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A WISH UPON A DREAM~by Anna Burgess




Oh but to touch and trace your scars
for one last time upon the stars
To hold your hand and feel your face
to smell your scent, your lips to taste

Oh how I wish for one last time
to hold you tight
in my arms at night
It is a wish, I wish to dream
A dream it is
A dream it is, I wish to scream

But instead I choke and swallow the pain
thinking of you and memory lane
Oh how I wish
Oh how I wish for one last kiss
A dream it is upon a wish

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

“A poet in Wonderland”~by Eddie Pop



“A poet in Wonderland”

He didn’t believe in what people called magic,
The only thing he knew was his logic;
Love for him was just a poetic theme,
Something he wrote to satisfy people’s whim;
He thought wishes were just to make people hope,
A concept poets like himself used as trope;
And so he wished of true love many times,
Without knowing wishes come true at times;
Until the day he witnessed a miracle,
The loving miracle that left him all shackled;
The young man woke up in a wonderland,
Where he could read ‘welcome to Loveyland’;
Of course, he did not find an Alice there,
Instead, he found a cute maiden all too fair;
She was Rayanna, a young miss with charms,
And like in a dream, she fell in his arms;
It all happened slowly, he lived it all,
The way his heart raced, the way his love fell;
Every day he spent there was just too good,
There was nothing he would change if he could;
He was like in his own imagination,
Living those things he dreamed of with sensation;
Well! Sometimes, there were some unexpectation,
Those little things that’d make a perfect relation;

Like when she interrupted with a kiss,
While he was talking about crazy things;
Or when she joyfully liked his logic,
All the way finding his ways romantic;
He had finally found his sweet wonderland,
Someone with whom he could be his true self;
A lady with whom he could spend his end,
The young poet was just happy with his half;
For once, he lived things just the way they are,
Without trying to fathom their true par;
Magic or not? Whatever that could be,
He was just delighted to let it be;
He was in true love with his Rayanna,
And only that mattered to his being;
He’d just try to live it with no drama,
Knowing there were things beyond reasoning!
Even poets get to taste happiness, he learned,
That love was for everyone to be earned.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

Among realms of Nature!~by Ramasubba Rao Gandikota



Among realms of Nature!

Rhythms of Nature
Among intermediate silences!
There are tranquil retreats at one end!
At another end, a whispering brook!
The sauntering angels!
The far away evening skies,
Now golden!
The quietude, the solitude, the infinitude!

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015





The forest was dim but looked bright
The sun burst in flurry of light,
Reading out my verse I was out of home
Drenched in its lines in belief and hope.

I thought my words sweet as grapes
I wade through the forest of unpaved ways,
Sang loudly my verse in utmost glee
Chanced to see a tiger chilling in fear
Fallen in a well empty of water.

The tiger prayed in doleful tears
“Whoever you may be lend your ears
Keep me safe from harm from here
Lift me up I shall be grateful for ever”.

“I shall … I shall, you know I am a poet
First listen my poem written from heart,
You will forget your pain and hunger
It is about my love of past now as my tears
My wife turns a deaf ear, my children fear.”

“Sing O poet quickly I love to live!”
The tiger closed his eyes in surprise
Clipped out the ears smooth to hear,
My mouth swirled, swung and quiver
Babbling the song titled “Lament on Love”

Until the twilight in uncertainty for an end,
The tiger roared “stop … stop, I die
Your words are like a passing storm
Sinking me in a despair cold and deep
It is better I lie in the well in gloom
Than to freeze in words of swaying tears.”

I saw an old woman under a tree
I sat besides her singing out in zest,
She burst into tears turning weak
At last it touched her heart, I thought.

The woman gently opened her mouth
“It is not your verse but your beard
Resembling with the beard of my goat
Closed its eyes for ever last summer.”

