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a sad day~by Nutan Sarawagi



a sad day

Its a sad day for everyone
when you try to wish it way
cancer don’t stay in our home
you please go away
for its you we dread
now why have you come to stay
in our hope to fail to take our life away
in you to catch our life to never go away
in you to rescue our life in its hope to never be in our way for you are our hope in you we live every other day
fighting our hope in your hope wishing you
go away to far away lands
with our hopes
in it to never stay
once life is caught
in your lay
it leaves you
no where to stay
to take our hope away
tired as we rest our arms
as you eat your way
in our cells never to rest
testing us all the way
in your treatment never a rest
in it to keep you at bay
in your worry to bury our life away

we take a oath to wipe you
in our haste away
to fight you with our life
fighting all the way
to not let you take our life away cancer you are fraught in a fear testing us all the way
now we lie in you
not fearing you
come what may
in you take our test
to take your rest away
lest you think you can take our life for you are life
in you to fight the cancerous cells away
to never let them get in our way with due care and support
in the love and care of people all the way
who take care of us helping us to fight you all the way no longer in your say
just think and stop
we turn back the clock
in your fray
no longer caught
no longer in your way
we have now found our way
in it to fight you all the way
no hopes lost no lives to cross
gods light finding its way
in his love paving his way
when life goes out in to find
its other hopeful way
to never die in his light
seeing us his way in it to light
to take away our fright it’s just gods way
in hopes not lost
in life’s cast
showing us moulding us to his way
the only way we see his light passing through us fighting your storm away
never to fear loosing us
for in us god has now come to stay
in his way to pray
in his life to live and forever stay

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This is a room~by Ravindranath Kunnath



This is a room

This is a room
It is mine..
Here iam living
With my wrinkled dreams
Keep all those
On that age old wallet
She saidand smiled
With her dry lips

This is my room
With no doors and windows
All are gone with the time

The roof
In the shattered pieces
Lizard and crockroaches
Breath for the sky..

Iam always here
She came
When the wish bloom
In heart..
We together breathes
Only to.see white doves
Over the room
She always smiled
With his dry lips..
Like us dear look
Horizons have wringles.
We are there
Only to show our presense
On the soil..

No one will arrive
In search of our footsteps
You want food to eat
It in my hand bag
Open it
With our dried dirty fingers
We have to begin
Dinner supper
Whatever it is

The foul smell rises
From our dresses
Remember our existense

No lamps here for nights
We seated ona broken
Once it was a part of a bench

Life is nothing for us
My prayer
Oh my lord
Give us bliss
We long to drift
Into the depths of
We want to live
In a space
With no sky and horizons


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KNIGHT’~by Paloma Fule




does NOT make Life easier.
It makes..
LIFE’S Tribulations, and
Suffering only more ..

Knowing you offer
you DO, and
you ARE..
gives you PEACE.

A Meaningful Existence
comes from KNOWING,
Your Life..
is given
for The GLORY ..
of your Heavenly Father —

Paloma Fule
(Spirit Light Poet Warrior)
Dame Grand Cross of the Teutonic Knights
of St Mary’s of Jerusalem.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2017

STONE’S SALVATION~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




Travelling along the stream
Dripping tears of separation
Through dark nights in silence
Living ups-downs of time waves
Smell of sweet affections
Left behind on the shore
Waiting! For a high tide in love
May take its being again to enjoy
The warmth of coolness in flow
Of the main stream of life above
Flowing down and striking
With the fellow pebbles on
Breasts of emotional rivulet
May shatter its existence
So brittle as illusively smooth
Diving down in joys of
Mother Nature’s nectars
Excited to merge with its origin
Loosing its egoist identity
Perhaps it’s the real route to
Step into palace of salvation
And sprinkle over the universe
Love of God’s amazing creation!!

By : Jagjit Singh ‘Jit’
@May 25, 2014
All Rights Reserved by ‘Jit”

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Getting Lost~by Hela Tekali



Getting Lost

Who knocks at my door
While I’m already dead
Is this my broken heart
Or rather my torn soul.

My soul and my heart are in fright
They lament their hatred of life
Love came to visit them
He falls upon a corpse no better than a fry.

