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By the Mighty Mumford


Avowed love of lady bloggers,

Hard-working creative bloggers…

I love thee all

For me you stand tall,

Driving us romantics bonkers!  :)

Some of you are very fetching,

Appearance not all that’s catching…

The mind and heart–

Thy very art–

Draweth me to your fine meshings!

By word and artistic guile,

You make this creative man smile…

Cry and laugh

On your behalf,

Each in a wonderful style.

Long distance hugs the rule

In this community cool….

Cool in attitude

To not be rude,

Suggesting of anything cruel.

Group hugs all around,

My love to all of you found….

In likes and raves

From this former knave,

Who likes in whose company he’s found!


–Jonathan Caswell

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Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2016

WHEN YOUR EYES SPEAK~by Asma Mejdi Fajraoui




When your eyes speak
it’s either honeyed poison
or poisonous honey
ergo, I’m left but weak.
When your eyes speak
the environs of my soul
unfold, petal by petal
no longer bleak.
When your eyes speak
the froward hoarfrost
overlaying my heart thaws
into so warm a creek.
When your eyes speak
colors burst inside of me
so vivid I taste meaning
gone every lurid confusion streak.
When your eyes speak
I hate or love myself even more
and I no longer hide
as you skin and gut my freak.
When your eyes speak
they disarm me
and I just surrender
my white flag apeak.


Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2016

O my heavenly Muse! ~by Hela Tekali


O my heavenly Muse!

O my heavenly Muse!
I come to praise thee
To inspire my Spirit in thy wit
And refresh it with Holy glee
Fill my lines with truth divine
Let be light in thy eyes and mine
Ennoble those verses with sheer dignity
And my praiseworthy ink with beloved divinity
I am hovering round thy sacred vicinity
Let thy bliss have pity of my quasi humble insanity

Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry



Familiar Place Unfamiliar Surroundings

Old expatriate’s
Homebound heart
Questions galore
Will I find the home
Long ago
I left behindInline image 1

So much has changed there
Mornings do not start any more
With greetings from familiar voices
Do not hear the chirping of birds
Nor hear infants cry
Hear only strange voices all around

People passing by the front yard
Eyes search for familiar faces
Neighbors who were like my own
Uncle, aunts, brothers and sisters
All those I had known
In the grasp of cruel time all are gone
All that remained are memories, and
In my heart
An unexplainable anguished groan

Inside the four walls of the house
Searching for familiar faces
Hoping against hope, maybe I will hear
Loving voices of those I lost

Mournful whistles of long distant trains
No longer disturbs my midnight sleep
Hooting of owls does not pierce anymore
Abject stillness of the night
Inside the closed concrete house
There is a strange silence at night

In a familiar place
Tired mind searches for what is lost
Only an unfamiliar surrounding permeates

It’s difficult to make an
Inconsolable mind understand
You can not go back home again

©Pranab Sarma 2/6/2016
Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2016

Elegance Gone~by Paul F. Lenzi



Elegance Gone


“Beyond Language” by Pablo Saborio

a language diminished

reduced to a shorthand

electrons emoticons acronyms

standing in stilted expression

neat linear litter on paperless tablets

the heart’s vast emotional catalog

coldly compressed into

thumbs full of symbols

new wooden-like words for

new grammarless speech

an impassive indifferent

inelegant age

in which intimacies

are remotely experienced

feelings confined to a

narrowly channeled dry jargon

attending coarse intercourse

leaving the poet evicted

a cultural oddity

fondly remembered

but no longer worshipped

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2016

SONG IN MY SOUL~by Akan Udofia



Dedicated to my Pastor Dennis Aicken by Cheryl Holtz


There is a song in my soul

A song of Thanksgiving
For God has been faithful to me

A song of grace
For God has been good to me

A song of victory
He fought all my battle for me

A song of mercy
For He pardon my sins and set me free

A song of joy
For He fills my heart with blessing and favour

A song of worship
For He took my glory beyond heaven

A song of peace
When I am was sad He comfort me

A song of healing
When I was sick or broken hearten He visits me

Oh hallelujah, I will sing praises to thy mighty Lord
For I would never had gone this far if not for His grace

All right reserved © Akan E. Udofia 2016…/…/song-in-my-soul.html

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2016

BLESSINGS –3~by Rajendra Padhi‎




I commit you O! Rivers and hills in unison
The flowers are born from trees open
My soul into this one I find in each man
Careless of fame and blame for space of light
Growing like it with value and sense.

Infinity crowding upon me in my eyes of solitude
Missioned steps and voices like seasons
Bear a deathless rhythm of gifts of life around
Waiting for one end of time for my next journey
So swiftly I understand the murmur of divine.

At the way’s end we must return to begin again
Searching new rays flashed in new azure of sun
Unknown shores to listen wordless voices of tides
How water falls from hills simply I gaze upon
Yet parted from one source mitigates in its origin.

Nameless one in all and all in one in ecstasy
I have crossed boundaries and walls of religion,
Self-found without being a teacher or preacher
Walking on feet on thorny paths without wounds
Love for Her and love for all giving away myself.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K Padhi

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2016

HEAVENLY LOVE~by Akan Udofia



Dedicated to my Pastor Dennis Aicken by Cheryl Holtz


North, west, south and east
Served the Lord without thoughts of gain
Selflessly you sold all you’ve got for nothing
For a brother’s life to be at the right place

You might not know how many weary lives you’ve found
The countless souls saved from devil’s pit
And brought them back into God’s fold
Every bruises inflicted on you is to uplift a brother

May God refilled every empty barrel used for his sake
Every sacrifices made, may God refill it with His grace
Day and night on your knees you prayed
For every heart that’s lost through Jesus will find the way

A Shepard watching over God’s flocks
A true disciple and leader of God’s work
Heaven blessed the day you where made
For the lives rescued from eternal condemnation

All right reserved © Akan E. Udofia 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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i will sing your name (a mother’s song)~by Innocence Silas



i will sing your name
(a mother’s song)

even in death
i still hear you!
i am with the night as always,
listening to the evening winds
whispering and sprinkling
your name in their journeys.
they say you are still in me-
in each tear, in each laughter.
there are no secrets in memories
no! there are secrets in memories-
that i have loved you
long before you knew love;
that i have loved you
long before death knew your name
i heard you were the sparkles
of a rainbow that came yesterday;
that the sun that rises each day
still wears your face in its wake;
i am here, like everyday,
sitting by your grave on this mat
where you spoke your love in silence,
gazing at a moon that is still an album
of your innocence
i heard you were not in the grave
when we dug the earth for you;
for i when i bore you,
you were the fire resisting
the stomach of death!
the vulture that dug your corpse
has swallowed poison-
it is there, writhing
and cursing the winds
whispering and sprinkling
your name in their journeys
i am sitting with the evening winds
on your grave, baring breasts
still rotund with my love for you-
tell the future
i am coming to where
you have found a home
tell death,
i still hold your heart
and only memories
the shape of my love!
i, who have loved you
long before you knew love;
i, who have loved you
long before death knew your name,
will sing your name forever!
(C) 2016, innocence silas

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2016

The Sad Dreamer~by Neil Perry



The Sad Dreamer

If only I could write a poem for you,
But something in me stops me doing this,
If only I could say I really do,
But every chance I get I seem to miss,
I seem to miss each opportunity
That seem to be an open invitation,
I think the fault lies squarely with me
Which causes me to get no satisfaction:
I’m like a shell that nothing seems to crack,
I’m like a book with pages never read,
I’m all at sea with everything I lack,
And often stay indoors, and stay in bed
And dream about completely what I lack,
But in the end, I know, I really don’t.

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