Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 13, 2012

America~TENNESSEE~by rldubour




The Cherokee word Tanasi is
The origin of this state’s name.
The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum is dedicated
To all Native Americans with acclaim.

The firefly and the lady bug.
The votes were tied in this contest
Not so for this state’s slogan
“Tennessee-America at It’s Best.”

The mockingbird is number one
As well as the tulip tree.
The American Natives that live here
Were Chickasaw, Creek and Cherokee.

The New Madrid Earthquake is the
Largest ever recorded in U.S. History
Elvis Presley’s Graceland is the second home
Most visited~~ that is no mystery.

Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, the longest
Playing radio show in the world today.
And Bristol is the birthplace of country music
Their claim to fame is what they say.

The Nashville Centennial Park
Is where to go to gaze upon.
That famous Greek building in Athens
Built was a replica of the Parthenon.

There are more than thirty-eight hundred
Documented caves to date.
And Sweetwater has the largest underground
Lake in the United States.

The Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort is open
Year round for a skiing vacation.
And the Ocoee River is rated one of the top
Recreational area in the nation.


Tuner, Hooks, Flat and Shepard
More famous names and you can bet
Agee, Franklin, Freeman and Pardon
Alvin York and Davy Crockett.
Statehood, June 1, 1796 16th state
Capital is Nashville

The only person in American history to be both an Admiral in the Navy and a General in the Army was Samuel Powhatan Carter who was born in Elizabethton.
The city of Murfreesboro lies in the exact geographical center of the state.
Grinders Switch, entertainer Minnie Pearl‘s fictitious hometown, is now an entertainment complex in her real hometown of Centerville.  Reputed “Turtle Capital of the World,” Reelfoot Lake also features thousands of sliders, stinkpots, mud and map turtles.  The name “Tennessee” originated from the old Yuchi Indian word, “Tana-see,” meaning “The Meeting Place.”  The Cherokee silversmith, Sequoyah, was the only known man in the history of the world to single-handedly develop an alphabet. His syllabus for the Cherokee Nation resulted in the first written language for a Native American people. The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum in Vonore tells his story and is dedicated to the history and culture of Native Americans. On a clear day seven states are visible from Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga.
On October 7, 1916 Georgia Tech beat Cumberland University in a football game by a score of 222 to zero.
The first guide dog for the blind in theU.S. lived inNashville with her owner Morris Frank. “Buddy” was trained inSwitzerland by The Seeing Eye, the first organization to train guide dogs.

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