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Writing Autumn~by Paul F. Lenzi



Writing Autumn


"Autumn Leaves" Digital Art by Haya1812 From

“Autumn Leaves”
Digital Art by Haya1812

pages of autumn
about to be written
the beautiful dying time
come for its turn in
the story of seasons

arriving with last
green of summer
crisp chapters unfold
with deciduous pens
inked by glorious colors

what tales will be told
now in language of
calendars shortened
of daylight emotions
in the gathering chill

then the weather will
narrate a languor in
wane of the senses as
a heralding frost greets
a solemn white winter

the story of seasons
come into its turn of
the beautiful dying time
soon to be written
on pages of autumn

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My Soul is Your Soul~by Hela Tekali



My Soul is Your Soul

My soul is your soul,
we are meant to be
divinely whole.

Beyond the boundaries
of time ,space,and place
our flame of passion
will be lit each time
with a shimmering

I have your heart,
and soul inside.
My mind, like
inner music breathing
from my face
with pride.

I am longing to be
a whole,soul
heart and mind.
A Lady brimming
with harmony
and of a rare kind.

Thorns, pain, grief
sufferance, mockery
I will bear,
For the love of your
eye I dare,
Facing the cruelty
of humanity
with no fear.

My soul is your soul ,
we are meant to be
divinely whole.

My imploring eyes,
shedding tears
like a river full of cries,
surrounded by sensitive

If the sea were
Flowing ink
to my emotion,
It would float
with my pulsating
heart in motion.
For your soul,
is my soul
for your heart ,
is my heart.
For your mind,
is my mind.
For our blessed
love transcends
all basic notion.

Jenayah Hela Tekali
@Spiritual Poetry



Daily missive for Wednesday the 2nd of September.

Hungry and cold.
Not what I thought it would be like
To be old.
Left in the dark on a narrow bed
In strange surroundings.
It is hard these days to find my bearings,
How could they have been so easily lost?
It is quite odd,
As I was proud of my
Sense of direction,
At least that is what remains
Of my recollection,
But so many things have now gone,
And so much
Of what might have happened
Is too painful to recall.
Some things stand out
From the jumble of shadows
That every now and then
And for just a moment I am blessed,
When I recollect the words you said
The last time we walked together.
In the park,
Holding hands
The two of us.
Down by the lake.
It could have been just yesterday
I suppose it was, in a way,
As these days all look the same
From a certain angle.
When was the last time someone came?
And what does it matter anyway
When the best things happened
So long ago they are
Close to being forgotten.
How can bingo and a sing song
Make up for all that has been lost?
It was the smell that took me back
The stewed tea and toast
Reminiscent of compost and sun dried leaves
And for just that moment
I believed you were still with me.
And now
That silly nurse thinks I love her.
Stupid cow.
The look on her face
As if I was soft in the head.
Or maybe she hoped
I was close to being dead.
Small mercies,
As you would have said,
Thank goodness for that,
They need the bed.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

Deceived In My Heart~by Hela Tekali



Deceived In My Heart

Life always takes me for someone wrong
Though I tried hard to go through the throng
It gives me a hundred reasons to cry,
But in return I shall show it a thousand reasons to smile
I am always deceived in my heart
Each day my heartbeats are split into a million parts
I feel my soul so vulnerable to be fallen apart
Life is so cruel with me, shall I beg its unfairness to depart?
I have shown a thousand reasons for Humanity to love me
But can it be hatred that I sow in return to deceive me?
Hatred is too hard for me to bear,
I would rather follow the love in my heart to share
Humanity needs pure love for the flower to bloom
Let me not be deceived in my heart, propelling my spirit to groom
Love is the fruit, the heart is the stem
That will drive my sensitive soul out of the doom and gloom
I shall not be deceived in my heart again
following the voice inside bearing its pain
To let every fiber in my being sprout
Even if life is so cruel, I will not let anymore my heart with deception cry out

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

My Heartache~by rldubour



My Heartache

Every beat of my heart Every breath that I take.

You’re the only one ever That makes my heart ache.

My heart aches for your touch The sweet kiss from your lips

For that warmest of feelings From your soft fingertips.

When I am not near you My thoughts flow like wine

I can vision your smile And your eyes how they shine.

There can be no other Of my past I’ll erase

For the love that you give No other arms can replace.

There is no other love That I could ever find

It is you that completes Every part of my mind.

Every beat of my heart Every breath that I take.

You’re the only one ever That makes my heart ache.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

Yet sometimes one need the solitude~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Yet sometimes one need the solitude

Yet sometimes one need the solitude
To strengthen one’s fortitude
Protect others from one’s nasty attitude
Yet diminish not the gratitude

To friends who are always there
Who one’s heart is always aware
No other kind of support to compare
Not truly rejecting what they share
But needing space, a wounded mare.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

Floating~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa




Over the horizon a wide blue carpet
Beyond where the clouds and waters met
Tossing gently on thin liquid net
Strangely only anguished eyes are wet

Currents swaying in rhythm of time
No clock ticking to tell the hour’s prime
How I wish to hear a tiny bell chime
To reach the end is it so much a crime

Droplets of jade nature’s salty wine
A breathing float on endless brine
Under the sun my crystal cage shine
When shall the Sickle call me, mine?

When mind can not ponder the future
The present is soul’s gripping torture
Pain that leads one to quickly mature
Wearied yet bound to nature

Which is heavier to a shoulder
To be a swimmer or a floater
Should one be a valiant soldier
Or a mindless zombie drifter

One in war be scarred, dead tired
Or a runner in race be retired
When all the good deeds backfired
Don’t blame a car for being hot-wired

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

Forever Broken~by Norman Wilson



Forever Broken

The tears fell as leaflets
Falling down from my eyes
On bedrock of cinders, burning away
Long, long away
As the bringer of rain
Onto the red hot embers
Once stoking the fires of my heart
Before the raining tides

A forest of green now burnt brown
Brown as the dirt
Covering the ground
The dirt that I cannot hide
As I tried to scrub and wash away
Away, away
While it clung tight to my insides

The birds woke but could not sing
For all the horrors that my night brought
In rot of thoughts and words spoken
Not sparing any of my two languages
That should have remained unspoken
That left two hearts shattered
Then, forever and ever broken

All rights reserved 08/23/15
Norman Francis

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

Meditation~by Paul F. Lenzi





"Heartful Meditation" Painting by Michael Durst From

“Heartful Meditation”
Painting by Michael Durst

move to the quiet
the tranquil state
sought at the center
umbilical peace
altered consciousness
closed to the grief
life imposes upon
the corporeal mind
seal the spirit
in womb skin of
eastern or western
tradition to reach
sense of wellbeing
take care to choose
one or the other
for mixing the gods
blending Hindu and
Christian experience
relegates one to the
dubious influence
peddled by rank
New Age mystics

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

Freethink~by Paul F. Lenzi





"Illusions of Inner Paint" Illustration from

“Illusions of Inner Paint”
Illustration from

for the faithful…

      think what you will


      in the privacy of mind


      but remember that


      a sentient God knows


    who inhabits your soul

for the faithless…

      think what you will


      in the privacy of mind


      but remember that


      a diligent conscience knows


    who inhabits your heart

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