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Good morning Sunday~by Hana Shishiny



Good morning Sunday

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It is a lovely Lazy Sunday
Let’s have coffee in bed
Enjoying the Aroma..The caress of rays
Forget winter outside..snuggle in spring instead…

Sun by the window..watching the game ahead
Twinkling its looks..and then shyly dismays
Coffee spread your warmth..sip by sip inside
In love Let’s wake up..In love Let’s Stay. ..

by Hana Shishiny
Feb 2017

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2017

a heart of all hearts~by Nutan Sarawagi



a heart of all hearts

in the tree you drew a heart
a heart of all hearts
the queen of heart
then she whispered in your ear
to say I love u all the way
don’t leave me
be my love in me
loving me all the way
for you are the love that stole my heart in it to lay its mark
a mark indelible it still never goes however hard I rub it it knows
you were the one made for me
now in you live in this tree
don’t ever break my heart
in it to be my part
love me forever long
as you go in life headlong
holding my hand never wrong
for I love you forever long
promise me you will be with me
just like our initials on this tree
in your heart to carve my heart
in it to never get lost
always so warm
in it to never rust
In autumn leaves frayed with dust
in your love to never lust
for you were the one made for me
ask this tree it lives in me
with you in me
in it your arms encircling me
in a love so ever pure
asking nothing never more
just me with you to live forever in it
in your free will never leave me
be just still
for I love you till eternity stills
in a love to never dull shining through the storms of love
in its lightening to see the love through the branches radiating in me in its shade loving me
I am your shade just sit in me
beneath me …
love me in the branches of the tree extending your arms come to me
don’t ever leave me
live with me
love me
for me

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As beautiful as you~by rldubour



As beautiful as you

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If I never saw you

I would not believe it true.

That God created angels

As beautiful as you.

Our life is filled with strangers

You meet each passing day.

And you seldom ever met one

When the thought refuse to go away.

I don’t even know her

Nor will I ever see that smile again.

Her smile was not like any other

It reached deep into her soul

And tried to pull me in.

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2017

A Dormant Vulcano,~by Akshaya Kumar Das



A Dormant Vulcano,

Erupts at later age,
Opens an astonishing page,
Poetries flows in his language,
The readers feel great assuage,
Reading blind love blind dates from his page,
Love is a blind allege,
Flows in timeless manner since age,
Lovely images,
Lovely pictures on the maize,
Love knows no age,
Love is a blind fage,
Love is magnetism,
Love knows no age,
No matrix,
A simple mathematics,
One × one = one,
A unique geometric unison,
Happy to be in love,
Happy to be with life,
Happily live with love my dear life,
Oh ! My dear life,
Love the soul to swipe,
Into romantic interludes,
Dreaming love isle in the latitude,
In the length & breadth of longitude,
Spreading arms open towards the blue altitudes,
Feeling warm with the universal attitude,
Attitude of love in human mannerism,
Human fountain of co-existence,
Sprinkling streams of love to existence,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 19/2/2017 10:37
@ All Rights reserved

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2017

True sect of a pure land~by Payal Sunandan



True sect of a pure land

A female writes a male character
where she remembers too much
only to teach him oblivion.

I ache to know so well to tell you,
I am not trying to improve you
or preach conversion to you,
might I just pick your pocket
and sell your own watch to you.

All memory is an illusion,
two sides of a snake that swims
mimicking the merits acquired by
an altostratus cloud undulant,
interwoven sky of vast emptiness
obliterated waves lateral to the gravity
that dances above your horizontal eyes
and perpendicular nose.

As I enquire intimately and inescapably,
lovely longing eyes piercing through you,
disown your own power of virtuous to
sleep on sacred cushions laid for
strangers who do not belong to the family.
Cinches of kaliyuga broken into white
lotus buds, possessed themselves of
priceless movements cagey in anticlockwise
or clockwise waters.

Pulses of heart that happen to you,
origins of flowers unknown even to
the God of spring himself,
well know, it is not what you think is you.
Balloons floating in ushering skies
as faithful as few women serving
their husbands without slightest
chances of selfish excitements.

All good things have always come
from other, though in this precarious epoch,
anybody trying to be virtuous is merely
under a sense of guilt.

