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Judgment?~by rldubour





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Why do we Judge?
Are we that Qualified?
Do we know all there is to know?
Are we above those whom we are judging?
Those that we judge are we better?
Is our life without sin?
Our day will come!

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Weather over Westminster~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Weather over Westminster

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Turmoil predicted
Maybe trouble ahead

The wind is so blowing
Over blonde Boris Head

Teardrops are falling
As May rains no more

Or is it bad weather
Lashing number tens door

Thunder and fighting
Causing so much distress

Spilling red wine glasses
Causing storms in a mess

Hurricanes from America
Loud winds Trump ing down low 🤭

Boris’s big blonde buddy
Sending wind from below

Weather over Westminster
Maybe trouble ahead

The storm is now howling
Over blonde Bonces Head…

Poetry by
Patrick Kevin O’Shea

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 21, 2019

MORBID AND MOODY~by Nalini Starr




I am in one of my moods again
One that is muddling my brain
Morbid thoughts are running through my head
Thoughts of wishing to be dead

Feeling unloved,unwanted,like I don’t exist
If I am not here,I won’t be missed
Waiting to die, living to die
Life is just one big fat lie

My moods are ever changing
Most times tey are about dying
No one will grieve if I die
No one will miss me,no one will cry

I’ll be just another statistic
Because dying is realistic
Will have to die sooner or later
So sooner will be better

Just another one biting the dust
Kicking the bucket is a must
But before I go I just want to say
I wish I could be loved even for one day

But that would never happen now
Love has avoided me somehow
My tears are for the love and life that passed me by
And now I don’t care if I die

Anytime death can come for me
And I wish he would hurry
I cannot go on living like this
i no longer want to exist.

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Bussokuseki I~by Jeremy J Croucher



Bussokuseki I

Japanese poetic form
In the form of five
and then three sets of seven
for syllabic sequencing
Tanka with an extra phrase


Photo – Jempics

The Bussokuseki-kahi (仏足石歌碑) is a well-known monument in the Yakushi Temple in Nara, inscribed with twenty-one poems

The poems are written in Man’yōgana, a precursor to kana where Chinese characters are used for their phonetic value, and in Bussokuseki-style. Named after the poems, Bussokuseki-style is an archaic poetic device in which lines are written in a 5-7-5-7-7-7 mora pattern. It is an early form of waka.



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 Life~by Benedixio Moore Khoti



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Life is
but a blur of foggy mirage
swinging like a pendulum
from age to age,it comes a blessing
kissing one till death do them part.
It is a bittersweet song
that flies on the wings of dawn
as it breaks
and falls with the sun as it rests,
Life is hope
always tangible to the hearts that beat.

Life is
but a moment, a phase of a maze,
A verse in a complex labyrinth
acting like teeth
that accentuates smiles celebrating joy
Or announcing ones anguish in bruxism of a gnash.

Life is
but a dream or so it seems
Aptly dappling through the drapery of folds
draped on men’s myopic lenses
that glaze zillion sands of time
dreaming to fetch gasps of a trace
and unwoven the sophisticated labyrinth
Of mans genesis
that lays encapsulated in an aura of mysteries
that evoke sporadic whimsical disputations
which ignite discordant brawls
atwixt minds brimful with wisdom
and the impish that drown in contagious imbecility
both rambling endlessly
like a recital of sempiternal siloloquay.

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Commendation For Peace~by Hansraj Sharma



Commendation For Peace

Commendation For Peace
Bold, dark and bright
Realities of human-race
Continue to be as relevant
And relatable as ever before.
It may be a journey-
Through bloom and gloom
Stirring experience of the past
The Creator’s rewriting equally-
Human history and chemistry for
Finding sanity in the insane world
A slice of commendation for peace.
Ludhiana Punjab India.


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On The Run~by Hansraj Sharma



On The Run

On The Run

No session of prayers-

Getting finished or complete

Until ‘She’ enters into the head

Mind or brain of the unholy leaders

Of congregations, getting together there!

Like a log of dry dead wood-

Body’s inactively calm and cool

As if left unclaimed amidst woods

And the active army of white ants-

From all directions taking the charge

Making their anthills thereon the earth.

I, you and we, all watching

Regular instances happening

Nearby, in the human-jungle

Around, every now and then.

In a clumsy profile-

Devilish-instinct dominating

Without any divine restraint

Finding on every inch of land

Unique missionaries or ‘BABAS’

In the disguise of virtuous souls.

Literary folks, getting after crazy and mad-

Feeling ashamed of, even God is on the run!


Ludhiana Punjab India.

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The unseen realms~by rldubour



The unseen realms

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A subject I find interesting
I have to sit and write.
I spent some time in looking up,
in fact most of the night.

There must be something to this
it happens quite a lot.
About a loved one dying and the
visions that they got.

A physiological phenomenon
called a pre-death vision.
The dying person can describe
with such great precision.

Hospice Chaplains will all tell
as patients slip away.
A loved one has come for them,
all we can do is pray.

Across the religious spectrum
no matter what belief.
I think of this, it must be real
it helps relieve some grief.

Why would this be a common thing?
In helping to let go?
Perhaps the ones who’ve gone ahead
come back for us to know.

That fear be put aside
and of this life let go.
They’ll be with us, right by our side
To pass in Heavens glow.

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A thousand voices beneath my skin

punching holes in my heart

lost in a maze of confusion like a heat stroke

turning my world dark

no where to turn

but fear the worst is yet to come

a face in a crowd

like a kid with his shoes undone

what a trip

going through the emotions

and climbing up the wall

not showing if I’m coming or going

but knowing I’m gonna fall

feeling like I’m running on empty

with everything turning inside

I don’t remember the last time I even laughed

just to start a smile then died

an evil keel temper of a man talking to himself

raging like a monsoon

hell I have enough demons to fill this world

and watch it balloon

in this mirror I see yet a mask with no face

worth to a beating of a pulp

a penny in a pocket now erased

you keep telling your hands not to shake

things are gonna get better

but they often break

I’m no fine china

they said to me just try this thing once

so I took a shot

I was hooked on the book

with a line and sinker

and now look what I got

today you look at me like others do

my skin has been pricked so many times

you’d think I was a tattoo

but that is my inside

a roller coaster ride for life

be it on a spoon or a hot knife

step right up folks see the freak show

he’s got a lot to say

standing talking to Jesus on the corner

so you just walk away…

by martin gedge©

Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2019

The Sudden Summer Rain*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



DLIV ~> The Sudden Summer Rain*

DLIV ~> The Sudden Summer Rain*
(Opus554 ~> The Sudden Summer Rain)
The sudden summer rain soaks the picnic,
Robbing the afternoon of ticklish fun;
That follows as smoke to fire when frolic
Lingers untrammeled in the summer sun,
Chasing off sense of judgment on the run:
You cherish getting wet with someone who
Transforms your troubles into chores you know!
Easy comes, easy goes, the summer rain;
You wonder what gets cleansed off in its wake;
The sweat and grime, unscathed, putrid remain,
The fleeting cooling off you might partake;
With relish, unless you find need to fake:
The sudden summer rain sets you forlorn;
Forsaken, without a known cause to mourn!
The sudden summer rain lightens the air;
Discarding much excess unbreathable.
Beyond the wet and dry of atmosphere,
It brings forth plenty of intangible
Including best chance to tease and cuddle:
Neither explain the sudden summer rain;
Nor spend in vain your itch to entertain!
*Hook image (SummerStorm03H554.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Summer Storms cyber collection regularly reaching my email inbox by gratis subscription.

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