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“The View from the Lighthouse”~by Michael Graves



“The View from the Lighthouse”

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

I have seen the storms
far-off and approaching.
I have watched the crashing waves
yet to come
run their course.
I have heard the howling wind
in the dark wet night.

I have watched the tides.

I see the rocks that lie in wait
beneath the shiny surface
of the calm sea.
I see the slow
of the tsunami
to subsume
the shoreline.

The sea itself is made of changes. Always

Some sudden and violent.
Some transient and fleeting.
Some deadly and permanent.

With perspective
you learn the difference.

Vicissitudes can kill you.
Even the word sounds like
choppy water.

Life can turn on a dime.
Let it.
Allow it to turn, and then
ride it
in your direction.

Anything else, and you founder
or become at last becalmed.

With perspective
you learn the difference.

Just because the water is choppy
does not mean
disaster is certain.
Adrift is not death.
It is simply


Know the stable point of land.
Know the star that does not fail.
Know very well, the decision
that means more to you
than life.

And on that, plot your course.
And never


Do not panic
when the wind hits a fresh gale
when the waters turn angry
and the masts begin to creak and strain.
That is simply the way
of the sea.

Sailing is at its most exhilarating
when the sails are full
and pulses pound. Provided
you stay the course
and ride out the storm.

Don’t change direction, based
on a single stretch of
heavy weather.
If what you seek
was near at hand
you would not be sailing.

–Graves 8/26/11

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Friday! Time for an American Hero! Today is:


Knowing your American Heroes

AUDIE MURPHY (1924-1971)

Image result for AUDIE MURPHY (1924-1971)

He was the sixth of twelve children
Born to Emmett and Josie Bell.
Growing up in Celeste, Texas
Audie was destined to do well.

With his twenty-two gauge rifle
He was a marksman at age nine.
He’d bring home the squirrels and rabbits
Mama would cook so they could dine.

At twelve years old he went to work
In helping his family meet their ends.
Money paid a dollar a day
He was even a hero then.

Four years later his mother died
She made Audie promise her this.
To place his three youngest siblings
Into an orphanage was her wish.

Immediately following
The Pearl Harbor attack.
He joined the U.S. Marines
Because of age was sent back.

Legal age he joined the Army
At Camp Wolters basic training.
His baby face and youthfulness
The commander was complaining.

Insisting Murphy be a cook
A combat soldier was Audie’s wish.
After thirteen weeks of basic
He made the advanced infantry list.

Murphy did not see combat
Until July of forty-three.
The Third Infantry Division
Liberating Sicily.

Instinctive skills for combat
Now decorated for valor.
From Italy then into France
To return their flag and colors.

German troops feigning surrender
Killed his best friend Lattie Tipton.
This set Murphy in a rage
He wiped out the enemies position.

That was Audie Leon Murphy
He was a living legend then.
The most decorated soldier
Of ALL American men.

A true hero for his country
To his family and his friends.
The achievements to his name
The list seems to never end.

At home he was a champion
In the movies and on TV.
May twenty-eight in seventy-one
His name will live historically.





June 20, 1924, May 28, 1971  Audie_Murphy
While on a business trip on May 28,1791 (Memorial Day Weekend), flying in bad weather with a pilot unqualified to fly on instruments, Murphy’s private plane crashed into Brush Mountain, near Catawba, Virginia some 20 miles west of Roanoke. The pilot and all five passengers, including Murphy, were killed. Audie Murphy was 46 years old. In 1974, a large granite memorial marker was erected near the crash site.
On June 7, 1971, Audie Murphy was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. A small walkway leads to his final place of rest in Section 46, located near the Amphitheater. It is the second most-visited gravesite, second only to President John F. Kennedy’s grave.
Military awards: The most decorated soldier in American History!
Medal of Honor – Distinguished Service Cross- Legion of Merit Bronze Star Medal with “V” Device and First Oak Leaf Cluster
Silver Star with First Oak Leaf Cluster- Good Conduct Medal
Purple Heart with Second Oak Leaf Cluster
U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal -American Campaign Medal
Presidential Unit Citation (US) with First Oak Leaf Cluster
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with One Silver Star, Four Bronze Service Stars (representing nine campaigns) and one Bronze Arrowhead (representing assault landings at Sicily and Southern France) -World War II Victory Medal -Combat Infantryman Badge
Army of Occupation Medal with Germany Clasp- Armed Forces Reserve Medal –
Expert Badge with Bayonet Bar- Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar
French Fourragère  in Colors of the Croix de guerre -French Legion of Honor
French Croix de guerre with Silver Star -French Croix de guerre with Palm
French Croix de guerre with Palm-French Liberation Medal -Belgian Croix de guerre with Palm-Badge of the 159th French Alpine Infantry Regiment (Honorary award for Heroic Action in the Colmar Campaign)
For those asking, What is an Oak Leaf Cluster?

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Iron Blooms~by Jeremy J Croucher



Iron Blooms

The collection is growing
of our iron blooms
amongst the nasturtiums out there
Exposed to the weather
they rust and remain
with permanent gusto and flair

We have poppies and daisies
and other such things
positioned and planted at leisure
For as the year changes
and plants come and go
they remain for continuing pleasure


Photo – our ever-expanding group of in situ iron plant sculptures – Jempics




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Evil ~by rldubour



Spell the title from right to left


Image result for Evil 

The bad character of man on earth has an evil reputation
Sinful, wicked ways they have, this is their salvation.
Think about this word ..LIVE.. And follow this equation.
Spell this word from right to left, a startling revelation.

