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Rowell’s Bridge~by Paul F. Lenzi



Rowell’s Bridge


Rowell’s Bridge – Contoocook, New Hampshire


Rowell’s Bridge over the Contoocook River

timber trussed


easement for

cattle and sheep

in respect of the

cold rushing river

colonial enterprise

rural existence

an era long gone

yet the woodwork

persists in its

purpose the well

crafted joinery

still at its service

alive with each

subtly perceptible


conduced by the

water-swept wind

exclamations of

creaking fatigue

and deep rumbling

groans giving voice

to a dogged

New Englander

character leaving

no question

but that it is

ably determined

to keep keeping on

to accommodate

even the wandering

passage of history

carried by ghosts

who seek rest

somewhere over

the river beyond

the unknown

other side

of tomorrow


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The white Jasmine pray ~by Arti Rai



The white Jasmine pray

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Let’s hear the bluebell call
The white Jasmine pray , the orange
blossom bear witness;the
Clamour of the field mouse
The pitapat of the butterfly
The silence of lovers in love
The coming of the new spring !!

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Truth that peeps from womb of grief.
No doubt,it is hidden inside caged ribs .
Might be opposite of displayed truth .
Indeed, earth is so beautiful for few
Who are capable to irrigate fake truth.
For cultivation of lovely selfish fruits .
Those who are in search of authentic truth
They are killed or compelled to die early,
before death really due to them.
Haven’t you noticed someone yet
One creeping with lame legs,
he is no other than truth himself.
No food for him to eat
No work to earn and live
No drop of water to sip
Alternative left for him ,is eternal sleep.

Let us unite and rise above ,my friends
To banish those disguised serpents
Who manipulate religious meaning of
morality and humanity
for their own personal benefits.
Why do live a life of exile
that too in your own mother land…….?
Awake the spirit of unity inside your heart.
Feel the power that you carry inside bones.
Sing a song of phoenix bird ,again & again.
Never let invaders to destroy your nation .
Never let them to claim ownership over
Your body and intelligence.
Rebel against friendships of destruction.
Truth will rise from ashes of pyre.
Truth will rise from burried coffin .
Truth will rise from slaughtered heads .
Create a new universe of your choice
With natural resources that you have.
It is time to explode truth from caged ribs.
Let tears of river, decide meaning of truth .
Let tears of joy ,judge meaning of Equality .
Let no one feel pain of exploitation .
Truth you adore and practice with free will
Must be source of joy and glory of your identity
To feel proud of your own existence.

By Tulsi Shrestha
Www.poemhunter. com

By Tulsi Shrestha
Www.poemhunter. com

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ON THE BEACH~by Nakshatra Singh




The red glow of setting sun,
Lower sky, great waters and the sand,
All drenched in its glory.
The sober rise and fall of red waves,
As if intoxicated, relaxed and gay.
Shore filled with hustle-bustle,
Children playing merrily,
Balloons of all colours,
In soft and little grips,
And those freed to fly up,
Lovers walking hand in hand,
Oblivious of the rest,
All on the same stage,
As if a show of small worlds,
Facing the red, all in pink.
On the wet sandy shore,
Amid joyous clamours,
Foot marks are formed and washed,
As if telling the tale of life,
Washing off the gone ones,
Welcoming the newcomers.
And in the west, sinks the sun,
Tired swollen and red,
As if succumbing to the fate,
Soon would be gone the reign of light,
Soon would echo guffaws of dark.
From the womb of roaring dark,
As if forgetting yesterday’s death,
Warming the vastness it can reach,
Welcomed by the screeches of seagulls,
Bringing back the kingdom of life,
To begin yet another journey,
On the great cosmic east west highway,
Soon would be the dawn.

By – Nakshatra Singh

Copyrights @ nakshatra singh

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MY SOUL MATES~by Bipul Kalita





Hungry hutments
restlessly cries
like flies
humming cautiously
circling around coded fate
to decode their helpless state
under the same sky
that holds the same sun.

Walking along the footpath
an ancient mind pauses
in surprise
to witness deformed faces
worn out
fully uprooted
with empty stomachs.

To tell the truth
it is a herd of hard faces
that uproot soft civilizations
to plant anew
rough and tough ones
smashing footpath bodies
to welcome
digital hearts all around.

It is a hard time
for emotional feelers
to grasp and exhaust
such undesired pillars
of ultramodern civilizations.

I can’t build palaces
for my soul mates
for their comfortable stay
but can feel free
to share deep compassion
being a victim
of the same paws
of the unruly exploiters
who loot me too day by day .

