Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 29, 2012

That second in life~by rldubour

That second in life

We all keep the time like a built in clock.
Cherish every second, cherish every thought.
This is our gift that second in life.
The most wondrous gift, our gift from Christ.
Like a rose in a garden the beauty that it be.
Open your eyes for that second and see what you see.
See all those you love and tell them you do.
For the second that stops might be just for you.
That second that passes will be never more.
Only moments of memories this I am sure.
Take this second your gift in life.
Take this gift and use it right.
For when that second stops, the angels are there.
To guide you up to heaven upon those golden stairs.
Only left is your name that you left behind.
Will we say it with love or say it unkind?


  1. Swings with a beat—excellent!

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