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Frozen Pines..~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Frozen Pines..

Frozen pines,
Under snow mines,

Bleeding cold,
Resisting to hold,

In a pine grove,
Sun beams only glove,

Globe to resist the temperature,
In the peak of Winter,

Entire western hemisphere,
Surrenders to the turbulent winter to suffer,

Nature at times behaves too rude,
At times stay hungry without food,

Blitzkrieg & snow storms ruin the habitat ,
Entire universe plays a game of tit for tat,

The habitat bleeds in acute chill,
None except the God can heal,

Oh ! God please alight from heaven,
Save the universe during the Christmas & New Year celebration,

Give every creature a boon of blanket as warmth,
Let peace prevail on the BIG earth,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 6/12/2016
@ All Rights Reserved.

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ODE TO DREAM~by Dipankar Sadhukhan




O Dream! Never go away from me
Or I will be too lonely to live in.
If you depart from me
I’ll be like a bird with broken wings.

Only you are the fresh oxygen
To make my cells lively and bright.
It’s you who cherish my passion
And I find joy even on my dark night.

Life is nothing but a difficult journey.
Sometimes it seems to be scorching days.
Sometimes it seems to be a frozen island.
It’s you who make my dying hope so fresh.

Sometimes nightmares haunt me
And my mind is filled with fear.
It’s you who keep my mind so calm
Even in the midst of my dark hour.

Sometimes I feel so depressed
And my mind brims with anxiety.
It’s you who appear like a fairy
To save me, to protect my entity.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.

illustrated by suzette portes san jose
CHRISTMAS SPIRIT by suzette portes san jose

the divine glory that one keep each day
from happiness that goes a long long way
staying in my heart and dwell inside me
believing all that Christmas should be

believing all that Christmas should be

……..going to bed early
……..waiting for Santa’s slay
……..on the reindeer’s bell to ring
……..and for the angels carol to sing

each year to celebrate with sweet memories
families gather around on Christmas trees
the merriment that shall never end
with all t the love that heart can send

…….give love on Christmas day
…….a warm embrace in every way
…….just to let you know the gladness
…….welcoming friends in fullness

let the Christmas spirit light up in love
all in Gods Blessings from above
spend Christmas and share the goodness
the laughter and smiles of joyfulness

@ suzette portes san jose
12/ 7 / 2016

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I WISH…~by Lopamudra Mishra




While cleaning my meniscus,,
Some blurry sketch punch the clock,
In my stupor,
I hear no lecture,
Nor I see the judges,
Or the practitioners in the court of law,
I see my conqueror of my core,
Simmering in rain,
Clad in yellow chiffon,
She whirl and twirl in my penetration,
I started swinging with her epicurean curve,
Thousand times I clasped her,
Thousand times she swooped,
Her aura doused my sensory glands,
Her hot air stirred my globe,
I desire to rivet her in my vision,
To fondle her spitting image ,
Even though she is in my fantasy,
I am in enamoured with her contemplation,
Yearn to dance with her in out pour.

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Believe~by rldubour

Christmas Collections:



Image result for believe in the magic of christmas

I believe in the Easter Bunny

The tooth fairy and much more.

I believe in all the magic

That Christmas has in store.

We heard of pay it forward

Why not try this too

To bring a smile to a face

Is what we all should choose.

Open up your heart

Feel the joy of giving

A smile is what you get

No matter what religion.

To make someone

Feel their loved

And that their always

Being thought of.

They say Christmas is

To commercial

Hum bug is what I say

It’s merely controversial

A time for joy and peace

For every human being

A time for love and giving

Is what we should be seeing.

So on this Christmas day

We’ll celebrate the season

For peace on earth and good will

This should be the reason!

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Oh ! Poet,~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Oh ! Poet,

You muse the harsh realities of life so well.
Oh ! Poet,
Oh ! Artist,
Through your pen,
You revolutionize the world,
Through you paint, brush & colours,
You charge the shades so well,
The world gives you nothing.
But you give everything to the world.
Your magnanimity ,.
Remain till eternity,
Till infinity,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 7/12/2016

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. be here, in now~by Raj Babu Gandham



. be here, in now


stop for a while
stare at your self
look into your inside

we only know
truth of ourselves
the faces we hide

not only from others
even to ourselves
we pretend and hide

always claiming
i am the right
the other is wrong

using the words
with thoughts opposite
flashing those painted smiles

please stop

stop for a while
to know your self
to know your truth

take a break, from
these gushing thoughts
about past and next

stay firm
in the moment now
live the life in only now

why bother
about others lives
about their glitters gold

be yourself
love your life
live your truth

~ yathi

©2015 Raj Babu Gandham
201512070734 image source www

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Night Jasmine -4 ( Salvation)~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick



Night Jasmine -4
( Salvation)

Earth is a combination of
Heaven and hell
Time measures
The fragrant essence
With it’s nail

True and unconditional love
is the witness of the cosmic journey
From the core of the heart to eternity
is a soft silken symphony

Tears of your eyes
Glisten as dew
In my subtle identity
A strong bond of love
Holds me tight

The sweet and softie girls
Come to collect the fallen body of mine
From the ground
And offer before the
Ever expanded lotus feet
Of the Goddess and God
Make me blissful with ecstasy
Snuggle me with salvation
And divine mercy.

Copy right @ Kalpana

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My tuberose~by Ziauddin Bulbul


My tuberose

In this late autumn eve touching afternoon
On the sky floating the copperplated moon.
Behind the secondary depth of a densely evening trees
the copperplated moon exists.
Have you turning as dusky evening stepped in on the street?
Ah why the lampposts are smoky with forty winks,
On the secondary evening is all stars darkling ?
Whose scheme is it ? Is it of third evening ?
On the way back to home today I met you alone
That somnolent eyes of you as if with much confusion
wanted to know how are keeping I’m in a shadowy tone !

Did I listen a song ? A song of tuberose which no one listens ?
Has my copperplated moon met all expenses ?
Throwing up the particles of your murkiness,
And creating the evening twilight in repetition ?

A black beauty, has left a tuberose, on my way.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 7, 2016

DAD~by Nancy DiMascola Stefanik

In loving memory of my father-in-law Edward Carl Stefanik Sr. on this Pearl Harbor Day! He was one of the lucky ones who survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I still have the radio that the Stefanik’s heard about the bombing and I treasure it knowing it was part of the history of that day.I can’t imagine the horror of that day and how the young men and women survived with its memory.



Dad, you are missed and always loved,
I know your in heaven above.
A quiet man, with not a lot to say,
Still we knew how great a man you were that day.
Didn’t have you for a Dad to long,
Only Four short years, then you were gone.
Your memory of Dad will always be with me always,
Thank you for your love and support you gave.
Love, Nancy

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