They have lost energy and rage of life
My heart is intoxicated and drunk
You must hear the noise which groans inside
To understand his love for silence that alleviates his pain.

My soul has gone elsewhere
Getting lost in the waves and their depths
Perhaps she will find an answer to her fright
Where my heart has not yet recovered from his misfortune.

Jenayah hela

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SAVITRI~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick




Savitri is a symbolic legend of Hindu mythology
Inspiration of the womanhood
Sign of the Sun
Grants long life to human

An epitome of faith
Cipher of intellect
Icon of the woman power
Crest of dedication
Logo of devotion
The true essence of love

Sweet to speech
Enthusiastic to work
Maintains placidity
Enforcer of the ethics and ideology
Throughout the life
Beyond celebrity

Copy write @ Kalpana

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son(g)s of light~by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



son(g)s of light


is the way we trap life from the
spread of darkness.

there is no mourning in my eyes
tonight. i sing in the delights of mornings. the moon may
have sunk into the belly of dark sky. like her. i rise tomorrow.


forgive me. i do not sing for those who give god
to darkness. for the man who thinks darkness drowns
in a body of gin.

i do not sing for those who
slave into wraps and weeds. pass me the lighter.
and glows that give room for more darkness. for what darkness
swallows light and live?

but i sing for you. you who sit in
darkness. and your head is light. you who sit
in darkness. and hold the sun in your eyes. the moon
in your mouth. you who sit in darkness. and
darkness cannot comprehend. you whose heart is an inferno.

i sing for you. you who know how to star in
every scar. you who know how to
drink sweet milk from bitter days. and stitch thousand
yards of dryness into monsoons.

i sing for you. who like the moon
in the belly of dark sky rise



Ayoola Goodness © 2017

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2017

Unexplainable ~by Nandita Samanta




I’m not sure why I glanced back
Walking down the gravel footpath as
You wheeled out of the concrete driveway.

Seemed you were a figure from a myth,
From one of my poems, Hades or Zeus
Marking my passage to the other world.

In the vanishing light and the light rain.
Your presence evanescence felt like fresh zephyr
Already, that has made my day more bearable.

I felt a stirring loneliness in you
A current, a small gust of wind,
Not ghostly! but the ghost of a feeling, a shiver
Which you might have missed altogether!

Yes! That shiver traveled down my spine,
I felt the cold touch of death, coxing each cell
To freeze, lay in the arms of a
cold blooded assassin.

Or maybe, you were just another way
Of distracting myself from the burial,
From waiting in clumsy silence, like a numb body.

Came to stand with other mourners,
To be one amongst all the forlorn
Gathered at the crematory without,
A priest to lead the prayer.
To be a God, to the Godless !

Oh! Nothing is explainable, except the way we looked for a few seconds into each other’s eye.

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Tideling #3~by Hela Tekali



Tideling #3

Holy garden, garment of silk
Raised throne , fountain of milk
Scattered pearl, perpetual freshness

Heavy brocade , bracelets of silver
Fleeting life, bodily quiver
Scattered pearl, perpetual freshness

Wine pure , holy
Crystal-clear , fully
Scattered pearl , perpetual freshness

Bunches of fruit –
Hanging low in humility

Scattered pearl ,perpetual freshness
Purifying drink , adorned likeness

Light , beauty , joy

Jenayah hela



Daily missive for Thursday the 25th of May.

There is little room
In his heart
For manoeuvre
All of the available space
Was set aside for survival
There is no
Revival of interest
In expansion
Every day is an
Nothing can prevent
The weight
Of existence
From increasing
Its demand for life
There are no bargains
To be made
He breathes
The characteristics are met
Parameters set
Interaction is required
Will lead to overflow
He will be swept away
In the undertow
Unless there is
An understanding.
Will not be detected
The defences erected
Were solidly built
Minor skirmishes
Prove little
Of any consequence
It is the long hard squeeze
The mental siege
That defeats him
A bloodless revolution
Never ends
Or has any chance
Of meaningful resolution
The restoration
Of a broken heart
Long since gone.

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