Now let’s assume that this is hell and most of us agree.
Let’s go a little deeper into the evil that we see.
We see misfortune with the sorrow, distress or calamity.
A cosmic evil force just waiting, waiting impatiently.

The wicked ways of evil as it singles out its prey.
It picks the man at random, it’s his unlucky day.
Causing discomfort and repulsion this is evil’s way.
Inflicting pain in mortal hearts this is what it craves.

Evil has been on earth since the dawn of time.
It is capable of evil thoughts being placed inside a mind.
Morally reprehensible with mercy so unkind.
Travels with the dark where goodness never shines.

An evil look with evil temper and glancing evil eyes.
Just to cause man suffering, achievements viewed with pride.
Archaic in its manner in man it won’t confide.
Evil follows man around not one place man can hide.

I know of no solution to put evil in its grave.
Man just seems oblivious, around it everyday.
This word that we call evil surrounds us like a plague.
Placing goodness in our hearts might be the only way.

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Raining in August~by Jeremy J Croucher



Raining in August

This year we decided
not to travel to sun
but enjoy it at home for a change
But perhaps that decision
now with some derision
with hindsight, we should rearrange

For instead of the sun
we’ve enjoyed up to now
it’s turned cooler and rained every day
Just one of those things
that August it brings
which we’ll enjoy here anyway


Photo – Jempics


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Do you wash your hands?~by Stephen Miles



Do you wash your hands?

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In the forest..~by Hana Shishiny



In the forest..

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

In your forest I like to lay
Enjoying the heavenly wind
Caressing my face with brushes of rays
Intoxicated when it sinfully pretends…

Trees of tenderness bow and cuddle
Blessing me with divine bound..
For love’s fragrance I get into the saddle
Purchasing, with heart beats, the coming sound

SILence there, has that melodious song.
Echoing between branches And trees..
In that forest.. I do belong
Shasing my dreams with you, I love to be…

By Hana Shishiny
All rights reserved (c)
August 2019

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Justice?~by rldubour




Image result for Justice?

Have you ever looked this word up in a dictionary?
If you interpret like I did, can leave one pretty scary.
It seems that justice has seen its day the bad guys still have rights!
Still walk the streets, left to prey on victims of the night.

Justice does not fit the crime, you see this every day.
Lawyers claim their innocent, the Judge just says O.K.
Maybe not all lawyers are as sleazy as they sound.
One or two have conscience, can be quite profound.

My intent is not to pick on one, this writing has a cause.
To show our justice system has way too many flaws.
We hear righteousness, conforming to the law.
Conforming what? He’s caught dead right, pretend we never saw!

Now we have correctness as the Judge does contemplate.
Give him time or set him free in the mind the Judge debates.
What happens next I can not believe it makes me so irate.
His childhood was the blame, courts adjourned it’s getting late.

The laws have come a long way, still to harsh in the liberals mind.
It used to be you broke the law; you damn well paid the crime.
Now the bad guy gets away with his rights all still preserved.
Put a six gun on my hip and he will get what he deserves!

The only way we fix all this is we really must get tough.
I would think by now, we all have had enough!
Our children have no fear of us we are not allowed to discipline,
The bad guys in and out of jail the circle has no end.

I feel I have to mention and put them in this write.
There is a justice of the peace, chief justice and my favorite one I like.
Poetic justice! In this work ironically we face
Let’s get control of justice and make our streets a safer place!

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WHITE DRESS~by Nalini Starr




She wore a white dress
On her wedding day
And the gossip mongers
Had a lot to say
How can she wear white
They would whisper
She is not a virgin any longer
Her dress is not so tight and sexy
As it should be
Is she ashamed
To show off her body
Maybe there’s a reason
She has a bun in the oven
And they would wonder
If the guy she is marrying
If he is the father
She shouldn’t be wearing white
But red instead
So all will know
She bled on the bed
And the guy she chose to marry
Was he the one
They said she slept with every
Tom, Dick and Harry
She has brought disgrace
To the family
But she held her head up
In her white dress she stood tall
Not caring what anyone said at all
And the man by her side
Chose to marry her
He didn’t care if she slept with any other
His wife he wanted her to be
They loved each other
And was ready to start their family.

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WAYS OF KARMA~by Piya Ghosh




Who are we to accept or reject?
Who are we to love or hate?
Everything is predestined, preordained
Scripted long ago in the book of Fate.

We claim,blame,show compassion
Perpetrate violence, bloodshed,
Little do we realize we are puppets
All actions have been planned much ahead.

We are merely actors on world stage
Playing our distinct roles,
Each move,each word we speak
Are just been reenacted and retold.

Sometimes we despise certain people
At other times feel strong attraction,
Everything is related to past lifetimes
Previous bonds and connections.

We meet people for a definite purpose
To settle past scores and debts,
Noone can escape Karmic judgement
That binds souls by subtle threads.

Piya Ghosh~ 20-8-19

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