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Storm clouds riding on high,

Rain comes bye and bye…

Full furied blast

Is the forecast,

With cumulo-nimbus piled high!

–Jonathan Caswell

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THE SUN WILL SET…by Carl Gooch

The Sun Will Set
We’ve been warned by prophets of old,
They have all made it perfectly clear.
We have no excuse, we have been told,
Yet we act like there is nothing to fear.
The time will come, the sun will set,
With our savior, heaven has begun.
No more pain, sorrows or regrets,
The sun will set and our day is done.
We foolishly say that we need no one.
Do we really think our money can save?
Everything man made will come undone
Where will you turn your soul to save?
The time will come, the sun will set,
With our savior, heaven has begun.
No more pain, sorrows or regrets,
The sun will set and our day is done.
Don’t be foolish there is only one,
That by mercy forgave our sin.
Forgiveness in Jesus God’s own Son,
It is only in Him that we can win.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 13 June 2017
Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | June 13, 2017

from Bibliokept:

via “Time does not bring relief; you all have lied” — Edna St. Vincent Millay — Biblioklept

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Galaxy Of Love~by Hela Tekali



Galaxy Of Love

The empty blanket
Is our galaxy
Let ‘s paint it
With colors of love.

Bring your paintbrush
Light up my darkness
With your glaring light .

My empty canvas
Needs some arts
To bring out the secret beauty.

Come my beloved
Smear the sketch of your romance
Let it sparkle throughout our galaxy.

I am a Black Hole in need of some fantasy
Promise me you’ll take me to heaven.

Color my evanescence with
Stardusts of Celestial beauty.

So please fill
The empty spot of my emotional blanket
For it has been lonely for so long.

A Milky Way Galaxy together we’ll create
Pouring stardusts down to the ground.

We’re the souls that collide
Particles of pure intimacy
Turning our mystic love into
Our own galaxy.

Jenayah hela
@spiritual poetry
Galaxy of Love

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Daily missive for Tuesday the 13th of June.~Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 13th of June.

Hold back the dark
It is a great weight
Heavy with the sorrow
Of dreamers
It billows in thrall
To shadows.
Stars too easily consumed
Through ragged holes
In a shark skin sky
Too distant.
Hidden by night
Regret grows bolder
The meaning of remorse
Catching a tear
From a broken
Heart string
Sparkling for an instant
Fading in the fall
Of the old moon.
Darkness descending
In stages
Dampening the flame
Snuffing it out
An absurd response
To futile imaginings.
Finality is cyclical
Brings enlightenment
Be watchful
Bear the wait
Fear not the darkening
Enfeebled fingers
Will in time
At the bold insistence
Of the dawn.

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Depression~by rldubour




Image result for depression


Major depressive disorders, commonly referred

To as “depression.”

Good news is you can fix it yourself or help

With a doctors session.


Signs to look for are constant feeling of sadness,

Irritability or tension.

Decreased interest of pleasure in usual activities

Just to mention.


A change of appetite with significant weight loss

Or weight gain.

Restlessness or feeling slowed down or when your

Sleep patterns have changed.


Decreased ability to make decisions or concentrate.

Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt at any rate.

Even thoughts of suicide or better off being dead.

All these thoughts can be fixed that are running though

Your head.


Depression has no single cause, often results from

A combination of events.

When a chemical imbalance from your brain called

Neurotransmitters are not sent.


Some common factors are genetics can run in families

For generations.

Trauma and stress like getting married or even planning

A vacation.


Depression can make physical conditions and medical

Conditions even worse.

It weakens the immune system and takes longer in

The healing course.



Anxiety, eating and schizophrenia disorders, even medication

Comes into play.

Especially substance abuse, damaging your mind

And body every day.


Treatment for depression, there are many things

That you can do.

Options of treatments, including therapy, exercise and

Eat well too.


And surround yourself with supportive family

And good friends.

Learn to feel important and watch your

Depression end.

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Breakdown~by Paul F. Lenzi




Synergies Of Inner Paint

“Synergies of Inner Paint” by Eidz

chasing sanity
among hideous shadows
cast into the mind
by broken lights of the eyes
detached from reality

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A Dot In Horizon~by Sanjib Das



A Dot In Horizon

When rain drops blossom plant tops in garden
A question often rattles whether my soul
Is much better than body where many roiling venoms pierce in
Face distorted by frequent taunts
Rushing in from covetous coveys of my tormentors
Who have so blatantly sketched darkness within
Weeds many in garden
Plundering nutrients of alluring flower plants
Once deserting my father’s place
Seeking momentary worldly pleasures
But coming to senses when living place turns a squalor
Rivers so shallow sans living water
Gardens devoid of colorful petals
Temple bells shake violently surrounding darkness
When a quotidian existence pains deep
I undertake a journey back home
The old man moves around roof top
Like a participant in a Roller-Derby
Eagerly looking for someone so much precious
A dot in horizon appears that cavalcades of riotous crowd can’t devour
Rays of hope emerge from somewhere like that dot
Dot in horizon approaches
Size increases
Old man’s heart beats pound faster so violently
Waiting for warm kiss of bright Sun light
Labyrinthine halls are showered with many desires
But finally the dot appears as a ‘Man’
The Septuagenarian rushes down the stairs
To greet, hug and kiss his just returned “once lost” prodigal son.
All rights ® reserved : Sanjib Das

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CUSCUS* AND CAMPHOR~by Balachandran Nair




Cuscus I am, not the African millet,
Nor the specie of Australian possum,
I am the fibrous root of that sacred
Indian grass, so cool and so fragrant.
Like old-aged daddy cut away from home
I am cut at head of root, lift uprooted
Like they bath dead body, spray perfume
I too am washed, still hold my perfume.
Like daddy used to stand on his own feet
I too grew, never sought anyone’s treat
Now son light dry skin, who never cussed
I underneath, lighted, too never smoke cuss.
To comfort us in peril, sky, the witness send
White camphor, clouds,wind fan cuscus
Look at the son who ignite the whole now,
Enjoy the fragrance of burnt existence!

* Khus-Khus


Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 12, 2017

The Dance Of The Soul~by Hela Tekali



The Dance Of The Soul

I still listen to the dance of my soul
Transparent wings gingerly floating like gasps of pure water
The music you use to inspire my beats
A shaft of moonlight runs through my veins.

I tread with cautious footsteps
As my Holy Eye steals into your Divine Sky
Whispering sacred words that flutter like a butterfly
My heart is relieved to free itself from its cocoon
While it follows the steps of the crescent till it becomes Full Moon.

The dance of my soul rests at dawn
Until it hears the murmurs of your breeze
The dim light lights up my faded knees
My wings follow its melody like boiling waves from the Holy seas.

Jenayah Hela Tekali

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