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Heading Nowhere*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



DXCIV ~> Heading Nowhere*

DXCIV ~> Heading Nowhere*
(Opus594 ~> Heading Nowhere)
Someone with no friends risks no betrayal;
Less so if one walks the straight and narrow;
Though you might be condemned sans a trial
Still it beats consigning your tomorrow
In the pits of doom and peerless sorrow:
Heading nowhere serves one lazy default;
How you might get there, not that difficult!
Finding nothing to do, you head elsewhere;
Since doing so, keeps you out of mischief,
You’d taunt the devil, courting disaster;
Shoring up the strength of your core belief,
You negotiate for maximum relief:
You head elsewhere to better leverage
The relentless, fierce ravages of age!
The screws tighten when push comes off as shove;
Still on that stage, an actor you remain;
With friends or foe, and blessings from above,
Take stock of arsenals in your domain
Then tame the wrath of vengeance for your gain:
Going somewhere serves an alternative
Depending on your own penchant to grieve!
*Hook image (BeleagueredCardinal03H594.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Krystyna Asumen unpublished collection.
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Mother Nature’s Gifting revisited~by Jeremy J Croucher

7 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘October’ series


Mother Nature’s Gifting revisited

With yellow sky, the sunset
was something to behold
A panoramic spectacle
tinged with flecks of gold

Late October wonder
above the river there
Provided a rare moment
to simply stop and stare

For here was special beauty
unequivocal and free
Mother Nature’s gifting
through her generosity


Photo – Jempics

Mother Nature’s Gifting‘ was first posted to Jemverse on 30 October 2017



Daily missive for Tuesday the 15th of October.

A climate of change

Stand together
Save the world
Bring it back
From extinction
Strip away the layers
Of burnt offerings
A Millennium of
Atomic number six
Clogging its lungs
With a lack of irony
Let it breathe
Before extermination
Is complete
The hot crust
Devoid of cultivation
Once upon a garden
So terribly transformed
The hospitable
Become hostile
Where good intention
Has been forgot
A promised land
Now stolen
A future bartered
In profit
Where loss
Is more than financial
Ruin less dramatic
Than the true
Cost of termination
Unless we retreat
From the precipice
The earth beneath
Our feet
Will disintegrate
In the heat
Until nothing remains
Of Man’s domain
At all,
But a record
Of the fall.

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A Fallen Angel~by rldubour



A Fallen Angel

Image result for A Fallen Angel

Come listen to a story of a song that I once heard.
About a fallen angel who spoke but not a word.
He stayed out late every night, although she loved him so.
And she would put up with him no matter where they go.
Now the tide has turned and she has learned, she is out there on the street.
For she is a fallen angel a man she wants to meet.

She would cook and mend his clothes and do his dirty deeds.
Then find herself all alone when he would decide to leave.
She would stay up late in darkness just waiting for the phone.
But he would not call her, nor would he come home.
Now the tide has turned and she has learned she is out there on the street.
For she is a fallen angel a man she wants to meet.

Then one day her loneliness was more than she could bear.
For in her heart she loved him so, yet knew he did not care.
She took his gun from the drawer and then it was the end.
For she is a fallen angel, she died without a friend.
Now the tide has turned and he has learned and now he is all-alone.
For his fallen angel has finally found her home.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 14, 2019

Forget me not revisited~by ‎Jeremy J Croucher‎

6 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘October’ series


Forget me not revisited

I’ll not forget forget-me-not
exquisite, small and blue
For it’s etched there in a memory
never to eschew

From May through late October
in the churchyard, on my way
How could I forget forget-me-not
for I see it every day?


Photo – Jempics

Forget me not‘ was first posted to Jemverse on 12 June 2016

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 14, 2019

A Squirrel Ran Up My Leg~by rldubour



A Squirrel Ran Up My Leg
Image result for A Squirrel Ran Up My Leg

Was standing at the grill when the dog came up to beg.
When all of a sudden a squirrel ran right up my leg!
He stood upon my shoulder and I dared not move.
I hoped this strangest squirrel was just looking for some food.
With tail a twitching and mouth just chattering in my ear.
I did not move a muscle just stood there like in fear.
My best friend and protector he just ran and hid.
Even he could not believe what this squirrel just did.
I reached over for some peanuts as he took it in his paw.
He just sat and cracked it open and I look at him in awe.
And since that time I have seen him and now see him every day.
He just comes a running he thinks it’s time to play.
But what he wants is peanuts so that will be his name.
And over time this wild squirrel has become very tame.
Now he lies right on the porch with his legs spread open wide.
With my best friend and protector lying by his side.
Then one day he was gone not even a good-bye
I searched outside everywhere, as I looked high and wide.
So if you’re outside cooking and your dog comes up to beg.
Just don’t be too surprised if a squirrel runs up your leg.



Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 12th of October.

What keeps you
Holds your heart
Within its grasp
Exerting you on
Driving forward
The hammerhead
Hitting the nail
Squarely down
Into the hardwood
Holding up the roof
Keeping the whole
Edifice from collapsing
What keeps you
Toeing the line
Following rules
Fulfilling expectations
What is the driver
Of your conscience
In the silence
Of your room
What stops you
From pretending
You don’t care
Keeps you from
Giving it all away
Whispering a prayer
What keeps you.

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Daily missive for Tuesday the 8th of October.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 8th of October.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor, nature and water

A Mangrove
Is so much more than a tree
In the sea,
Proudly it stands
Branches spread wide
The world in its hands
Landlocked at low tide
So many have died
Cut down for Marinas
And reclamation
It is not just the Amazon
Land clearance
Or global deforestation
More CO2 is removed
From the atmosphere
Here in this bay
By one Mangrove tree
In one day
Than ten in a rainforest,
Locked away
Underground for millennia
Good for the earth
The greenhouse effect
Not reversed
But checked
To give more time
For other solutions
To global warming
Heed the warning
Let it grow
Stop the dredging
It creates a riptide
With an undertow
Dragging trees out
Into the sea
Until CO2 is released
Into the air
Choking the world
And stripping it bare
It will be too late then
To say that you care.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 13, 2019

INNOCENCE LOST……( fiction)~by Nalini Starr



INNOCENCE LOST……( fiction)

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

Why did you hurt me
When I was young
You hurt me badly
And I did nothing wrong

I was just a kid
Maybe two or three
Look what you did
You have destroyed me

I trusted you completely
As a child should
But you raped me
Now I’m damaged for good

How could you do this to me
You were my babysitter
And I liked you dearly
But you turned into a monster

You were a friend of the family
My mom trusted you much
To take care of me
But soon you started to touch

You said it was a game
And it was okay
You even gave it a name
You made me play everyday

You said we were having fun
A secret between you and I
And I shouldn’t tell anyone
Because I would die

I believed what you said
So I played along
I was so scared
So I told no one

My mom thought everything was okay
I looked quite happy
But I couldn’t say
What you were doing to me

But As i got older
It wasn’t a game anymore
Your moves got bolder
And you raped me on the floor

i begged and I pleaded
So you would stop hurting me
But you never heeded
You raped me horribly

My mom came home unexpectedly
And she heard my cries
She saw you on top of me
And between my thighs

She turned into a demon
Seeing what was happening
She ran for her gun
And started shooting

The bullet hit you in the head
And I ran to her
I wished you were dead
You horrible, horrible monster

Many years have gone by
And you want forgiveness from me
I would rather see you die
For what you did to me

I cannot feel sorry
As I’m standing here
Only hate from me
Seeing you in that wheelchair

My innocence was lost on that day
You were that monster
Who took my innocence away
I had nightmares many years after.


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Digging Out*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



DXCII ~> Digging Out*

DXCII ~> Digging Out*
(Opus592 ~> Digging Out)
Digging out of the quagmire of malaise,
Requires adequate excess free energy;
To release the duress of dross distress,
Else you’re fit to be burnt in effigy
With neither accolades nor eulogy:
Everyone needs some space for breathing room
Else languish in gloom; like a bride, sans groom!
Specialty skills gets you out of a bind;
More so when life and limb are in danger
Of getting lost; or they’re robbing you blind
Of means to live, until you surrender;
When you pander, you wonder and wander:
Dig deep into your innermost sanctum;
Vouchsafe a modicum of decorum!
Fighting back like there is no tomorrow,
Might prove the only means to save your skin;
Keep track of what you steal, beg, or borrow;
Embrace not the epitome of sin;
Leave free of stain, all that you need to win:
The antidote to your predicament
Belies the inklings of temperament!
*Hook image (GlimmerOfSunBehindTheClouds4H592.j  pg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Landscape cyber collection, reached my inbox by gratis subscription.

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