I soften up my voice on winding roads
Babbling my words of gleeful soul.
I quickened my steps in a lightening of truth
Poems sparkle and twinkle on minds pure as gold
We can’t think of them who are crippled for it
Maddened to earn only silver and gold.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra k . padhi

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

~~~~~~ PERVERTSITY ~~~~~~by Dr Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”



~~~~~~ PERVERTSITY ~~~~~~

Beauty of skin showing a deliberte desire,
To behave in a way that other people,
Find difficult, unacceptable in open bed rooms,
Sexually perverted, awkward, uncooperative
Delighting in abnormal sexual behaviour
Enjoying in perverse forms of pleasures
Perverted, depraved, unnatural mammals,
Proud of their perversity, obstinacy, deviance,
The darkness of our brighter rationality,
The blindness of humans sociability?
Socializing beauty in sensuous sexuality?
The quality of being perverse, irrationality,
They change the original form of beauty,
Sick, kinky,pervy, unnatural, illogicality?
In obduracy, recalcitrance, stubbornness,
And debase, deprave, pollute serenity of beauty,
Adorable, acceptable, pleasurable, nudity?
Uunhealthy, aberrant,, degenerate, perversity?
I am serching serenity, virginity, sensuality of beauty?
Far away from obstinacy, cussedness, abnormality?

Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”. 28-02-2015

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

Love is an Ocean of Memories.~by Isholaayodele Wasiu



Love is an Ocean of Memories.

The stranger I met the other day,
We had a little chat, the formal way,
That memory was only a drop.
Soon it’ll dry: to exist, stop.

But you, the headache and the pills,
A friend, through holes and hills.
The talks, the fun, the quests we had.
And how we can make each ‘ther glad.

Oh! Memories with you, shared,
With roses and rainbows smeared,
Weren’t just drops, but a rain,
Forming an ocean in my mind’s brain.

Love is an ocean of memories,
That doesn’t dry but increases.
At gazes from the sun of time,
Drops dry, oceans stay in its prime.

But this ocean will always want more.
So don’t stay far from its shore.
If you leave, dear, it is trouble,
Waves of ire, ‘gainst mind, it’ll rumble.

What if you leave me in turbulence?
This ocean will boil with violence.
With sun of time’s long long glares,
It might vapourize, leaving tears.

Stay! Do not stop to care.
You leaving is all I fear.
Let’s make more memories.
Ours should be an endless series.

Composed by Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele.
(c) 2015.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

Little Did I Know~by Jessabelle Autumn



Little Did I Know

Little did I know
Into your trap I was allured
You turned me into a creature
Being a pet for your pleasure
A companion for you to leisure
You adapted me into your culture
So you can devour my soul like a vulture
The truth hit me and left me a fracture
That I was never going to be your lady in future

Little did I know
That you’re a good teacher
You taught me how to be matured
And I learned about your signature
Now I know how to avoid the puncture
So your kind will never be in the picture
And I don’t have to be in pressure
Because I just want someone to be treasured
And in return he will be part of my golden scripture


Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

Mine~by Jessabelle Autumn




I wrap my arms around you tight
But I feel the distance although we’re close
We are in the battle of silent fight
Where I’m about to be the faded rose

I look deeper into your eyes
Searching for your beautiful soul
But it has been clouded by a darkened sky
And the truth could never be told

I kiss your lips longing for the sweetness
And finding the vow that has been said
But I’m just consuming the bitterness
I believe those words being locked somewhere in your crypt of faith

You place my hand on your chest to feel the heat
And I could see the light starts to shine
Slowly I’m listening to your heartbeat
I burst into tears as the melody tells me that you’re still mine


Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

-That Final Wish-~by Love Revealed



-That Final Wish-

There is freedom in flight
Such beauty in the fall
A way to silence the demons
To escape it all

But there’s always a reason
Not to let go
Something holding you back
If only you could say no

For once, just to take the step
To make that final wish
Embracing your fate
The dark knight’s kiss


Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2015

BRIDE IN WAIT~by Saroj Padhi




Dreams lurk in each corner of her bud-like eyes
With only two upper petals open to let light in
Into the soul of her thoughts that run amuck
Like imagination of a poet in love with jasmine ;

Half shed tears in rare a tryst with a smile in early bloom
Cast across the sky of her cherry cheeks tell
A story of severance from roots and at the same time
A new pact with destiny for a new life in to regale ;

Lost in sight of the apocalyptic vision of a crow
Swooping down to the breast of a flaming Palash
With its caw filling the morning air with lofty cries,
When the koel’s counter bursts forth giving joy in surplus !

Hours of silent communion spent on those rocks
At Barabati with eloquent whispers of wind
From the hot pink bougainvillea in the behind
Have taken wings to two souls into a knot firmly bind ;

She waits for her love in each of her silent syllable
On lips of a thumping heart , to her lover’s heart to tumble .

@copy right: saroj k. padhi/ 27.02.15

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