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Impressionism~by Paul F. Lenzi





“Sunrise, Le Havre” by Claude Monet

broken impasto
caught on candid natural light
more essence than edges



(originally posted April 2013)


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Midsummer~by Paul F. Lenzi




summeronthefarm robinmoline

“Summer on the Farm” by Robin Moline

blue skies yellow sun

curled landscapes ingeniously

vivid with colors

of rural prosperity

warmed by Augustus himself

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Hanging out with William Morris~by Jeremy J Croucher



Hanging out with William Morris

Took a trip to Standen House
Arts and Crafts atop the hill
Where the Beales once used to live
William Morris hangs out still

His designs remain on many walls
intricately fine
And on a Thursday morning
the quiet there was divine

We wandered round the gardens
had some soup and drank some tea
Then bid farewell to William
my soulmate Sal and me


Photo – William Morris designed wallpaper – Standen House, Sussex, UK – Jempics


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FISH HOOK~by Bipul Kalita




Pull out slivers
left open over hearts 
by torturing winds through ages
for, they always pierce your minds

History of matured eyes
can hardly catch them for you
in hours that toss you on your views

Pains net
melancholic dreams you see
staining your flag white worlds

I’m hanging on a hook
caught by
black sighs that burn peace
slang fists that smash civil births
of noble hearts and honest minds

When will you open eyes
to save your skies from hailstorms
to pave the stainless path to innocents
while chained fellows’ hearts bleed like me ?

Copyright@Bipul Ch. Kalita 25/09/2016.

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“LOVE IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD”~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




Love is truly light like a moon light
Exhibiting a brilliantly rays of light
Reflecting the world with tranquility
Gleaming the world with varicadility.

The light of love protects the world
In love the merciless war can’t stand
An apt freedom dances in love of Lord
Chasing all afflictions with pristine hands.

Love is a deeply light of the world in help
Conquering a foeship to lofty friendship
Bringing in the world a true philanthropy
Bringing in the world a genuinely happy.

Love is the light of the world with loftily grace
Enrapturing the world in splendidly peace
Increasing the soul of life in river of honesty
Lighting the world with the mind of positivity.

Love is the light of the world with harmony
Showering the genuine power not phony
Creating the world be frabjous in edification
As weapon of battling the painfully affliction


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



Daily missive for Monday the 25th of September.

Dramatic giants fall
From grace
In a bluster of flustered
Ill thought out by candlelight
Daylight saving
Climate changers
In a candy store
Full of babies
With no regard
For convention
Blow pocket money
On gas guzzlers
Welcome the night
With prime time
In a box office
Ready to fight
Throw boys toys
Out of prams
Watch them splash
In a welter of fallout
Spray acid drops liberally
Disfigure a stranger
It is all the same
Bazooka my neighbour
With nuclear
Bubble gum
Watch this space
Save face
For the human race
It is hell bent
On a rollercoaster
Chocolate Dinosaurs never win
Popularity contests
Sugar coated bonbons
Are litter bugs
Rolling in left over
Christmas wrapping
After the opening salvo
Has ripped away
The name tags
Glitter is not stardust
It irritates sensitive skin
Colourful phrases
That rattle cages
And fill front pages
Are not wisdom
The world is
Not a sweet shop
For the privileged
Change is good
But not at any price

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Cry For You~by Hela Tekali

Day# 111
September farewell forever


Cry For You

I never had to say goodbye
Who’s gonna cry for you now
I bid you farewell with no lie
There is no reason to ask how.

You never heard me break your heart
You did not wake up when I was ill
Since I was lonely from the start
I think you did not care what I feel.

You’ll never see me again
O’ September who’s gonna cry for you
I would never with your love bargain
No matter what you think or do.

Forever and never
Life is now or never
Who’s gonna cry for you september!
Forever your sad song I ‘ll remember.

Jenayah Hela
Cry for you now


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The night started slowly as we just sat and talked~by Joe Wilson



The night started slowly as we just sat and talked

The night started slowly as we just sat and talked
We were waiting for our friends to arrive
We figured they’d be here by about half-past eight
As neither had finished work till gone five.

But the bottles of wine were lined up in rows
There were reds and roses, and there were whites
And as neither of our friends had arrived yet
Those bottles were full and clearly in our sights.

So we opened a red and a white one too
Mine a Shiraz, for I like a good red
My wife, well she started the white one
As a Pinot she much favours instead.

And the time it just got that much later
But our friends well they still hadn’t come
And as each of us was drinking the vino
Well it’s nice to raise a glass with a chum.

In the end our friends never did show up
It was next week not this, we were dorks
But we drank all the wine and enjoyed it
And now we’re just left with the corks.

©Joe Wilson – The wine bottle corks…2014

Author Notes

My granddaughter asked me if I could write a poem about a subject just chosen at random. She picked up a couple of corks from the previous night and this is the result. It is purely for fun…

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The re-assuring clock…2014~by Joe Wilson



The re-assuring clock…2014

There’s something re-assuring about the tick of a clock
It counts off the moments and marks out the days
We know where we are and where we should be
It keeps the world moving without hesitancy.

But do we confine ourselves by wrapping in time
Are we constricted in this sectional way
What if we threw off the comfort of the norm
And took back the freedom of an old timeless form.

The world that we know would be drastically changed
Financial institutes would behave so deranged
Criminals would take over as ‘opportunities’ presented
Charlatans and fraudsters… – “The World Goes Demented”.

So the thing that we find is ‘there’s no other way.’
We depend on the start and the end of each day
But if time stopped existing not one of us would care
We’d soon cease to function and then we wouldn’t be there.

There’s something re-assuring about the tick of a clock…

©Joe Wilson – The re-assuring clock…2014

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a long sad look along the horizon~by Joe Wilson



a long sad look along the horizon

He cast a long sad look along the horizon
And gazed down on the planet’s Armageddon
For man was battling on to it’s destruction
Destroying all that fell in their path.

Placing man on the Earth had been troublesome
But the intellect of man had given Him hope
They could work out the problems that beset them
Yet all the killing and shooting and bombing had to stop.

He’d placed races of differing hue and different creed
Putting them in all manner of places far and wide
But man’s warlike nature seemed reason enough
For them to find their excuses for genocide.

What was it with the homo-sapien class of mammal
That had them at each other’s oft exposed throats
It was not the result of something that He had created
But a flaw that was in the essence of man.

©Joe Wilson – The long sad look…2014

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