Mitra

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Avert~by Dipendra Kumar




Standing by the bank of river
he wept bitterly for pain of large sea,
he wiped his tears
washed his hands, face on the waves of river
and went home smiling;
though tears of Himalaya was still flowing as river.
He is an ideal person,
he says “always keep smile to hide pains”;
To walking mourners
he even told the pain of large sea,
then blamed gods were always ruthless;
though God he knew, was a statue of temple.
‘Wanderers’ has been searching for Walking-God
who has neither sorrow nor grief – exactly like him;
who can collect lost tears from sufferings,
who can build the big globe from their tears,
for them or for their children;
though tears from clouds still falling to cleanse the air.
In this land of innocence,
here the air is greatly hot – –
– – birds starve for water,
– – soil starve for green plants,
– – house starve for family,
– – streets starve for destination.
As usual he wept bitterly for pain of large Sky
and demanded blood for sacrifice; war for peace
as soon his wish became true,
he wiped his tears
and went home smiling;
though bloods of innocence was still flowing as river.
Poet © Dipendra

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G UI DANCE~by rldubour




Image result for guidance romantic dance

The G in guidance is for God
U and I~~ this is chance.
It was the look and then the nod
All that’s left is the “DANCE”

The G in guidance is for grace
U and I it was that glance.
As we whisper with tight embrace
Holding on~~ to our “DANCE.”

The G in guidance is for gives
U and I in a trance.
What happens next we must forgive
Lost in lust as we “DANCE.”

The G in guidance is for granting
U and I it is romance.
As our lips meet so enchanting
Sweet caresses as we “DANCE.”

The G in guidance is for God
U and I there is no chance.
We will always have our moment
And memories of the “DANCE.”

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You are always me~by Nutan Sarawagi‎



You are always me

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When life is too short
new battles fought
in days gone forever sought
give me that to live in it not
when you were me and I was your thought
to live in you my life in you caught
now you go away so far from me
my love in me forgetting me
were you ever mine in me to see
the love in you blossoming me
but you are no more
your thoughts mine to be
as I wait for you to come back to me
don’t go away
come back to me
in you with me to forever be
the love in you lost to me
no more me but you in me
together with us
to forever be

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