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DRAGONS’ SIGHT~by Bipul Kalita




Sleepless nights fail to hide
heart’s stained pain
mind’s straight conscience
to brood over the fallen rational
whose irrational lustre spares no kids.

Pen stops
inking a bleeding heart
peeping into global minds
in shame and depression
to witness an antique land’s fall.

Terrorists, rapists and killers
belong to no nation
pertain to no religion
but burn peace’s pros and cons
and turn creations into destructions
snatching rights from life
snatching sights from cautious eyes.

I’ve become dumb and Inactive
in variedly active moments
to see tears
to hear shrieks
here, there and everywhere
of innocent women and children.

Stop politicking such killings
or, civility will collapse
to welcome dark ages
filling eyes with dragons’ sights
to plant chaos in human wisdom.

Copyright@ Bipul Chandra Kalita,2/04/2018

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2018

” 7 DEADLY SINS” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” 7 DEADLY SINS” by martin gedge

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Tempt your fate for if you dare
No storm I can’t sustain
For I’m the purge who has the urge
to bring of fire and rain
stores the keeper of the gate
the flood that sweeps the sea
the rage in every dead of heart
no sorrows trouble me
the mayhem in the shadows dark
a breath your daily bred
the reason you can’t sleep at night
to flll your crazy head
the sin of every deadly course
the trees that burn the wind
the blood that drips a temple shot
and bleeds onto the skin
the flame that souls the house of death
to watch the boils swell
the tic and toc of every clock
your welcome mat to hell
the eyes of hate you see me now
no words to call a truce
you spark the chain to enter pain
the serpents on the loose….

by martin gedge

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WATERFALLS~by Gœaldèþ Rhÿdëï




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High above the mountain range
Flickers of silver lining pouring down
A mantle of ray-clothe with shimmering lights
Like drizzle in the summer’s skies

It rushes down- a serenade of howling owl
That cleaves its wings with pinions of guise
Purity in fashion: contour of wiggling thoughts
Eroded down the stream of depths

Upstream cliff a harder bedrock form
Meltdown drops over the edge of the tabular iceberg
Dripping drops-little by little
As it caresses the insolence of tears

Looking up a gorgeous symmetry of lights
Flashes beneath our naked eyes
Watercourse finds it’s longing
As it recede back to form a canyon.

rhydel dogadle copyright 2018

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The Bushman Journal~by The Bushman



The Bushman Journal

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All Colour~by Jeremy J Croucher



All Colour

I am all things colour
I look for a smile
Especially when
they’re not seen for a while
But it’s easier when
the sunshine comes out
and there’s things like
Spring and Summer about


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, April 2018 – Jempics


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“HAPPY BIRTHDAY”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” by martin gedge

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It only happens once a year
a spark to light your eye
to think of yet how old you get
for all the years gone by
they say like wine to age is fine
a wise and vintage soul
It seems for now you think some how
where did the time all go
And as you bloom across the room
I cannot help but grin
to think of times we left behind
and all we’ve taken in
though even tough to say enough
you seem to make it through
I cannot say no better way
to have a friend like you
So as they make your candle cake
we sing the song off tune
unwrapped the gift to often lift
the love that fills the room
And hope to this that when you wish
that all your dreams come true
for days and nights the candle lights
a birthday card for you…

by martin gedge

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JEALOUS MOON~by Lynn Elliott




I sit for hours
Studying the tide
As if I stare long enough 
it will confide

Where you’ve gone
If you’ll be back soon
But these secrets are guarded
by the jealous moon

I think about every thing you ever said
Trying to quiet the static in my head

Looking for answers
Searching for clues
Hidden in plain sight
Cryptically true

I think I could finally
give up your ghost
It’s the not knowing
that haunts me the most

It’s been a year
since you slipped away
Vanishing into oblivion
The wind stings my eyes
as I walk in the waves
So happy to be reunited again

XO💋 Lynn Elliott

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Bluebells~by Mary Gosling




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I dreamt last night we walked, my dear,
amongst the flowers, blue,
you spoke about the path, 
I listened,
and you sounded true.

I felt your hand slip slowly,
unbeknownst, into mine,
amongst the flowers,
blue, my dear,
we were truly fine.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2018

Three times I said”I dont know ~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Three times I said”I dont know

Three times I said”I dont know ,”
This is the last sunset
Dont expect more sunsets and dawns in between us
Then he smiled .
See dear the last smile of me 
I dont look at his face.
He walked slowly .
When was I heard his foot steps..
I dont know..
The fumes rising from the fragile flames of candle
Un attractive but creates dryness not in the air but somewhere in life
I dont know any thing…
I dont know him
Thrice I said….
How it happen..
May be I was then in a dreamy state
Really I dont know what it was..
Then a fisher man came near and said
Keep that nets and boat of me..
Once youknow its importance.
Oh,sure it was an illusion…
He went away…
He went away..
Winds and stars waits beside a cross
Temples faded when lights hesitate to enter
I knows iam a sinner and my sons
They grows with saddles in hands
Horizons are mirages with out sun.
Thrice or more
I believe so
Once I heard a voice like him again
Do you know
Is it real
I dont know.
I know
It is the fate always before me as a painfull illusion.

(C)Ravindranath Kunnath

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Dichotomy~by Paul Lenzi





“War or Peace?” by Pearl Philip

human nature

craves peace

so much so that

we fight for it


peace is the

nobly sought

purpose of politics

war is alas its




conflict at once

both repugnant

and compelling


moral bête noire

of our imperfect

matrix of mind

heart and soul



“We make war that we may live in peace.” – Aristotle



From my book Onionskin

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