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“RED ALERT”~by Martin Gedge



“RED ALERT” by martin gedge

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Sector seven red alert
the devils on the loose
been hell and back and on the track
with spit and jungle juice
this burning rage and if engaged
will cut you down to size
and make your bed amongst the dead
right before your eyes
all systems go and blow by blow
the demon can’t be stopped
no where to hide as worlds collide
you hear the needle drop
your going down to bottom ground
there’s nowhere left to run
upon the break the burning stake
consider yourself done
but if by chance you live to dance
and breathe the chilly air
from deep within he’s in your skin
and always will be there
so take in stride yet multiplied
a fuse and lighted wire
prepare to choke the blowing smoke
engulf into the fire…..

by martin gedge

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A poem about a chance meeting of strangers~by Michael Burke



A poem about a chance meeting of strangers

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‘We can all fly
even if but
for a moment in time.’

We had that moment you and I
swirling clouds in bright blue sky
I wasn’t looking when you caught my eye
I had been searching
just not that time
I turned around and there you were
my piercing stare stripped you bare
a smile from you but did you care
I did not try to hide my stare.
truth honesty should not be rare
I wanted to meet you but would I dare
before I knew it i was standing there
There was a moment our eyes met
back and fourth a perfect set.
I know that look its’ been so long
powerful primal and so strong
you made my heart miss a beat
no free will to be discreet
a little boy
a time
for a moment man sublime
We had that moment you and I
swirling clouds in bright blue sky

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 ” A LOVERS CRUSH”~by Martin Gedge



 ” A LOVERS CRUSH” written by martin gedge

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Awake my skin
to rush my beating heart
do my wondrous eye
behold such beauty
that unfolds in the thralls
of a sparkling night
forever in the deep of my soul
feeds with the passionate bliss
that endeavors the chance
of a moment of spur
to shine of romance
of perfume to scent my
hunger to yearn for just a touch
of a passer-by
to feel the warm sensations
of the soft sway of the locks
that lay to your side
and gust a windy bloom
flowers to fuel the air
like schools of balloons
in the fields of sunsets
you are a marvel of my wish
a hope in thought
a light to open doors
to spring spark to darkness
and a skip in my step
thus from afar I adore you….

by martin gedge

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Looking up at stars~by Manoj Papola



Looking up at stars

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Looking up at stars
Wondering how you are
And why you took every road
that led you so far
The moment we’d thought
would last forever
Disappears through all our
small disasters
I won’t stand and preach
like our small town
but I’ll say this last thing though
my heart will be a fool
and always/ all the times
remains only for you…..
Manoj Papola

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A little chap and the catflap~by Jeremy J Croucher



A little chap and the catflap

It’s really quite an awkward thing
when just a little chap
and I’ve never understood the art
of pushing the cat-flap

Basil (the much older dog)
does it all the time
But I get stuck and have to wait
sometimes with a whine

And yes, I have a longer nose
but it’s sensitive you know
so I’m cautious where I poke it
whilst down here quite so low

For I’m only just a little chap
and always on my guard
I’m good at licks and barking
but some things are too hard

So when (like the door) it’s open
the cat-flap I’ll jump through
But pushing with my precious nose?
A thing I’ll never do!


Photo – Obi approaching the (held open) cat flap with caution – Jempics


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Machinations~by Graham Henderson




An artful dodger hatching a plan
Wondering where I am
Forming a plot and deceitful manoeuvring
Second guessing in the scheme of things
Undercover and incommunicado
Things aren’t what they seem
The secret of success
Hidden desires and double entendres
Confusing, contradictions and complacency
Thrown into the mix
Dead trails and the choice at crossroads
Trying to uncover a sense of proportion
The plot thickens when set in motion
Gathering pace and a land of confusion
Troubling times and isolation
Schools of thought and deciphering.

Written by G J. Henderson

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Nobody saw when I began to fall apart
Switching gears
From being one with the people
To being isolated
From easygoing and nice
To being irritable and cold as ice

From being highly praised
Being a role model
To being accused of being a junky
Kicked down and compared to her
The woman I barely knew
The woman who mothered me

They said,
I was going down the road she had
I was going to die from the needle like her
I was always in trouble
For telling the truth
My truth contradicted the facts, they said

At 17 I was dragged into a police car
Accused of battering my father
But I swear I didn’t touch him
My hands were bloody because I was trying to help

I was just a young man wrongfully accused
I stood my ground
I was only trying to help
And so doctors became involved
Truth surfaced I was schizophrenic
I just needed help
Now I’m wondering if at all I’m walking in my mother’s shoes
And only she never got the help she so needed

© The Conspicuous Word 2017

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SONGS OF TIDES(2)~by Dr.Satinder Parkash Nanda




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I hear the songs of tides on the lonely beach
Humming with scented cool soothing breeze
Showing me the thrilling running upper tides
Amusingly playing in the moonlit dreamy night.
Enriching my endurance strength
to fight ode’s blows.
I’m sailing joyously in the musical tides flows.

©® DrSatinder Parkash Nanda

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AUTISM~by Ransom Muojekwu




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My hand will fidget
When I tell the tale on sheet,
I’m grey but young,
I’m done listening to your words of deceit;
The sky is misty,
I’m in search for the shadow of love;
You are worst than hate
You are the only one
that understands myself;
Tell me the tales of me.


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Let us ~by Bijoy Bhakat



Let us

Let us
Do something
Try something ..
Experience sometimes
Experiment something ..

Which is –
very little
very small ..

Not very big
Not very tall ..

Just try to do something which stops polluting
the sky
the river..
the Earth
The Stratosphere ..

which allows –
the tide to rise
the stars to glow..
the birds to fly
the wind to blow..

Let us try to do something –

Which helps the birds to spread wings
Which helps the flowers to welcome the Spring…

Which assists the dew to embrace the grass
Which assists the rainbow to decorate the canvas ..

Which promotes the idea of Love Peace and Harmony ..
Which promotes to tune the heart with lovely sweet symphony ..

Copyright @ Bijoy Bhakat

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