Copyright@Bipul Ch. Kalita,

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Long, long ago~by rldubour



Long, long ago

Image result for angel with gold wings watching over her forest

Once upon a time long, long ago

Lived a little angel with pure wings of gold.

No one has ever seen her; this is what I’m told.

Seen this little angel with her wings of gold.

Deep inside the forest is where she did call home

She was the angel in the chorus, she never felt alone.

She would spend her day, spreading dewdrops on the ground.

As she flew here and there and never made a sound.

The animals they seemed to know her each and every thought.

Of the peace and happiness that she always brought.

Then one day she saw a light, flickering in the trees.

She flew up to investigate, to see what this might be.

She found another angels with pure wings of gold.

This is how the story goes; at least this is what I’m told.

She slowly did approach and saw heaven in His eyes.

As He spoke with arms out stretched, “Come, sit here by my side.”

She sat there in the arms of God as He explained to her.

She did not speak her eyes were wide, as she took in every word.

He told her of the forest, that she took such loving care.

Then sent her on a special mission, spreading peace to everywhere.

She said good bye to all her friends and the forest that she loved.

And with her wings of gold she just flew high above.

From the valleys to the mountaintops, she had a task to do.

Instead of spreading dewdrops, it was peace for me and you.

Peace for all mankind that lives upon the land.

This was the angels mission to bring peace to mortal man.

She did her job very well and God was very pleased.

Then sent her back to her forest, where she was more in need.

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I wonder ~by Aarti Mittal


Inspired by my dear friend Nutan Sarawagi


I wonder

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I wonder I ponder
Why do we come
Why do we go
For what purpose

Why do we have realm of kinship
When each one is fake
When each one has condition
For serving kinship
Serving love
Serving humanity
Where everything is served for fake dignity
Fake dignity for the survival of discriminations
Of caste, Creed and religion
Where relations are weighed with bank balance
Where unconditional love is tortured to tolerance
To mingle in silence
Isolated or hanged
Unto death
Why and how do we such a life
Why do we come to this world
Born to yearn
Moments of unconditional love

Then I pray oh lord !
Let me be silent
No more Obedient
Let my silence yell to the earnest
Raise the voice at its best
For the deafs to hear the unheard
Words of love , unconditional love
Humanity and compassion
Without any hesitation and discrimination
Of caste Creed and religion
Let my silence birth tranquility
Let my voice be the voice for peace
That yells yearns
For love humanity compassion
And peace for all.

Copyright @ Aarti Mittal

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Infinite love~by Hela Tekali



Infinite love

Sometimes I wish
To walk away
For I could no longer stand
The pain you left in my heart
Yet I ‘m not even ready
To set myself free
But I just smell
The scent of you
In my lovely bed
Whenever I touch your words
A penetration of love
I could not resist
I welcome your soul
To move inside me
True motion of Love
To caress my insight
Dive deeper my sweet love
For my ocean offered you
Endless desire
To build your home of love
From the wreakage of my heart
Among the stones and rocks
Infinite desire to be named
As ours until the end of times
Lost in the seas of pure thoughts
Pulled back by the tide of the Holy Spirit
Together we stay as one.

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry
Infinite love
All Rights Reserved

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Daily missive for Monday the 27th of February.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 27th of February.

Break bread
You are welcome here
It is a time of rest
Before the storm
That will surely come
As ways part
The peace you found
May be a fragile
Harsh winds
Scour the best of intentions
Old wounds
Can be so easily torn
Bathe them now
Soothe the heat
From your burning brow
Dispatch the troubled soul
Ease the burden
Take heed of the warning
The scream is in
The wind
It has the power
To draw you on
A siren call
Delivering its message
Of despair
Asking imperfect
With impunity
Meanings obscured
By the blind spot
In the eye
Of a hurricane
Listen to your heart
Yearning for home
But be wary of
Mindful of cadence
Stay awhile
And let the healing start.

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A Sharp Little Ditty~by LILLIAN THE HOME POET



A Sharp Little Ditty

Harrison Hedgehog
all a dither
in a quiver,
over Patty Porcupine.

How to propose?
The poetic one,
by a prickly giggly gal.

A note, inside a balloon,
a quadrille.
Then with her own quill,
Patty will pop the question!

It’s Quadrille Monday at dVerse, the virtual pub for poets. De is tending bar and asks us to giggle today 😊. Forty-four words, not including the title, that include the word “giggle.”  I figure in our crazy world, it’s a good day for a silly little ditty! Photo is of Harrison Hedgehog,  in public domain.

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