Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

PERHAPS~by Dipankar Sadhukhan




Why did you touch my mind and heart
With the fragrance of your love
If you want to go far away
From the valley of my heart and psyche?

Perhaps I might soar in the sky
Like an uncaged bird with joy
And bathe in the golden beams
Of the new born winter sun.

Perhaps I could sing a melody
Full of joy and harmony
And fill the earth’s eyes
With the tears of happiness.

You never came to my life
Like a sweet and happy dream.
Like a nightmare you haunted my life
At night or noon – every time.

Perhaps I might blow silently
Like the spring wind coming from the sea
And fill this earth with the fragrance
Of marigold and rose.

Like the shower in Summer
I might pour down the earth
And with the cool shower
I could relieve the pain of this scorched earth.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

The Sage~by Hela Tekali



The Sage

Unfortunately the sage, is punished
For having fallen in love with the essence of things
Becoming truly brought to the taste of infinity,
But earnest of all life scruples

Taking back to God,
Enlightening with light his eyes
Honour, glory, dignity all he is looking for
With his soul forever proud

The sage can, from now on
Attend all scenes of the world,
Follow the song of the wind,
Contemplate the profound sea
Listen to the sad sound of the bird

He will go, placid and calm
Driven by the ferocity of towns
Pride, that marks his widowed soul
He recalls the past,
That past, like a bad stream!

He will see leaves in the tree
He will listen to waterfall that cries
Of the dead happiness and torts
Of this date and that hour!…

He will like the grass, the field
Goodness, order and harmony
And it will be sweet even to wicked,
So as their death be blessed

Delicate and not exclusive,
He will know the day where we are:
His heart, rather wandering,
However he will know about Man’s creation so far

Coming back from passions,
Somewhat prudent of “usage”
To civilisations
He would rather cherish landscapes

Written by Jenayah Hela
Original text by Paul Verlaine

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

++++++++++++ LET’S TALK AGAIN ++++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



++++++++++++ LET’S TALK AGAIN ++++++++++

Let’s not let our past
To ruin our present
Let’s not again miss the chance
To enjoy & celebrate these days
Let’s not let our ego’s
To rule over us
Let’s now understand each other
The way we used to do
Let’s again teach each other
To love & rejoice together
Let’s just stop our cold war
To start seeing each other
Let’s not let us be silent
Let’s talk again
Let’s feel free to walk
Holding hand in hand
Let’s ignore others around us
Strangely staring at us
Let’s just listen each other
Let’s promise to do things
Honestly for each others happiness
I believe strongly
You too just believe it blindly
Everything will be fine soon
Let’s just talk again

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

I FALL TO RISE~by Rajendra Padhi




A life of breath to breath time disports
When the sun of worldly ties take them all,
The stars open the doors of sky longing me
Surround me as a rosary of jewels as their king.

The ladder of words I ride upon my thought
Flowing in my mouth’s flute slept in the spring
Fall swiftly like dew on the petals of my soul.

I am festooned with a garland of peace
Basking in aroma of silent words with stars,
As I hear the petals falling from flowers
Like my childhood and youth in these hours.

Glossy like the lightening-streaked clouds
Life disappears with a rain of smile and tears
Now I talk to stars gleaming in their words.

I fall as an arrow from a flight for goal
Dodders to clutch the stick of my desires,
My solitude is a princely gift of insight
Treading a new path of the country I belong.

I am spared for debating on life and death
Clad in the rags of opinion great and small
Higher and higher I rise from this little fall.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K . Padhi

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

The Secret Of Love~by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio



The Secret Of Love

Here started our LOVE

Where wonderful feelings

Dreams growing and gleams

A lovely °Aura” that shows

There is no secret place

To hide the secret of love

For you and me, as “We”

As we will defined the heart

Here finds all the lyrics

The beats, and our song

As one heart, one soul

Lifelines and breathing

Where only you and me to find

Without your love, my dear

My life would be out of control

You are my life’s sweet essence

In our life we’ve found self-confidence

Inside your heart and mine

“WE” signed and engraved

An open heart into other dimension

But only TIME can tell us when

Lets take time and enjoy life

A definite revolution, an evidence

To be drowns by adventure

Of lifes spirit and openness

For a bigger and a better life

That is what they call my dear heart

“The Magical World of Romance”



Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

*My Lie*~by Bhat Naieem



*My Lie*

No words to explain
The power and greatness
Of a lie …….my lie

In my mind
Keeps dancing
Yes a lie… lie

I fear to face truth
I don’t know why
I don’t even try

I’m a great liar
Everything I utter except my cry
Is a lie………my lie

I’m in love with a lie
Dwelling in a lie
Living a lie……….my lie

My mind and heart is
Soaked in juicy dreams
Granted by a lie… lie

Why should I leave it?
For all my hopes and smiles
Are gifts of a LIE….my lie

I know I can’t fight reality
Cause my peace lies in a lie
In you ….. oh my lie

In my life truth had worn
The gown of pain and despair
So I hugged a lie ……….my lie

