Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 22, 2012



(My Christian opinion and belief, based on the light I have!)

Jesus Christ was right  when He said,

That the rich/educated were more often left for dead…

A problem is seeing

Through the log of their being,

Wiser than the uneducated.

For even religious education’s tainted

With thoughts and feelings of the more sainted…

But how else does one learn

The methods to faith-burn,

And the ways to see how God’s word is painted?

The educated oft learns how to think,

Separate from God’s wisdom—there’s the stink…

Individual interpretation

May have drove the Reformation,

Where everyone got a copy with which to drink.

I wanted to compare the East with West

To see which Christian view would be the best…

Eastern Orthodox’s Mother Church

Does little Biblical research,

But claims that tradition supersedes the Text.

The Lord is God, so where do we stand,

Do we base our faith on the teachings of mortal man…

Yes, those certainly Spirit-led

Leader who have said

That Christ is Son of God AND Son of Man.

Within the Light given we believe,

Though some will try and come to us deceive…

In what do I stand—

That Christ is God and Man,

That by His Name God’s blessing we receive.

I further believe Christ was sent to pay,

Ransom for sin no other could put away…

He was sent from God above

To show us God is love,

To those who love and willing to obey.

I believe He died on the cross and rose again,

Even if some historians can’t pinpoint just when…

One thing about the Quran I should mention,

It also proclaims Christ’s ascension

But for Muslims he’s a Prophet, just a great man.

No other belief had God and Man in one,

It’s beyond human logic understanding how it’s done…

All other beliefs state

We work through some law to find our fate,

Only Christians believe that faith draws God’s law in our hearts—

And by faith in Him, He’ll never depart…living in us.

So, do you hang with the thief

Who reviled, or the one through belief…

Found Paradise

Believing the Christ,

Or is Man’s logic the end that is chief?

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. Woah! I really like the message behind this. It’s realy true thesedays that tradition supercedes Biblical teaching. It’s really sad actually. The only thing that matters is that Jesus Christ came to save, and He is the only way to be saved. Awesome poem bro…

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    This is an awesome poem! It really sums up what I believe as a Christian.. -Myriad

  3. Thank you…”Running out of ink”! And others!

  4. excellent pen

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