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Summer Knows~by Jeremy J Croucher



Summer Knows

Purple fields
fragrance high
sunshine bright
deep a sigh
in perfect rows
ripe for harvest
summer knows

Healing here
in nature’s hand
growing on the
Sussex land
A little piece
of heaven here
oozing peace and
bringing cheer



Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, July 2018 – Jempics


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My Friend the Wind~by Pasithea Chan



My Friend the Wind

Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

My friend the Wind-
is a lady who changes-
personas with every dress!

You can hear her voice-
go up and down with-
every lapel and pleat!

Chagrined about her coif-
she turns into a dust devil.

Ginned again with heels-
behold the tempest she is!

Whiffled with flattery-
she lightens up a breeze!

Behold the wimple of-
gale the winker!

Strap her in a corset-
she’ll show you a tornado!

Demand a selfie and you’ll
find yourself in a typhoon!

Sirocco is her fetching beau
with his clouds of dust and sand!

She cries tears of heavy rain-
in winter, and that’s a monsoon!

Leave her cold and dry-
and she’ll give you a mistral!

Take her for a ride in your new-
wheels and she will tail you!

Leave her behind your ride-
and she will bang ahead!

Critique her dress and she will-
whirl you up, behold a twister!

My friend the wind is a lady-
both zephyr and shrew!

Author notes
Let’s learn about the wind in a didactic poem using scientific definitions via the wind personified as a woman. Thanks for reading!

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Beat of Retreat~by Stephen Miles



Beat of Retreat

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Tell me why ?~by Sarala Balachandran



Tell me why ?

She nurtured you in her womb
She fed you through the
Sacred umbilical cord
You grew up sucking
Nectar from her breasts
Why did you take to violence
And tortured and murdered
The little girl ?
Give me an answer
Why did you do this ?
Where are the lawmakers
Are they busy collecting money
From these criminals ?
Tell me why
Why did you kill that innocent bud
Who has not seen nor enjoyed life
Tell me why
Why did you do this ?
Are you safe in doing so ?
Will you reach the gate of heaven ?
How could you do this
Tell me
Tell me why did you do this ?
Where is justice
Are they resting sitting upright
In their comfort zone ?
How can you rest ?
Tell me
How can you ?

Sarala Balachandran

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my everything~by Kerbouche Noureddine



my everything

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in your eyes
I have seen
my way
in your eyes
all my tears
my destiny
In your eyes
everything depend about me
I love you baby don’t ever say
through your eyes
my depart
and my way
the love in your eyes
the means love into me
then if you leave
you will make the end point
you will finish everything
that I ever wanted
through your eyes
my wishes
my dreams
all my delight
into the wemen
into the girls
into your eyes my life
my happiness
and my grief
and all the distances
in my life
I love you baby
where ever you are
in any earth
in any color
in any case
the loves borders
is opened totally
don’t avow
about the longging
about the race
I love you baby
even before I know
about you
as green branch
my love still growth
into the loves tree
me and you
in any land
and our love have consisted
in faith
that way our love
appear through the sounds
of the birds when they shrirp
when the water flowed on
the rills
in our Dept
I love you baby
this green love
never dry
then keep me please
into your eyeballs
don’t ever release me free
cause I will be astray
cause you are into me
everything that caused my way
🌲 🌲 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
The watcher wisher
kerbouche noureddine

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“PURPLE HAZE”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “PURPLE HAZE” by martin gedge

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, on stage, playing a musical instrument, guitar and concert

A message from the man himself a master at his craft
took everything from finger strings and grooved the travel path
with pics and tricks and guitar licks Jimi wrote the page
and gave his soul to rock n’ roll and ruled the music stage
and with every fret a Hendrix bet that he would set the bar
before his time this legend mind with his 68′ guitar
a Fender with a bender and a Stratocaster sound
there’s magic in the house of lords when Buster hit the ground
and now in praise this purple haze from a watchtower up above
his guiding light would shine so bright with peace and hope and love…

by martin gedge ©

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A SONG OF MONSOON~by Anil Kumar Panda




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The earth is draped in a green robe
The clouds ogle it from the sky
The fields are full of new crop
The ponds are full, now not dry

The river is spilling over its banks
Swollen streams glow and run fast
Cascading down the high hills mist
Of the morning quenches its thirst

The valleys and fields are littered
With pools for the frogs to jump
A clear sky is not to be seen now
The sun appears as a muddy lump

The birds stay inside the nests
With wide eyes staring at the sky
They shake wings feeling sad
And wish the rain should soon die

Bearing the loads of rain drops
Flowers droop down to stalks
There is happiness all around as
Raindrops beat leaves and rocks

Copyright reserved
@Anil Kumar Panda 21/07/2018
Photo from Internet

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The melancholic rain~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick



The melancholic rain

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The pitter-patter of the rain creates
Sheild around
The leaves of the green hope
In the garden of faith and love
Shake up and down
Like the delicate swings of life
When the crazy drops cling

The clouds collide each other
Like the inner depressions
Bombard with pains and fears

The tears trickle down on the face
Make a salty blend
With the rain drops
Flood with light sobs

The spectator knows only
How darker the clouds of dejection
Than the clouds in the horizon
How cooler the tears of the melancholic heart
Than the rain drenched earth

Still the thinker watches the
The drops Fall in the burning thoughts
The music of the wet earth alighted on
And pull away towrds an Enchanting dawn.

Copyright@Kalpana Mallick

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Backwards and forwards~by Joe Wilson



Backwards and forwards

Backwards and forwards
— backwards and forwards
— — in monotonous regularity
The ever present metronome
— moving with such clarity.

But he knows all his pieces off by heart
Yet still his harsh master loves the part
Where he can suddenly change the fate
Of the genius boy he has come to hate.
The boy stays calm although it’s late
When criticism comes to precipitate
The act of violence when the master strikes
Another of the man’s hate-driven likes.

He slams the lid down onto the keys
The boy, too fast, moves his hands to his knees
Then gently he lifts the lid up to play
His fingers stay safe for yet one more day.
So still, the boy plays on and on
His pieces, angelic thoughts, every one
He will never sully composers’ aims
To satisfy his vile master’s games.

Tick tock, just like the clock
The boy plays with thoughts so pure
A jealousy entered his master’s heart
For which the boy has no cure.

©Joe Wilson – The piano, the genius, and the jealous master…2015

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Family, most offer values~by rldubour



Family, most offer values

Image result for Family, most offer values

It’s true what they say; you can pick your friends.

But, you can not pick your family they are yours to the end.

Families have different values, morals and thoughts.

As one grows into adult hood, they act as their taught.

In what they experience in their younger days.

This is their life and it is how they will behave.

We all learn from examples and follow them well.

For most families it’s love, for some it’s pure hell.

It takes a lot of hard work, to be mom and a dad.

To show their children that family is what all should have.

To show them love and affection, discipline and direction.

Respect for all others and to account for their own actions.

To be unselfish and caring this is how we are measured.

To give support and interest and their values to treasure.

How sad this is, some families don’t teach what is right.

Much harder to work, too easy to take flight.

Life styles are repetitious and you don’t see much change.

So, how do we fix this? And who do we blame?

Families have different values, morals and thoughts.

As our children grow up, they act as their taught.

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