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MY DEAR SYLVIA~by King Julian




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A friend is gone
Was a friend to all
But her greatest friend, was our loving God

She did her best
Most will confess
Her faith and zeal…we were so impressed

She was a mom to some
Was a foe to none
Well…except the devil Satan

We hold her dearly in our hearts
Who would have thought our ways would part
Until we unite again in paradise

For she has fought the fight
Won with delight
And yes…without a single compromise

And though we mourn our loss
You still inspire our cause
And though we are filled with pain
We do know that we’ll surely see you again

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Daily missive for Tuesday the 11th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 11th of December.

Purpose me
Subscribe to my belief
In the gift of reason
As fulfilment of
An earthly promise
To develop an interest
In purposeful solutions
Imagine a truth
With little need of sacrifice
Where the fact
Of its existence
Is strong enough
To withstand a moment’s doubt
As intellectual pursuit
Becomes a race
For all to run
Ownership of knowledge
A free for all
With no rhetorical exclusions
To raise the bar
Of sanctity
Beyond the reach
Of ordinary souls
There would be satisfaction
In the rhyming
Of such reason
To the timing
Of its conclusion
As a fulfilment of
Any given purpose
Eventually determined
By the strength
Of its innate desire
To succeed.

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CAMOUFLAGE~by Yusra Anees




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When you peep down
from the clouds above,
You see a mosaic
of different colors.
They mix and merge,
and flow and spill,
Creating vivid illusions
like wet paint on a canvas.

The light shades
are just too many,
Glistening like dew drops
on a fresh rose.
They blend with others
and create new shades,
They radiate goodwill
and adjourn the doom.

But some of the shades
are dark too.
Howling like a wolf
on a moonless night.
They create deep boundaries
and erect large fences.
They emit misery
and call upon ruin.

But you see these dark shades,
subduing and diminishing,
Only when the lighter ones,
fuse together firmly.
And all the different assorted shades,
miraculously camouflage…

~ Yusra

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LOVE IS YOU~by Piya Ghosh




When you say that you love me
The echo of your voice resonates
With the tinkle of my silver anklets;
Your ringing laughter synchronizes
With the music of my glass bangles;
The sparkle of your eyes reflect
On the mirror of my dark iris;
The vibrations of your love songs
Make my skirt move and swirl
As I tiptoe,gyrate and pirouette
In pure ecstasy of love.
Your throbbing desire kindles
The glowing passion coursing in my veins,
You ignite as well as douse the fire.
You are the seed of ancient love
Embedded in the womb of my old soul.
You are love and love is you;
My quest for love begins and ends in you,
When you say that you love me…

Piya Ghosh~ 11-12-18

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Too Late for Tears*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CDXLVII ~> Too Late for Tears*

CDXLVII ~> Too Late for Tears*
(Opus447 ~> Too Late for Tears)
Too late for tears, encapsulates despair;
The state of woe that gnaws beyond lament.
Unless you probe better abodes repair,
Never shall you the prospects help augment,
Rather procure more dire predicament:
The main concessions prove worth the bother
Remain confessions bereft of blather!
Waste no tears on lost philandering ways,
Nor molest your soul for lack of gumption;
Having shied away from brazen chances,
Too late for tears, you’ve crossed the Rubicon,
Reaching grievous decisions on your own:
Fling not to wallow deep in sweet sorrow,
Angling to borrow sweeter tomorrow!
Too late for tears, not for the ducts run dry;
Rather you weather through the kerfuffle.
Since troubles do not vanish when you cry
You’re better off to change your protocol
By shifting paradigms in principle:
Carefree at last; no more lodestones of fears;
The die is cast; makes it too late for tears!
*Hook image (CosmosP12H447.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Cosmology cyber collection reached my email inbox by gratis subscription.
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“wintertime”~by Timothy Payton




the cold is’s grip it holds..
your breath comes in ripples, frozen folds,
the air & area, is a dense cool,
like a thief in the night taking Jewels..
you try and you feel…
so cold on the real!!!
makes no sense but I deal..
welcome winter time this is how it is,
West Virginia Eastern side,
so cold & snowy & vibrantly brisk.


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” Poetry and Dolly”~by Timothy Payton



” Poetry and Dolly”

She speaks to me through songs like Bumblebee,
So many thoughts and colors,
Like a ever-changing butterfly Be,
I’ve learnt and studied her for so long,
She’s my first love,
Once I discovered her…
A Heavenly light shined, followed by doves;

I’ve confined into her, making notes as I go,
She lives and breathes emotions,
And take her everywhere I go,
She’s my heart that thrives,
My Third Lung,
And when I want to express…
She rushes in with a inspirational hug;

I care and uplift her,
Just like a parent with child,
She is part and my journey,
To see this grow throughout,
So much to write, so much to show,
So much to accomplish, is the ultimate goal;

One of the best things about her,
Is she makes me feel alive,
Gives me hope and Light,
To know that everything is going to be alright,
I hold her close, she’s a part of me,
Wouldn’t be the same, if I couldn’t Express these;

The words, these lines,
this dear woman of mine,
Since being in my life,
You’ve helped expand my mind,
And since I’m speaking on two very special beings,
These very beautiful and talented ladies…
Poetry and Dolly.

To Kasandra Kay Phoenix Ms POETRY


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In The Kitchen~by Nathan Antoine



In The Kitchen

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At any moment
Wherever I am
Life becomes 
Silent and still

And then I am
That I am alive
And should live
As if so

Which is why
I always listen to him
He is the inner me
That normally wins

Except today
He is the enemy
That’s losing
Here I am
At midnight
In the kitchen.

Nathan Antoine
The Reach
All Copyrights Reserved



The Thought Leadership – 2

Shape Shifting Thought

Is there any doubt ?
My thought cloud
Unfolds the shape
Exactly like I imagined
As verily so I desired

Thought shifts the shape
Much like my audio tape
It repeats exactly same
As I had recorded

It happens live
In front of my eyes
As a live Kaleidoscopy
Thought Cloud shifts shape
Like time lapse photography

In one moment
I am a benevolent sage
Next I shift the shape
Like a mercenary
With a criminal rage

Who is there ?
Shifting the shape
Yes, it is me
Who draws the mind map

So I become
The very mind map
By shifting the shape
As I desired
As I appraised
As I sought
I become my thought
A saint or brat
I become as I thought

My thought clothed
With the morphology
And a living biology
Goes out upon earth
And it behaves
Like a heist or hearth

My intention
If holy and humble
My thought cloud
Dresses itself
Like in a holy Shroud

Not only I become
My very thought
But I also eat
As I very much sought

Like in a restaurant
In downtown Hong Kong
Straight from the water tank
I order from a live ala carte

The chef
Takes out a live fish
From the water tank
As my desire or a prank
And cooks the fish
As my ala carte dish

The fish
Becomes my dish
Fish takes the shape
Like my own mind map

Cooked on slow heat
Like a proud king’s treat
Or roasted on high heat
All happens and dances
On my own drum’s beat
As I, myself so please

In front of my eyes
No trick or no cries
All happens live
As I become
My own belief

I transfigure myself
With a slow
Unfloding shape
I transform my biology
As a time lapse Photography

As my intended desire
In the same manner
My thought becomes
My very desired dinner

© Bhagirath Choudhary
All rights reserved
December 11, 2018

To be continued …..

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Lift (haiku)~by Jeremy J Croucher



Lift (haiku)

To wake to music
A simple song lifts the day
Sunshine from the rain


Photo & ‘Procreate’ artwork from #Jemverse on Instagram – Jempics

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