I know lying is a sin
And i don’t want to spin
So I made lie my kin

Stay away from us
For I surely shall die
If you harm my lie

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

Journey Together~by Norman Wilson



Journey Together

There is richness in our friendship
That only our eyes can hold
As we share in each other’s smile
Where a love might unfold

We walked along the boardwalk
Holding each other’s hand
Listening to the seagulls
Playing upon the bleached sand

We glared into loves prism
Beholding to the glistening sun
For the journey we will take together
Until our days are finally done

We hope to last forever
On our journey of love
Until the angels come to take us
Where we will join once more above

Hi all is was charged with writing a poem a day by my friend Author Giok Ping Ang
no hardship there then. But she also asked me to nominate another poet. I hope it doesn’t upset him but I nominate Robbie Fleming whose work I greatly admire.


Daily missive for Monday the 25th of May.

What of words
And inspiration.
How do they touch
The heart and reap
So fine a victory
As to change minds
And cultivate
A culture of civility
In the course of
Just a few brief lines.
How do positive
Self statements
Affect so many,
When individual
Often render them
Before they
Even reach their end.
When you wake
Each morning
And survey your place
Does the world
Shift in its axis
On the turn of a phrase.
And should it be so
When so much damage
Can be caused
By the blind acceptance
Of so obvious and
Powerful a message.
Would it were different,
And beauty be
So easily followed,

When anger
Is so much more
Easily stirred.
Nothing becomes
The discriminating soul
More than the acceptance
Of difference.
The full and unambiguous
Support of love.
And yet,
We expect it as a right,
Without making the effort
It might need,
To earn its respect.
Love is no easy option
It can be the hardest
Of task masters.
It demands honesty,
And acceptance
As a prerequisite.
This being said,
In its pure form
There can be no finer feeling
Or nobility of cause
Than to celebrate
And cultivate its nature.
Even in the
Self deceptive banality
Of this pith less poetic naivety.
A gently rinsed expose
On the process
Of self creation.

The erstwhile scribe,
His purposeful endeavour
To entertain and inform,
Whilst fooling around
In the tearful
Waters of allusion.
Scattering a spray
Of broken promises
Like splintered rainbows,
Jagged shards,
Droplets of a crystalline heart,
Over the empty plain
Of a bloodless page.
The promotion of self,
From the outer margins
To centre stage.
A passable foray
Into the deliverance of illusion,
Or merely
The rambling narcissism
Of yet another
Penniless pedlar
With a guileless penchant
For the slow pain
That accompanies role confusion,
And the insistent
Questioning voice
That exists to furnish
The home of doubt,
Stoke the smouldering fires
Of self delusion,
And tries to find a way
To live within
Us all.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

Grandparents Revenge~by rldubour



Grandparents Revenge

To all the grandparents of the world, this is a little treat.

Take your grandchildren and spoil them rotten, I think it’s really neat.

When you have them overnight let them stay up late.

And when it’s time for breakfast, give them chocolate cake!

Let them have a freehand, give them anything they see.

Then send them home to mom and dad, this is revenge enough for me!


When they were small and could not behave,

You knew that you would have your day.

To seek revenge upon your kids, now they will have to pay.

When they complain about them, you can always say.

“Now children, don’t you remember?” I said that, “I would have my day”!

They just plain forgot, just how they behaved!

Screaming, fighting, pulling hair and causing much dismay.


Back then you had to break it up and send them all to bed.

Now you can just send them home, to their mom and dad instead!

And special days like Christmas, Birthdays and Halloween.

Fill them full of candy and watch their parents scream!

Let them watch the movies, they can not watch at home.

Let them stay up till they are tired, or get off the phone.

As I sit back and smile this message I do send.

And think of all the grandparents, getting their revenge!

Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2015

Seed~by Paul F. Lenzi





what profits the seed
who compulses
with urge to release
its pale essence
to shoot forth its
tender and tentative embryo
into the warm wormy soil
defying suggestions
of gravity reaches itself
up and up
breaking surface
to find greening rays of the sun
rays that carry tomorrows
from heaven to earth

what profits the seed
is fulfilment
the sense of met purpose
one focus
one moment
one job to be done
continuity realized
with deft execution
the broken shell
remnants of seedcoat
now satisfied
knowing it gave of its life
to the larger imperative
moving the spark of existence
from then to again

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