Above all human conventions,
liberation is the lone bronzed figure
demolished by tidal waves
to show multitudes of present
lived in catastrophic past and future
fooled by presiding images of boundless
attachments and expectations.

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A Radiant Light~by Hela Tekali



A Radiant Light

You are the spirit of love
Penetrated into my being
And enslaved me
Into this cage of desire
I lose myself
And become one with truth
Through my dreams I see you
Inked in every hue of love
Painted as the foundation of my art
Tatooing my body with colors of desire
You gaze at me
With your blinking eyes
Your whispers
Knock the doors of my thirsty soul
I lean forth to let your ecstasy in
I can ‘t escape its fragrance
It caught and encircled all my being
I am not afraid to give my soul
As a token for our divine reunion
You are my radiant light
Beautiful, illuminating
The dark dungeon of my lonesome night
I offer my courtly heart
To undertake this endless quest
Into this journey of love
To learn in your precious art of love
How to go from fear to faith
And from despair to hope
My journey into this frenzy radiant light.

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2017

My Unfinished Rhyme – – ~by Swapna Behera



My Unfinished Rhyme – –

My unfinished rhyme
splashing the brook
wet with words
A pretty damsel
Swinging her plaited hair
her fluorescent smile
Songs of canary bird
To welcome Spring

My unfinished rhyme
standing with the hinder leg
Pulsating kaleidoscope of my Paradise
A boy rolling the cycle tyre on the Village Road

My unfinished rhyme
Floundering in my sleep
baptised under the shower
frozen inside the igloo or in the ether
A bride with crimson golden border saree
whistles with my pressure cooker
sings old Hindi melody
a shuttle cock stuck in the net
as a soldier stumps her feet in the march past

like sand particles slips and slips through
Behold ! Her shyness beams
Her tinkling anklets
An illusion of utopian island
Playing hide and seek : seducing my ink

At times lost yet sometimes found
As a baby holding my index
At times peeping at my eyes
to get the answers of life
My unfinished rhyme
humble yet proactive
Appeals to be radioactive!!

Dearest my love : you are mine only mine
My total being I dedicate
To make you get the rhythm of my soul
For I am pregnant
Blissfully waiting
To see your virgin eyes – – –

Copy right @SWapna Behera 19.2.2017

Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2017

Circle of Lovers~by Hela Tekali



Circle of Lovers

My heart is burning with love…
All I can see is a flame…
My body is shivering with fiery passion,
Like waves in an ocean…
I am free like the wind…
Blowing through the mist of skies in search of you…
I am at home amidst the circle of lovers…
I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances inside my chest…
I can feel your warm kiss though concealed from my lips…
I am intoxicated with love…
I too dance to the rhythm of my pulsating heart..
I have lost all my senses…
I am at home amidst the circle of lovers…

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry
Circle of lovers
All Rights Reserved



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 19th of February.

Sweat trickles down
Money rarely does
It is not like honey
Sweet nectar
Rich with the scent
Of roses and clover
Bountiful in supply
Readily produced
All too eagerly consumed
Simplicity at its best
Rarely does it apply to humanity
Rife with complication.
Spring water
Sparkling pure and full of
The life of earth
Free of fluoride
But heady with minerals
To strengthen
Our ties to the world
Simple pleasures.
City lights twinkle
Taking the place of stars
As the night is held at bay
Darkness turns into day
A strange manipulation
To measure success.
The loudest, tallest brightest
When viewed from
A way station on the moon
Drip feeding life
Out of the earth
It smells of rotten fruit
And yesterday’s news.
A hive too full
Bursting with workers and drones
Producing nectar for the Gods
Rich man’s toys
And jobs for the boys
Soon it will be too
Crowded and time to fly away
Find a promised land
Across the Universe
Waiting to overflow with
Milk and honey
A new place unspoilt
Ripe to exploit
And make money.

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Whirligig me . . .~by LILLIAN THE HOME POET



 Whirligig me . . .

spin me round to giddiness.
Sunshine your smile til clouds disappear,
seal trouble-slips in opaque jars.
Take hold the maypole ribbon
and dance with me,
across the day, months and years.
Come whirligig with me.

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