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Intimacy~by Deidre Elena Rouse




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isn’t promised
is all we have
Let me stoke your fire, my love
Come to me
Melt with me
Take me
To where waves collide
In intense celestial expansion
Along the shores of Venus
Take me
To the ultimate level
Of intimacy

– Wild Indigo Bleu

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2018

African Orphan~by Laurie Grove



African Orphan

Ebony pupils, faced in eyes like moon,
Boned white by years in the deserted sun,
Startle night into frozen wakefulness;
A beast pads around, stalking the village,
Ragged with outcast hope, but searching still:
For a home, a mother, or some rancid bread.
Crouched hidden against the spears and stones
Of the vigilantes; self appointed militia,
Rampant, running scared from Africa’s holocaust,
I’m prey, she thinks; not knowing why.

She prowls a territory of shame,
Shaped in silhouette of so many children:
The hollow eyed, piteous stare, mute
And immobile ones seen on TV,
Scavenging off guilt beyond good taste;
Indecent in their longing; drained of all pride
That claws and rakes my carrion conscience;
Till I raise a hand in disgraced defiance,
Curl nails in upon themselves, stifling
Sorrow as they bite into the tender palm
Of a fist to cram the sickening horror
Away from sight and responsibility

Orphaned tears have no place here;
At night, Africa’s betrayal
Glares like an ebony beacon.

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SILLY SILLY GIRL~by Nalini Starr




Silly silly girl
With your broken heart
why do you still love him
The one who ripped it apart

Silly silly girl
Why can’t you let him go
The one who cannot be with you
Many times he told you so

Silly silly girl
Why can’t you see
The one you long for so much
With you he doesn’t want to be

Silly silly girl
He’s playing with your heart
Why do you allow him
To keep breaking it apart

Silly silly girl
Why can’t you get him out of your mind
The one who has already
Left you behind

Silly silly girl
Stop pining for the one
Who you already knew
Is not the right one

Silly silly girl
why don’t you set him free
Erase him from your heart
This love was not meant to be

Silly silly girl
He’s hurting you so much
The one who makes you cry
By staying out of touch

Silly silly girl
You refuse to stop loving him
The one who keeps hurting you
Again and again

Silly silly girl
Your mind is all made up
He is your one true love
Your love for him cannot stop

Silly silly girl
You say he is your one and only
You know you cannot have him
So you would rather be lonely
Why are you being so silly?

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HUMBLE POET~by Nalini Starr




I’m just a humble poet
Not seeking fortune nor fame
I am not wildly known
Not many know my name
Writing is my passion
And most times when I’m lonely
I write in any fashion
My companion is poetry
The poems which i write
Come from deep inside of me
And when i cannot sleep at night
I spend time writing poetry
But some poems can’t be written
They are the demons in my head
They have to remain hidden
Until I am dead
They would never be read.


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FAKE~by Nalini Starr




He fell in love online
He thought she was lovely
She was always on his mind
But now friends he no longer wants to be
She fell in love with him too
And strong feelings began to grow
She told him how she felt
But he didn’t want to know
He dropped her like a hot potato
Left her wondering why he did so
She felt hurt by his action so cruel
And she feels like such a fool
For thinking he was a good friend
But now his friendship has come to an end
And she is wondering why
He left without a fond goodbye
Why did he block her
She would like to know
She wishes he would tell her
Why he had to go
She thinks he was just playing a game
These thoughts are in her mind
She never thought
He would be so unkind
She realizes now
Fake friends can also be found online.
Who knows,maybe she would have taken a chance
And start an online romance
It would have taken some time
But now he’s no longer online
She thinks maybe it’s for the best
He turned out to be fake like all the rest.

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BE POSITIVE~by Nalini Starr




You have goals to reach
And mountains to climb
Dreams to achieve
All in good time
But sometimes life
Can be so unkind
And you want to give up
And leave your dreams behind
Hurdles may be thrown at you
Every step of the way
You’ll find yourself at a crossroad
And you don’t know what to do
But come what way
Your positive attitude
Will see you through
You may feel like giving up
But don’t you dare
Take one step at a time
And carefully climb that stair
And you’ll reach the top
Be positive and strengthen your mind
And leave all negativity behind
A positive outlook
Will be good for you
And all your dreams and aspirations
Will finally come true
Trials and setbacks
You may encounter
In life’s journey
But if you keep it together
Your positivity
Will set you free
So don’t give up
No matter the cost
And you will see
All won’t be lost
At the end of the tunnel
There is always a light
And your goals and dreams
Will be in sight.


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POEM ” HERE KITTY KITTY KITTY” by martin gedge

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Never purr on what you see
for buried in the depths of thee
beneath the graves and cobblestone
unleashed to follow danger home
into the arms of kitty calls
with fangs so sharp they scratch and crawl
upon the skin to leave the mark
of evil paws that lurk the dark
no sacred curse or witching spell
can ever drive the hounds of hell
into the black and breeding ground
where bones are digging out of town
so if you ever lose a friend
right up the hill around the bend
be careful what your wishing on
cause what comes back does not belong
and if you run to catch your breath
you are the toy that shadows death
and there you will be dead in set
to be the food that feeds the pet…

by martin gedge©

Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2018

Precipitation haiku~by Jeremy J Croucher



Precipitation haiku

Soft pitter patter
Summer rain falls from the sky
Fragrant petrichor


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram (August 2018) – Jempics




Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 22nd of September.

Wrap around sorrow
Bathe in its waters
Heavy with salt
A dead sea
For the last drop
Float away
This is no life
Lachrymose thinking
Lonesome drinking
A foolish repast
Feeding remorse
With the fire in your belly
Too wild to be contained
There is too much anger
In regret
Better yet
Until you find a self
In love and forgiveness
Before the losing
Is all you have left
To remember.

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Disregard, What was just said~by rldubour



Disregard, What was just said

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Is it really ok?

To disregard what you just heard.

If one did not mean it

Then way did they speak the words?


I guess everyone should think before

Of what they’re going to speak.

If aimed at you, erase those words

And turn the other cheek.


Sometimes I like to listen

To what everyone has to say.

And I sit in wonder,

Did I hear it come out that way?


Now I have to take a magic pill

To erase what’s in my head.

Because I was told to disregard

Everything that person said!


As for me, it makes me think a whole lot more.

Of the words just said and what they said it for?

Almost like an accident unfold before your eyes.

Was it said to be the truth? Or said to be a lie?


Doesn’t it just amaze you?

When a judge speaks and turns his head.

Now the jury will disregard

Everything that person said!


I think that I will try this

Next time I think out loud.

Please disregard what I just said

My head was in the clouds.


I wonder if that phrase would work

And keep me out of trouble?

Nay! Knowing me

My troubles would just be doubled!


Or, if I am really guilty

Of something that I might have done.

Should I just get up and say

I am confessing to everyone!


Then finish off with those few words,

As I turn my head.

And be forgiven because they heard,

“Disregard what I just said!”

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