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Social, non-political, nudity observation — New World Gazette

I spent a portion of my youth in the DC area. We moved there when I was about nine, my father a military officer, was stationed there. So…D.C. here I come. I liked living in the DC area. It was interesting. But upon our moving their a fascinating phenomenon occured. No sooner had we moved there, than […]

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Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 30, 2016

Coffee – a haiku sonnet poem


Pen's Ink

the smell of morning
wakes me from sleep at her side
grounds for a new day

some days are two cups
sipped slowly in the quiet
beneath still- tired eyes

some begin with four
beating hearts, four pairs of hands
wrapped around warm mugs

some I sip alone
dawn to dusk in my silence
love’s taste lingering

my life — like my cup
brimming full and sweet



Haiku Sonnet – a 14-line poetic form consisting of four 3-line haiku plus a couplet of either five or 7 syllables per line. Similarly, a sonnet is made up of fourteen lines.
VARIATION: write fourteen 1-line haiku



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you should dance~by Gitima Deka



you should dance

Time is not always
That you should dance
Time comes
To feel the rhythm all around
The world is a dance- floor
Some keep pace,,
Some see and await ,,,
The world is for both ,
Rhytnm is at your silent pause !

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Eyes of a predator~by Barbara Danks‎


Dawn Madena Rueff

“Vampire Hunter”



Eyes of a predator


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Faded Smile . .~by Lopamudra Mishra



Faded Smile . .

My image in the wall is webbed,
I saw it, wanted to clean the photo frame,
While dusting I found the stubborn dirt,
Sticking it like a gel,
My efforts needed more energy to wipe ,
From the cleaned sketch
I visualise my fading smile,
Lost in the counting days,
From the grave of dust I saw my sorry state,
Polishing and winnowing to look straight,’
The arrow pierce my bosom,
I bleed with jolts of emotions,
My final results are not impressive,
Years of hard work melting to tears,
Beyond the camera my smile lost its blue,
Me, novice ,that my experience proves,
Each test I try my best,
Consoling me that now I achieved my craze,
The glasses slipped from my hands,
From the scattered pieces I draw my image,,
Faded and fragile ,blank eyes looking towards the fainted sky,
The redness of setting Sun blinks with hope,
After the shower ,the Sun will surely come,
It may take time ,
Sky will clear its cloud to shine,
Now I smile, looking at the picture frame,
Hazards may come but I will not bend me,
Rather will face them with courage,
This is how I will regain my faded smile.

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The Moon~by lillian the home poet



The Moon


Written for Tuesday Poetics at dVerse where Grace asks us to write about the moon as if the moon is a person – flesh, sweat and blood. “Describe him or her, and tell us about your moon.”
On July 20, 1969, I was 22, a graduate student at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. I’d heard about “the man in the moon” since I was a young child. You can “see” his face in the full moon, made by shadows and craters visible to the naked eye. On that July night at 9:56 PM, I watched my tiny portable television screen as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon. I remember staring in awe and then immediately running outside, standing on the sidewalk and looking up at the moon, as if I could see some sign up there! And I remember thinking: tonight there really is a “man in the moon.”   Dverse opens at 3PM EST.  Come join us!

I ran outside that night,
so full of life and excitement.
Imagined your surprise and thought I would see
a grimace,
a crease,
a worried frown.

Someone finally broke through.
Landed. Slammed into you
and stepped into your heart.
Your cold, aloof self,

And yet I saw nothing new.
Your face unchanged,
seeing me only
as one of many who adore you,
who live and stare each night
beneath your remote reserve.

Thirty-plus years have passed.
I arise more slowly to morning sun,
less sure of my footing,
skin aged and sallow.
I still await the end of day
to feel your face upon my soul.

I peer through clouds within my eyes
and those that skirt your skies.
For I have loved you all these years
even as you appear
and disappear
and appear again.

You my love, care not.
You seem to ignore what I crave.
All I seek these many nights
is some recognition,
some sign,
that we have been with you.

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An Ocean Apart~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



An Ocean Apart

My day is your night
Your night is my day
Yet you are my knight
In every known way

How want to caress
Yet I can not touch
My needs are not less
For I desire you such

We are an ocean apart
Living in East and West
Yet you are half my part
My heart can not rest

Long distance love affair
Lonely days of so long
Star crossed yet we dare
For to each other we belong

Foolish lovers we are they say
Allowing this drama to start
How can love in us stay
When we’re an ocean apart

We are an ocean apart
Living in East and West
Yes you are half my part
My heart can not rest

Because we’re an ocean apart…

Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 30, 2016

Step By Step~by rldubour



Step By Step

Image result for Step By Step

Life is like a ladder step-by-step you go.
For no matter how you step, was is right? Or don’t you know.
Life can be misleading, for those who don’t understand.
They think that she is so innocent as they strive upon their fellow man.
They want this and that handed down and give nothing in return.
But as they realize what life is, for some it is to late to learn.
Yes, life can be a living hell for those who don’t understand.
And if you don’t then listen close and open up you heart and hands.
I longed to tell this story I thought you all should know.
About our life around us, no matter where we should go.
First of all, we’ll start at birth,
Of how you live this life on earth.
To be what you are meant to be and nothing more than this.
To walk the road of life with pride to fill your heart with bliss.
And if you should fall, don’t give up yet.
Just rise and say, “I am going to make it!” And take another step.

R.L. DuBour

Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 30, 2016

RAINBOW OF MY LIFE ~by Tulsi Shrestha




Indeed, you are rainbow of my life
You are vision of my own eye – sight
You are true destination of my flight
Above all, are root cause of delight.

You are sweet voice of my rejoice
Aren’t you a dream of my own choice ?
From watery veil , you always peeps
To colour desolate life, full of weeps.

My whole philosophy resides inside you
One who colours black world, isn’t you ?
Dried wood transforms into green dream
You revive the world from its scream .

Beneath the arch of your rainbow
I sing and dance with ultimate joy
I embrace you with passionate flight
To feel a breath of infinite love.
By Tulsi Shrestha
Www.poemhunter. com

Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 30, 2016

The Alighting Dawn,~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Alighting Dawn,

The Alighting Dawn,
Reflected oblivion,
On the surface rippled reflection,
The saffron clad yellow beacon,
Glowing radiantly like a neon,
Tearing the blue carpet the Sun,
Myst clad horizon,
The beach touched by the wonderful reflection,
An awesome artistic imagination,
Beauty dressed in acrylic emulsion,

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